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Tactical zone.....not sure if I like or not?


I just finished watch the happy hour video on MM idea for the Warlord Fighter subclass. I am not sure what to think of the tactical zone idea that he came up with. Is it good bad, is it restrictive, does it add depth......I don't know how I feel about it??? I would be interested in hearing other peoples thoughts on the mechanic.

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Not a fan. The idea that the fighter just blinks and gets a bonus over a particular area. Feels weird.
What does it look like in play? How do you describe it?


It in a way says sorry Mr fighter you are neither smart or inspirational enough to effect an entire skirmish so here is this small area you can effect.

It is a remarkably tiny 'area,' smaller than the area w/in reach of a medium creature, and oddly defined. But, overall the draft does a /lot/ for the limited design space of a fighter subclass.

I've run for HotFw Skalds, whose leader tricks are restricted to an aura 5 (25' radius/55' cube) and they ran aground on that limited an area, frequently. Of course, even Essentials was more dynamic than 5e, so it might not be comparable.


Been a while since I've watched that one but from memory I thought it was an interesting idea. I think I'd have to see it in action to see whether it works or if it feels too restrictive though.

Li Shenron

Feels too artificial to me. It'd be more believable if it was a larger area centered on the Fighter. But then, I am not generally a fan of these concepts anyway.

Can someone describe this feature or reference the video where MM discusses this?

For those of you who do not know:

Mike Mearls hosts a stream where he designs subclasses, this week he took a stab at the highly demanded (Fighter)Warlord.


2nd part.

3rd part:

And, in summary:
Transcribed his first draft results, which you can see here. .




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