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He'll flip ya...Flip ya for real...
Campaign: Pathfinder Serpent skull AP
Name: Elam Underhill
Ancestry: Halfling
Class: Rogue 3/Barbarian 3/Pathfinder Delver 10

Elam was separated from his family as a young man. Unknown tragedy befell them, but Elam was taken in by a band of Shoanti. He learned how to trap, hunt, and live in the wild. Eventually, he ended up on a sailing ship that took him around Golarion where fate would have him meet a Pathfinder society member. The stories of globe trotting and looking for lost artifacts was a destiny that called to Elam. He would go on to be a well trusted bodyguard and trailblazer for many PFS expeditions.


Not sure about favourite, but I did like my dwarf wizard for lost mines. He had high hp and, since I'd just been playing a fighter in another game, ended up on the front lines far too often. He was keen on gaining knowledge and gained a decent AC once he gained the glass staff of defence.

For what may potentially become a favourite: I'll hopefully be starting a game of OSE soon, I intend to create a magic-user and I'm looking through old marvel game books to rename spells after those used by Dr Strange, gonna have some fun playing him as somewhat pompous, calling swearing on the names of various demons from marvel comics, it'll be great, I hope he survives.


Raylene Britedottir

Aasimar Bard 9 (Pathfinder Kingmaker-style campaign, Queen of Grandmead)

The second youngest of seven in a powerful merchant family, Raylene grew up with the express lack of a silver spoon all her siblings got on top of raising her little sister (another player character) after their mother died. A rebellious spirit, she attended the bardic collage to spite her father and turned out to be good at it and giving her father an ulcer.

So much so that when the chance to bankroll a lucrative but dangerous expedition to map and reclaim a planer-ly decimated hellscape on the other side of the continent, her father pounced on bankrolling it to lure Raylene into a win-win for him: she either founds a new stronghold for the family to make money on... or she dies. Hurray!

Only it turned out that she picked the team, consisting of half-orc brothers who worship the god of drinking and adventure with an eye to founding a drunken adventurer's paradise instead of the capitalist playground daddy wanted.

Raylene is a sin-of-pride type, with a MASSIVE chip on her shoulder thanks to not getting any respect from her family or even her fellow adventurers. To the point that Role20 has taken note and she only ever crits on people who question her right as Queen. She's also a weird idealist who is trying to make the new land ideal not only for her drunken nation, but all the neighboring monster kingdoms to mixed results: accidentallying the kobolds into a vassal state she's trying to liberate from herself, getting into an unsteady alliance with locanth, trying to ignore the attention-hungry mites, and humiliating the orc warband into a full retreat.

Her greatest hits include public works such as a huge beerhall/shrine, an unnecessarily opulent city hall she personally decorated to flex on her father only for him to send her brother and some bureaucrats instead, and essentially converting a quarter of all the bit villains we've come across, forming them into a League of Evil Civil Engineers including an insane anraea (sp?) who has set the city up with horrifying clockwork horror spiders for protections, an ogrillon necromancer who has become a beloved pharmacist, a naga former cult leader who is second in command tactician, and a dweomer cat who serves as sheriff and breaks into people's houses to beg food off them.

Also, we busted up a cult of Asmodeus, sent him a beer using the sacrificial altar, then the kobolds used the broken portal to steal heat from Hell, effectively making the Prince of Lies and the Lord of Hell our HVAC guy.


Enourmuus - Centaur cleric of Karamentra (essentially Demeter) of Theros. He's a somewhat party-addled (there are questions that he might have satyr blood) sage who thinks he knows it all - and isn't afraid to expound to others how much more he knows than those around him. He's kind and bombastic, and easily makes friends wherever he goes (despite his flaw).

Character Background
Former student of the Gorgon Axathios, to complete his training Enourmuus was cast out of the gorgon's presence to finish his learning in the wider world. After some travel, he took up the mantle of a protector and mouthpiece for Karamentra, defending polises from monstrous attacks. A short time ago, he received a cryptic letter from Axathios and upon inquiring about it, discovered she had been slain by heroes who assaulted her lair. He sees comprehending and fulfilling the wishes in Axathios letter as a tribute to his former master.

He's a fun character to play because he is quite different from the gruff and distrustful dwarf or hard-nosed paladin characters I tend to play. He likes to party hard, and with his 10 Int and Sage background I love to use him to spin utter BS stories about the world or monsters the group encounters (i.e., I prank everybody at the table with fake metagame knowledge, as people tend to trust me because I DM so much).

Epic Threats

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