Talls Strongholds and Followers adventure - Full

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I just saw that editing the fist post in Tapatalk is messing up the thread title. I’ll have to fix that as soon as I get back to my laptop.


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Well, if one does not have to own that pdf, I’m certainly intrigued!

Perhaps now’s the time to try out a paladin for the first time in my life... If jmucchiello doesn’t mind a second paladin, if he goes with that idea.


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I'm on the same page as Justin Case. This looks like it could be fun, and I am planning on buying S&F with my next paycheck.

If you do pick me, I was thinking a warbred (half-orc) rogue (either assassin or mastermind) with connections to a resistance faction (if that's allowed).


I was going to close this when JusinCase posted, but when I was looking over the adventure again I noticed its actually for 5 players. So I'll draw a line under Herosmith for now.

I can't promise everyone will get a stronghold for this. There are four types, and you an only have one of each type in a hex. The rules don't properly define a hex because that is for the Kingdoms book, but for this game the barony is going to be a "hex". Depending on what happens with this game, I'll make some more opportunities to get strongholds for everyone who wants one.

I'm not expecting this to start this side of New Year's, but if you guys want to get your characters posted here for now we can start to line up our ducks.

Keep an eye on the first post. I'll keep it updated with important information as we go so that everything pertinent is in one place.


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Well, here we go.

Orin aka "Nightshade"

Race:Half-Orc (war-bred)

Class: Rogue 5(Mastermind)

Background: Criminal/Spy
Contact: Frostbite


Str = 13 Dex = 16 Con = 16 Int = 10 Wis = 10 Cha = 12
3 pts + Race 9 pts + ASI 7 pts + Race/Asi 2 pts 2 pts 4 pts

Proficient Skills
Acrobatics = +6
Deception(Expertise) = +7
Insight = +3
Intimidation = +4
Perception = +3
Sleight of Hand = +6
Stealth(Expertise) = +9

Common, Orc, Draconic, Halfling, Thieves Cant

Armor/Weapon/Tool Proficiencies:
Light Armor, Simple Weapons, Hand Crossbows, Longswords, Rapiers, Shortswords, Thieves' Tools, Disguise Kit, Forgery Kit, Dice

Equipment: shortsword, shortbow, 20 arrows, 2 daggers, thieves tools, leather, backpack, ball bearings, 10ft string, bell, 5 candles, 2 crowbars, hammer, 10 pitons, hooded lantern, 2 flasks oil, 5 rations, tinderbox, waterskin, 50ft rope, dark clothes, beltpouch, Cloak of Elvenkind

Traits: I'm quiet and sarcastic. I am very protective of my secrets.
Ideal: Freedom. The chains of tyranny shall be broken along with their forgers.
Bond: Frostbite brought me into the resistance, and I owe him.
Flaws: Sometimes I have my doubts about whoever is running the resistance.

Orin was born a war-bred, to parents who had fought the Dragon Phalanx in the war. Growing up, the young rogue watched the war-breed gradually be abandoned by Ajax. Added to the anger he already felt towards the Overlord over their race being created expressly to counter the Phalanx, Orin was practically cheering when the Iron Tower attacked, and needless to say disappointed at their failure.

Orin loathed what Ajax was doing to the realm, and still resented him for the slavery he had born the war-bred into. He began to take action. It was nothing major at first; stealing provisions, sabotaging weapon carts, sniping one of Ajax's soldiers off a trade route here and there. Soon enough, though, someone took notice. Orin was just lucky that the resistance did before Ajax. He was approached by a black-scaled dragonborn, who Orin knows only as "Frostbite," and told about the resistance. Frostbite decided the war-bred could be trusted and taught him secret signals, codes and such. Orin took up the name "Nightshade" and set out as an agent of his new resistance allies.

To this day, the only other member of the resistance Orin has met is Frostbite.

(If anyone really has a problem with any of this, just let me know and I can adjust accordingly)
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