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The Thayan Enclave is recruiting! We are looking for well-trained wizards, item crafters, merchants, soldiers, and bodyguards! The following things are required to join!

1- Must respect Thayan Laws and Customs within the Enclave
2- Must be willing to wear this Enclaves Thayan Sigil
3- Wizards must be willing to get all hair removed magically
4- Must be a member of the enclave at all times
5- Must be willing to help pay for the Enclave to mantain business (this does not apply to paid bodyguards)
6- Must not be morally against slaveholding, althought no slaves are held at the Enclave itself.

Please contact myself, Darius Blackhand, or anyone else related to the Thayan Enclave to enlist into our ranks. For the glory and power of Thay!

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