D&D 5E Take the time to (re)explain your abilities.


As a player character, your domain of expertise is non-obvious. This can cause problems at the table.

When we play these games for years at a time, we tend to build up system mastery as we go. In the midst of that process, however, it’s easy to forget that “the way my dude works” is far from common knowledge. When it comes time to discuss tactics, you are likely to run into misconceptions from your fellow gamers. And that means you might have to explain and re-explain the limitations of your abilities (e.g. “No, I can’t teleport everyone.”).

It’s easy to think that GMs or other players “ought” to know this stuff. It’s just basic game mechanics! How can you play if you don’t know combat 101? But it’s important to be a generous gamer, and to remember that you’re the expert on your own dude. You’re the one who researched all the intricacies of your chosen build. If it takes a minute for the other folks at the table to grok your powers and abilities, take the time to go over your shtick.

(Comic for illustrative purposes.)

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