Tacos: Satan's Snack Food!

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You know since moving to Arizona, I have really missed Taco Time.

Granted there's some really good Tex-Mex places around here and some local favorites, like the Sonoran Hot Dog. But nothing seems the same as the good ole' Taco from Taco Time.

It's the same price, roughly, as Taco Bell, but much more fresh and tasty.


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When I lived in San Antonio, right before the Riverwalk's little food festival, there was an uproar about a Vietnamese family that aaaaaaways had puppies in their backyard. Every once in a while, some new ones would come in, and older ones would be gone. Never any adult dogs in sight. There was much speculation, and eventually, someone pointed out that slaughtering dogs for food was not illegal.

So a local cartoonist ran a strip about going to the Riverwalk food festival. In it, one character warned the main character about the risks of trying exotic ethnic foods. It ended with him asking the Vietnamese Hot Dog stand operator if his hot dogs were fresh.

"Aw, they not even house trained yet!" was the reply.

As it turned out, the Vietnamese family had a dog breeding business out in the countryside, and brought the puppies to their house in the city to show them.

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