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D&D 5E The 5E Dice Aesthetic

What dice should see regular use in 5E?

  • d4

    Votes: 85 77.3%
  • d6

    Votes: 97 88.2%
  • d8

    Votes: 92 83.6%
  • d10

    Votes: 94 85.5%
  • d12

    Votes: 93 84.5%
  • d100

    Votes: 48 43.6%
  • Other

    Votes: 22 20.0%

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The d00 is mostly good for rolling random events and such, but WotC picked up this bad habit of trying to turn random tables into card decks.


If you were really trying to be minimalist, then the proper dice to use would be the d4, the d6, and the d10. The d8 is basically 2d4, and the d12 either 3d4 or 2d6 ( and of course d100 has always been modelled by most sane people with 2d10, instead of a real d100, ;) ) .

But since no one is arguing for being that minimalist, I think it only behooves us to make use all of the classic dice. It would be a strange venture to try and include every legacy PHB race and class without including all of the dice.

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