Talls Strongholds and Followers adventure - Full


Max hp? max hp 1st level, ave thereafter? max 1st level and roll?

I'm taking Far Traveler for my background. I assume I can just make up my native culture, perhaps?

Max HP at first level, then average or roll - it’s up to you.

Making up your own culture is fine.

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I've added a bit to the background in post 1

A possible hook for this could be that your father/uncle/whatever was a vassal to Baron Bedegar. After Bedegar was killed and Lord Saxton took power, you father was accused of treason/heresy (real or not) and put to death, his lands taken and given to Lord Saxton's lackeys. You've been away and are returning to find the truth.

@Herosmith14 Perhaps the resistance has heard of the happenings in Bedegar and suspect Ajax is moving to take tighter control. You've been sent to investigate.
@KahlessNestor This lady The actual character sheet doesn't seem to be there anymore, but the background works easily. She could even be from Graveford originally.

Yes, that's who I was wanting to play. I could do an Establishment with her, like a tavern or a theatre, and sure, Gravesford could be her home. But that might be too many casters if Max is doing a wizard or sorcerer. We probably need some healing, so maybe I will look into a druid.


Magic Item shopping

I will spend all three weeks on searching for one item at +3. No extra money beyond the 100 gp spent. Gives me a total of+2 on the Persuasion check.

Persuasion: 1D20+2 = [19]+2 = 21

Wow. Did not expect it to be that high. So that is 1d4 items from table E.

Number of items: 1D4 = [1] = 1

And there's my poor roll. So only one item available from Table E.

Magic Item Table E: 1D100 = [80] = 80

Wow. That is a 9th level spell scroll, well out of my price range and likely uncastable. So never mind.


So here we have Eowyn Rosebud, a halfling/Poldar druid hermit. I will leave it up to the GM what her hermit discovery is. She is designed with no offensive spells except Magic Stone. Everything is healing/buff/debuff/control. So usually she'll cast something (likely concentration) and stand back and plink things. She's more or less a pacifist, but not quite. Also, she doesn't talk :D

Eowyn Rosebud.jpg


Eowyn and her twin brother Eobard were the children of a wealthy Poldar/halfling family of scholars in Bedegar Keep. Eowyn had always been a bit...strange, never speaking and often slipping into a minimally responsive fugue state. The twins' parents were killed by the Overlord's men and the children were taken in by their uncle Neville.

Neville was a ne'er-do-well and a hedonist, and Eobard quickly fell under his influence. Eowyn was neglected in her schooling and general life. Neville was a gambler, drinker, and womanizer and got himself in trouble with a local crime boss Tomas. To clear his debts, Neville devised a way to try and claim Eowyn's portion of her inheritance that he controlled. He simply left her out in the woods with a local druid outside Gravesford and claimed the money upon her "death".

Eowyn grew up with the druid, learning his ways, until the old man died and she was left with his hermitage, content in her life alone until the wode overtook her woods, driving her out, back to civilization.

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