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THE CARDCASTER: A Novel New 5th Edition Class!

In EN5ider's 7th full 5th Edition class, Josh Gentry introduces the Cardcaster! The card caster uses a tarot deck to release magic, playing cards to cast spells - although she doesn't always have control over what spells are currently made available to her by the winds of fate! Also included are three archetypes - the Knight of Swords, which embodies mental force and determination; the Page of Wands, which embodies the magical power of creation; and the Queen of Cups, with embodies the emotions. Illustrated by Indi Martin. Become a patron now and get access to this and over 100 other supplements and adventures for your 5th Edition games!


Previous classes (which you also get by becoming a patron!) include the Noble, Alchemist, Occultist, Feywalker, Morph, and Diabolist.

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


Josh Gentry - Author, Minister in Training
Yu gi Oh!!!!! Cardcaptors!!!!!
Of the two, this class is the most similar to Cardcaptor Sakura's approach to card magic. Each card has influence over a certain aspect of life, but just what magical effect occurs varies on the player's will.

If you are an adoring fan of card games on motorcycles... Stick around!

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