The Blind Watchers of the Sylvan Shard

Rae ArdGaoth

OOC: Sorry, I'm very unclear as to what Richard's action is. Why would he get an AoO?

Also, I suppose I mispoke earlier when I said you readied actions. You actually delayed and went before them, since they're so slow moving. You might have been able to get a few shots off at them as they approached, but since piercing weapons deal half damage and they have regeneration, it would have been useless. If you have another ranged action you would have taken, please inform me. Otherwise, let's just push on.

Still waiting for Khairi and Saithnar. And now a clarification from Richard. =)


Saithnar-M Elan Psion(Telepath)3 -AC:15(11 without Inertial Armor), HP:16/16, PP:2/17

Concentrating, Saithnar manifests an Astral Construct, which appears behind the second root and swings a silvery fist at it, but misses badly.

[sblock=details]Manifest Astral Construct which summons a 1st level Astral Construct with AC 18 and 20 HP (15 normal + 5 from Buff power off of 'Astral Construct Menu A') The spell has a duration of 3 rounds (1/lvl). It appears behind root #2 (in space A2) and attacks on this turn. Astral construct attacks Root #2. (1d20+2=7, 1d4+3=7) It misses miserably though. Saithnar has 1 PP remaining.[/sblock]
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OOC: Sorry, I'm very unclear as to what Richard's action is. Why would he get an AoO?

Also, I suppose I mispoke earlier when I said you readied actions. You actually delayed and went before them, since they're so slow moving.
"Delayed and went before them" That's what led me to believe we got an AoO... regardless, I should have given enough attacks to tide me over for a few rounds it seems... at least they should mostly be hits![/sblock]

Rae ArdGaoth

Despite the distraction of the flames, nobody can seem to get an edge on the roots as they writhe.

The roots continue to char in the crackling fire (5 permanent damage to Roots1). Then they lash out at Richard, slapping him across the face and arms. (7 damage to Richard)

The other roots fight Saithnar's construct. (4 damage to construct)

Rinya reaches out with her wand and heals Richard. (Richard restores 7 HP)

Round 2

You guys go again. (Richard can just use the previous rolls.)
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Rae ArdGaoth

Khairi's blades cut at the roots, and as he does the fire scorches their ends, halting their regrowth. (11 permanent damage to roots)

Richard hacks away as well, cutting the roots to shreds. (5 permanent damage to roots)

Saithnar's crossbow bolt disappears into the burning mess of roots, doing nothing.

EDIT: The fire continues to close up the fresh cuts even as it burns the roots to their core. (5 permanent damage to roots)

The roots counterattack Richard. (Hits AC 17, 5 damage)

The other roots flog the construct. (14 damage to construct) Though the construct is struggling mightily on its own, the roots are completely unaffected by its efforts.


Total damage to roots: 26 permanent damage
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Rae ArdGaoth

OOC: Richard was not hit by the attack, sorry.

Saithnar's construct continues to wail on the roots, and it manages to crush them between its heavy body and the soft floor, but before long they spring right back. Saithnar's bolt goes straight to the heart of the roots, missing most of its "body" but doing some damage.

Richard and the fire are having much more luck. The roots are writhing and Richard is hacking away huge chunks, which fly into the flames, wriggle as they burn, and then fall limp.

Khairi with his short sword manages to sneak in a quick, accurate cut at one thick knot. After being cut at the knot, the roots suddenly writhe wildly and flop apart to be consumed by the flames.

The second set of roots mindlessly advances, unaware of the danger before it. It reaches the flaming remnants of its partner and it too catches fire. Still it slaps at Richard, doing no damage for now.


Saithnar, Richard, and Khairi...

[Sblock=OOG: ]I am not giving this game the attention you guys deserve, and for that I sincerely apologize.

I can't even promise that things will speed up soon. I know I'll catch a break when school's out, but then I'm off to the big city to work, and who knows how much time I'll have then.

I planned on having one more encounter in this adventure, but now I'm wondering whether I can justify keeping you all here at this pace. So I leave it up to you.

Once these roots are destroyed, we can wrap this up and send you back to the RDI. We can have a noncombat encounter. Or we can have the combat encounter which I planned on running. Up to you guys. Thanks for sticking it out this far.[/sblock]


Since I think everyone's healed up at the moment, Rinya will she will spend this round stoking the fire, making sure it won't go out anytime soon. If there's any roots or moss that will burn, she'll throw that on the fire.

[sblock=oog]I know you're busy, Rae, so thanks for toughing it out and trying to finish this. But I'm not sure having another encounter at this pace is a good idea. I'm all for wrapping things up after this encounter.[/sblock]