Dragonlance Takhisis Revealed In New Dragonlance Preview Art

WotC has shared some new art of Takhisis, Dragonlance’s 5-headed dragon queen.


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Isn't she trapped in The Abyss, and the whole point of the war (aside from gaining power/land) is to get her out of The Abyss?

Is she now in the New Continuity already out of the Abyss? Which has huge ramifications for... never mind. It doesn't matter.
She looks like she is in the Abyss in the top image and the bottom appears to more an illusion or "mirage" at is a bunch of necks in the clouds - no body. This seems consistent enough with the original lore.

Really? In that case - perfect
Sorry, all I can find as a citation is TVTropes. So we don't have proof from the artist--though at least one other person has noticed.

As for practical armor--that actually doesn't matter for a goddess. Something impractical, whether it be unrealistically spiny or skimpy, is actually a nice way to show that the being is supernatural and doesn't have to consider practicalities.

The Dark Warrior could easily be a tempter to people attracted to that half of humanity. As a supernatural being, she could even appear as the sex/gender you are most attracted to--different people might see different things.

She's the most powerful evil being in Krynn. She doesn't have to play by any rules.


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
It looks more condescending than bored to me. Which fits I think.
Yep. A viscerally comprehensible sort of malice. “Why are attracting my attention you meaningless thing?”

Not the apathy of neutrality, but a malignant apathy. An apathy that lashes out at anything that tells it that it ought to care.

Beautiful, selfish, tyrannical, and ultimately, nihilistically and murderously apathetic.

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