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Well, he's a right daisy, isn't he, Orin thinks to himself as the knight storms into the tavern with his arrogance and insults. The rogue raises an eyebrow at the declaration about the orcs. There could be a valuable opportunity here, and he intended to take it, despite Sir Pelleton's piggish attempts at dissuasion.

"Look, Sir Knight," the warbred began, "I'm jus' a sellsword, which means I take coin I can git reasonably safely.

"However, I don' think Lord Saxton would have declared an open contract if he intended for ye to go an' deal with the orcs yourself." Orin made sure to word his statement carefully, so as to not imply Pelleton wasn't half the warrior he claimed, no matter how true Orin thought that was. "So, if ye go an' kill their chief first, fair's fair an' I have no objections. That doesn' mean I won' look into this, also."

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
Having missed Sir Pelleton’s loud entrance because of their visit to the Church, Saarthax and Bernold did witness the company making their way through town rudely. Entering the inn soon after, they see the rude man is in the middle of talking to three people at the bar.

Saarthax feels both relieved that he is not the center of attention at that moment, yet at the same time slightly disappointed.

”Orcs?” he softly repeats the last thing he heard, then his eyes widen at the sight of a warbred, just sitting there like his people never helped kill the rightful king!

Realizing Saarthax’ feelings, Bernold quickly holds his hand on the dragonborn’s shoulder, gently keeping the larger man from doing anything stupid before knowing more about the whole situation. The dragonborn nods, takes a deep breath and sighs.

Then he moves to where the squire has just affixed the notice, and Saarthax reads slowly.

”Those orcs,” he says loudly so Pelleton can hear, ”what did they do?”


There is a gasp from behind the bar, as Giselle realises the insult from U’Tempei. ”Weeel beee suuure tooo goo baaack toooo yooouuur faaar aaawaaaay laaand” Sir Pelliton’s childish reply serves only to emphasise his own low wit as the insult from U’Tempei goes unnoticed by the knight. He looks at the bread held up by Eowyn as if it were a rat. He flicks it with a gauntleted finger, sending the bread spiraling over Eowyn’s shoulder and splattering her and the warbred with honey and butter.

"However, I don' think Lord Saxton would have declared an open contract if he intended for ye to go an' deal with the orcs yourself." Orin said. "So you know what Lord Saxton wants now do you." Peeleton lets out a chuckle, looking around the room searching for a laugh. He leans in close to Orin then says in a low voice, "Do me a favour then, warbred, kill at least two of them afore ya' die." He stands upright and turns back to the room. His laugh is cut short when he spots Saarthax.

”Those orcs, what did they do?”

"Well, well. Old Bedegar's pet dragon pup." says Pelleton, walking towards the newcomers. "Why, its the orcs what killed Bedegar and, I believe, your da. I woulda thought you'd be long gone by now. Lord Saxton's not so soft on outlaws. He'd rather not have trouble with his betters. 'corse you could always go after 'em ye'self, fam'ly honour an all that. Maybe the warbred can help. The pair of you can get four or five?"

He turns and helps himself to some more ale. After intimidating a few more terrified villagers he says, "Best go rub myself with some horse$#!*, get the stink of this place off me." As he heads to the door Carroc calls after him, "G-good evening Sir Pelleton." Pelleton pauses for a moment, "Yes - next time you have a rat problem, Carrot, best ask a knight. Ratcatchers often bite worse than rats." He leaves, followed shortly by his men.

Outside the inn you can hear them mount up and head back out of town. The inn slowly picks up, but there is much more subdued.

U'Tempei turns to the barkeep, placing two fingers at her neck before reaching into her purse. "I would pay for the food and drink that was just stolen. Please see that everyone robbed has their mugs and plates replenished, and mine as well." If she objects to her characterization of events as a robbery she just gives him a withering stare. She retrieves seven gold and touches two fingers to her left wrist. "Is this enough?"


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Saarthax is perplexed by the man’s obvious lack of information - and intelligence. Of course it were orcs who attacked the former baron, but it was no orc that killed the dragonborn’s father. And he was not sure the chief of White Tusk clan was the main suspect. But then, Saarthax never really learned the differences between orcs.

He did, however, distinguish between individuals and their alleged crimes. And the oaf knows nothing of the sort.

Before he has time to collect his thoughts and form a reply, the knight storms out of the inn.

”What a remarkable idiot,” Saarthax says, as he sees U’Tempei offer to pay for the barkeep’s expenses.

”Allow me and Bartold to contribute,” he says while producing three coins as well. ”None should suffer for such a man’s callous disrespect.”

He looks the woman in the eyes, then does the same with the polder and the warbred. His gaze lingers on the latter for a few moments before seemingly deciding upon something.

”My name is Saarthax, son of Sorthos, who was of the Dragon Phalanx. This is my friend Bartold. How about we teach that brute a lesson in humility, by let’s say, capturing that orc before he does?”

U'Tempei turns to the newcomers and places a finger on her left temple, her right temple, and her right jawline. "VithSecI Saha," she says. She places the edge of her hand on her breastbone and says, "I am U'Tempei !Nothen. I agree. Perhaps, given the scare that person has given these fine folk, we buy everyone a new drink. And tomorrow, we find this orc chieftain. He might have better manners." She runs a finger from her right jawbone to her right temple, it looks like a kind of salute.


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"Call me Orin," the warbred tosses three gold onto the bar, as well. "Drink an' showing up that twat sounds like a good deal."

Looking at the two drakes across the bar as he wipes honey off of his cheek. "Don' see a lot of yer kind around. Good to see a few more scales bouncin' around."
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the magical equivalent to the number zero
Saarthax nods to both as they introduce themselves and agree with the idea of capturing the orc. Bartold, the human man by the dragonborn’s side, raises an eyebrow at Orin’s remark.

”You’ve encountered many dragonborn?” he says with a mixture of curiosity and disbelief.

”Haven’t met a warbred before,” Saarthax laughs, ”And I didn’t expect to share a drink with one if I ever did, but here we are! The world is full of amazing things, Bartold. The Gods are working their magic still.”


Eowyn Rosebud
Gravesford/Reluctant Pig
Round 0

Eowyn frowned as her bread was slapped from her hand, making a mess. She looked at it sadly as it slid down the wall. The bartender handed her a rag and the little polder wiped the honey from cheek.

When the Saarthax and U’Tempi suggest going after the orcs themselves, Eowyn considered. She wasn’t a violent person, but the orcs had been causing trouble in her forest with the refugees that had settled around her hermitage. They would need to be dealt with by someone, and these three looked capable. She nodded her assent.

[sblock=Eowyn’s Actions]
Free Object Interaction:
Bonus Action:

[sblock=Mini Stats]
Initiative: +2
Perception: +4
Speed: 25
AC: 16
HP: 34/34 HD: 5/5d8+2

Cantrips: Druidcraft, Magic Stone, Resistance
1) 4/4 Cure Wounds, Faerie Fire, Healing Word
2) 3/3 Enhance Ability, Healing Spirit, Hold Person, Lesser Restoration, Pass Without Trace
3) 2/2 Dispel Magic

[sblock=Party Loot]


U'Tempei !Nothen - human eldritch knight
Arcata Dulat - human divination wizard
Saarthax - dragonborn paladin
Orin - warbred mastermind rogue

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