Taking nominations for best RPG Podcasts of 2018!

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Redmoonroleplaying is really awesome.
It is an actual play podcast without OT stuff.
The show is very well edited and for every story there are news and exciting characters.
There is a lot of great extra content besides the main feed.
Give it a try and fall in love!


I would like to nominate the Roll For Combat podcast! It's a fantastic Starfinder actual play podcast which also has regular interviews with Paizo developers about all things Starfinder/Pathfinder, which are invaluable. The crew is fun, dedicated and whacky in the correct proportions ;)
Check it out here: http://rollforcombat.com/ !


I'd like to nominate The Grognard Files https://thegrognardfiles.com - both for the excellent podcast itself (combining interviews, review of rules, anecdotes from 'back in the day' and actual play) but also the wider work the cast do for the RPG community with Grogmeet and the Grogzine


If I am allowed to make multiple nominations:

Wizard on the Wynd https://wizardonthewynd.com a wonderful 5e actual play with amazing world-building and cast

25 years of Vampire the Masquerade https://utilitymuffinlabs.com/25-years-of-vampire-the-masquerade/ I missed Vampire in the 90s but love this show as Bob and Nathan go through each release for the line in great detail with superb erudition and discussion

Character Creation Cast http://oneshotpodcast.com/category/podcasts/character-creation-cast/ a fun 'cast which discusses RPGs, often with their designer, via character creation for that system

Improvised Radio Theatre with Dice https://tekeli.li/podcast/ just absolute wonder. Free-ranging, well-informed, warm and informed discussion. Lots of GURPS references.

Mud and Blood -https://9littlebees.com/mudandbloodcast/ superb podcast discussing 'grim and dark' RPGs with detailed reviews and an excellent AP of Coriolis. Hosts are insightful reviewers, great interviews.

The Good Friends of Jackson Elias http://blasphemoustomes.com/category/podcast/ a wonderful Cthulhu-oriented podcast that also discusses horror films and books. Beautiful songs too.

What Would the Smart Party Do? https://www.whatwouldthesmartpartydo.com Gaz and Baz discussing RPGs, cons and interviews with those in the business.

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