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With my shiny new Strongholds and Followers pdf from Matt Colville I am looking at running a game that puts the rules to use. I will be running the adventure that goes with it IRL but I doubt very much that I will get a chance to do much beyond what is in the book and the adventure ends just as you actually get a stronghold, so I am looking to run it here as well and maybe including a chapter 2 that will allow a bit more use of the stronghold rules as the adventure in the book pretty much ends as you get a stronghold.

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[-]I am looking for 4 players, where at least one of them is looking to own a stronghold. The rules for S&F allows players to fully engage or completely ignore the stronghold rules, so don’t feel like you need to be interested in the new rules. They won’t even affect the game until the very end.[/-]

The adventure should last 4 to 6 session IRL, so even online should not take too long

Character creation: Can be found here

Background: The adventure is set in Matt's own world, link 2 which is probably a bit long and link, which is much more condensed. For more specific info see here
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I'm in. It will be a good way to get me to spend time reading the PDF. I'm willing to go the stronghold route (And I own the book so that might help). I've been thinking about playing a Fighter. I haven't done that yet, somehow. But I might go Paladin instead. It will definitely be a martial class. :)


Yay, my first [-]victim[/-] player, I said PLAYER! I'll drop some hooks for player as they suggest possible characters. Feel free to make your own though.

If you choose the paladin (or any religious based character) there is a church in town dedicated to St Gaed, the setting uses the catholic(ish) style, "pray to a saint who entreats your god". Gaed is a saint of Cavall, a lawful good deity concerned with truth and justice. Gaed is the saint of exposing secrets and exposing conspiracies. If that sort of thing suits your style.

If you've read Matt's books, you might know that though.

The church in town has a stained glass window that is beyond the current wealth of the town and could be a reason to travel here on a pilgrimage.

For a fighter (with a recently found magic thingy) there is a well known mage here, who can identify magic items and supply various potions.


I haven't had the chance to try his books. I only meant I had the Strongholds PDF.

That's fine, I just didn't want to sound patronising with the explanation of religion in the setting. There isn't much to go on really.

EDIT: actually found this which is about as close as it gets to a source book.
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