D&D General Tech in DnD; What should be included and how much is too much? (+)


One day, I hope to actually play DnD.
Okay, i'm spinning this little tangent off from the Tolkien-worlds of design thread that i want to go into more depth with, for the people who would want technology in their DnD, what sorts of technologies do you think ought to be included in the game, how available do you think it should be? common through the land or a merest scattering in only the most advanced cities, should it be more or less or equally powerful and useful than their alternatives? would it be compatible with magic or should the two forces interfere with each other? and what are the gods opinions on it? do you tolerate explosives like grenades but guns are where you draw the line or do you go all the way to energy pistols before it becomes too much?

All these thoughts and more: let's discuss.

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A suffusion of yellow
I dont mind tech if it fits the setting and would be happy to play in such settings, probably up to Regency/Napoleanic era.
Really guns are no different to wands, so I dont mind them and would be okay with Napoleanic era muzzleloading rifles (3 shots per minute) and flintlocks.

He-Man works in DnD games so Swords and Lasers and Cybernetic enhancements is fine too

my only bias is no combustion engines ie no cars or motorbikes, though magical flying boats and steampowered Kwalish crab apparatus are great.

Cant really see post-steampunk 19th century as fitting DnD though


I like to have some places more or less advanced that others. A cool invention might be available in one country but not another. Of course, the only one that matters is the one the PCs are in. I can see a lot and more when 'magic' comes into play.

I remember a convention long ago when one player took the first 10-15 minutes of play going back and forth with the DM getting a scroll tube and continual light cast inside. Then finding a crystal and hanging it inside on a wire so it could turn to the right refraction and become a de-facto flashlight for his PC who had infravision.

Sometimes we seem to take too much real world and bring it in. I want a telephone. We have sending stones now.


Victoria Rules
I too don't mind some anachronisms. For example, I'm quite happy to have Maximillian plate armour in the game, and age-of-sail warships (using ballistae instead of cannons), even though there's no gunpowder or steam power. I'll also throw in futuristic tech on occasion (for example just before covid a party of mine found a huge underground hangar defended by robots and containing, among other things, three spaceships) but the PCs won't initially have a clue how to use or operate any of it.


Late middle ages to pre-renaissance is the absolute furthest I go, but generally play play/run in a more "high middle ages" period style.

If a group wants the following, I bow out:
  • No guns or gunpowder of any sort.
  • No rail systems or steam-power.
  • No alien-future tech.

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