Level Up (A5E) Temporary solution to play A5E on FoundryVTT

For those that still don't know, I'm working on a small Foundry module + DnD 5e ruleset mod to allow people to use the A5E mechanics. This in no way a replacement for an actual ruleset that hopefully we'll get soon, but a temporary solution for those that want to test the system or start using it ASAP on foundry. The implementation is a bit rough, it requires a bit of the O5E ruleset modding (so updates require maintenance as it will overwrite the changes) and a couple modules I like (Tiddy 5e Sheet and Better Rolls), but again, this is not a long term solution but a way to play now with the tools we have.

Some pictures of the stuff I have going on there:




If you made it this far, you can join the Discord on the link below. I'm taking suggestions in and in a couple days I'll release a first version, any helping hand testing and looking for issues is welcome :)

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