Taking nominations for best RPG Podcasts of 2018!

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I definitely want to nominate the Tabletop Champions to be in the running. They are a 5e Actual Play Podcast, that releases new episodes weekly. Right now they are on season 4 in a listener created campaign world, and it is absolutely wonderful!
Each season of theirs is better than the last and I have loved listening to them grow and improve as players and podcasters. I would tonally place the series in a similar vein as The Adventure Zone or Dice, Camera, Action. Light hearted but gets really deep into lore and character driven story. The group is wonderful to listen to and their obvious friendships make it all the more enjoyable


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I would like to nominate the lovely D&D 5e podcast of North by North Quest! They specialize in homebrew worlds and have just started Season 3! http://northbynorthquest.com/ Give them a listen! You'll meet an anthropomorphic mushroom, a sassy half orc, and a very depressed drow wizard on their misadventures....

Martha Sickling

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For my money, it's Advanced Sagebrush & Shootouts.

Production values are high. The hosts have good mics and don't eat food into them.
Episodes are edited down to just the listenable parts, which are 20-30 minutes long and don't require a 2-hour commitment.
Each episode is bookended with a little sketch about a Narrator character.
After each arc, there are bonus songs about things that happened, as well as a tabletalk reviewing the arc.
The jokes the hosts make aren't just quoting memes.
The setting of a modern day Buddy Cop show is unique among a sea of generic DnD podcasts.


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Huge fan of the following podcasts that I would like to nominate:

Friends at the Table - Great games between great friends, fantastic story telling, Austin Walker crushes it as GM.
Dames and Dragons - The world Kat has created is incredible and the players are goofy as hell.
Spout Lore - A fantastic Dungeon World podcast that truly spouts lore.
The Demonplague - A newish podcast featuring James Introcaso's newest adventure The Demonplauge, ran my James himself!
Table Top Babble - A great weekly podcast with interviews from industry professionals.

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