Dragonlance Takhisis Revealed In New Dragonlance Preview Art

WotC has shared some new art of Takhisis, Dragonlance’s 5-headed dragon queen.


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Isn't she trapped in The Abyss, and the whole point of the war (aside from gaining power/land) is to get her out of The Abyss?

Is she now in the New Continuity already out of the Abyss? Which has huge ramifications for... never mind. It doesn't matter.

She can visit in avatar form, like Paladine does. Her True form is confined to the Abyss however, at least for now....
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Kai Lord

She’s surrounded by death and suffering she caused and cares not, for she’s spotted you. Prey that she has a use for you.
I feel I can even see a hint of the wheels turning in her mind in that art, as if she just fixed her gaze on an utterly inconsequential mortal and is processing a near infinite amount of calculations as to whether said subject can have any given use that would justify them living a millisecond longer in her presence.

I'm digging it!

Micah Sweet

She appears to Kitiara in Dragons of Highlord Skies, to "persuade" her to bring Lord Soth to the cause. I just finished reading this book. I am rereading the Chronicles/Lost Chronicles.
She also appeared to Berem the Everman as the five-headed dragon when he took the jewel, and to Lord Ariakan as the Dark Warrior when they founded the Knights of Takhisis.

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