D&D 5E The 4 premier sets of Magic the Gathering 2022 are announced, speculation whether they will crossover with D&D

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Jeremy E Grenemyer

Ooh! This looks fun.

I love playing all artifact decks.

On the other hand, cyber stuff kills the vibe for me when it comes to playing Magic because, well, it's not magic.

No matter. If there's fun to be had from it then I will find it. I trust others will, too.

Sorry for the dead-raising and a little off-topic but I think this could be interesting.

I suspect this could be linked with Neon Dinasty, the cyberpunk version of Kamiwaga.

Theories? Some couple of crazy ideas, maybe about some future merger or acquisition. I guess we will see more videogames of collectable cards, and we can't forget these are easy to be adapted for mobiles or tablets.

What about the setting, the world of Android: Netrunner, the lore, background, characters and factions? By FFG/Asmodee, not by WotC. This will start from zero a new IP but I guess an open door to add some possible fantasy element, or aliens. I feel curiosity about the cybertronians as the supreme hackers in a cyberpunk setting.

Other option would be a Magic: the Gathering spin-off designed to be asymetric, with a variant version of netrunner rules.

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