The Children of Athena

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth

The Children of Athena: A Campaign By Tellerian Hawke.
Most people whom have met these three beings call them "The 3 Friends," because common folk cannot seem to fathom the fact that the three are, in reality, all siblings, offspring of the goddess, Athena.

This isn't an online campaign. It's an online record of a tabletop campaign. This thread will contain all of the notes, descriptions of important events, and other happenings of the campaign. This campaign is for my kids; I am letting them START their characters at Epic Level, because they wanted to see what it would be like to be powerful; however, I am an experienced epic-level DM, and they may soon discover that they are in over their heads. :cool: I won't go too harsh on 'em, but they are going to earn their spurs by the time all is said and done. :)

General Information:

Campaign home is the city of Mistehome, in the Elvanian Forest, in the Elven Lands, in Western Oerik. The campaign takes place in the year CY 576, exact date still TBD.

Mostly, Elves live here, but there are also Humans, Half-Elves, Halflings, Sprites, and even a small enclave of Titans.

The players are all children of the Greek goddess, Athena. They are not born of her womb, lest they be deities themselves. They are born of her favor, which means that she created these unique beings using her divine powers.

"Flea" (Flekovarn Filbergnome):

Father: Nevaralus Filbergnome (Pixie Wizard);
Nevaralus was a loyal follower of Athena, and went upon many quests in the name of her order. One particular quest, the retrieval of Athena's golden greaves, which had been stolen by an evil sorceress named Hildegamus Preordus, earned Nevaralus a special wish, to be granted by Athena herself. He told her that his fondest wish was to have a son. Athena told him that if he would allow her to cut off one of his wings, his request would be granted. Nevaralus agreed without hesitation. Athena cut off his left wing, and from the bulk of it, she formed a baby Pixie (whom Nevaralus named Flekovarn) which means "precious gift" in Pixie.

She used some of the blood vessels in the atrophied wing to create a mystical thread, which she then used to sew a new soul into the newly-formed baby's mortal body. Athena then healed Nevaralus' stump, and had Hephaestus make an Adamantine wing to replace the missing natural one. The wing is rumored to have granted Nevaralus great magical powers, but no one but him knows for sure whether or not such a rumor is true. Nevaralus was already a powerful Wizard, so verifying the rumor proved impossible. To this day, the Elder Pixie has yet to confirm or deny the truth of that rumor.

"Aethen" Athanopolous:

Deep in the Elvanian forest, there once lived a Human Ranger by the name of Theopolitus Athanopolous. Theo lived among the Elves, in the Elven city of Mistehome. His family had lived here among the Elves for 5 generations before him. His family had always helped the Elves in times of need, and had been awarded the title of "Elf-friend." All of his ancestors were also followers of the goddess, Athena, and had a long tradition of serving her. Long ago, the family's name had been changed to Athanopolous, in honor of the goddess, such was their devotion to her.

Theo himself had earned a particular honor among the Elves, having been awarded the honorary rank of Centurion of the Elven Army, for his help as a tracker in the Great Orc War of CY 442. In the last battle of the war, Theo suffered a serious stab wound in the stomach, while trying to pull unconscious Elves to safety.

Having proven himself in the eyes of Athena, by following her doctrine and risking his life to aid her allies, Theo was granted an extraordinary gift from the goddess herself. His fondest wish had always been to have a son, but he had never married, because of the dangerous life that he led.

Athena decided to grant Theo his wish; while he slept in the infirmary, Athena took a lock of his hair, a small portion of his lifeforce, and a moderate amount of blood from the wound, and formed a baby, and put it next to him, so that when he awoke, he would find himself the father of a remarkable little boy. She then healed the wound, and the Elven nurses who found him and the baby still speak of the miracle to this day. Theo died at the age of 87, in the year CY 484. Aethen was 42 years old at the time.

Sasha The Titan

Have you ever heard the saying, "Like Father, Like Daughter?" --No, I didn't say it wrong. Allow me to explain.

The goddess Athena was born one day, long ago, before the beginning of time, when Zeus had a headache, and asked Hephaestus to cut his head open, to see what could be causing him so much pain. In that instant, out popped his daughter, Athena, fully grown, armed, and armored, and like her father, she was extremely wise and intelligent.

About 110 years ago, in the year CY 466, Athena began to feel an immense headache, and immediately, she thought of her own birth, and went to Hephaestus for help. He did the same thing to Athena that he had done to Zeus; he cut a crevasse in her head, which allowed her daughter, the Titan known as Sasha, to be born. Like her mother, Sasha sprang from Athena's head fully grown, armed, and armored. Sasha told her mother that while she was being formed inside her head, that she had a dream. She told her mother that her purpose was to help the other Titans of the Elvanian Forest, whom had prayed to Athena to send them a champion. They wanted a Titan who could one day lead all of the other Titans in a battle to reclaim their homeland, the island known as Fireland, which is currently ruled by an evil, Volcanic Titan known as Voledar, and his army of Fire Giants.

Recently, having decided that she should not wait any longer, Sasha has decided to seek her fortune in the world, hoping to become strong enough to one day oppose Voledar.

More Notes on The Three Friends:

Because all 3 of the friends grew up under the tutelage of powerful wizards, expert warriors, and occasional wisdom and advice from the goddess Athena herself, they too, have also grown in skill and ability, rivaling some of the Elven Elders in expertise and even sheer ability. (NOTE: No one has ever "seen" Athena. She talks to her children through omens and signs, and sometimes by divine messengers, such as Leonals.)

Flea spends a lot of time in his father's library, studying spells, and reading about magical theory (arcana); Sasha spends every morning practicing her fighting skills against the Titan Weapons Master, known as Luniaphus. Aethen spends every Star Day leading church services, and on other days, like Flea, he too is cloistered, praying to Athena, and reading all sorts of religious texts.

Aethen also acts as the Dean of the church, overseeing the instruction of Acolytes. (i.e., he makes sure that the teachers are doing what they're supposed to be doing, sort of like a school principal.)

All 3 of the friends have been in small skirmishes, since the nearby Orcs frequently harass the Elven lands; Mistehome is also plagued by the enemies of Artemis and Athena, specifically, the cults of Hecate and Ares, whose purposes are diametrically opposed to Artemis and Athena, respectively. There have been occasions where the three friends have literally had to fight for their lives, against evil zealots whose end-goal is the corruption of the Elvanian Forest, and the complete annihilation of the Elven People and their culture.

However, none of the friends has ever ACTUALLY been on a real adventure. In fact, none of the three friends have been more than 50 miles away from Mistehome in the course of their entire lives. Sasha has used her GATE ability to look into other worlds, but she has never dared to step through one. The same goes for both Flea and Aethen; both are powerful spellcasters, and both know the GATE spell. Both have used the spell to look into other worlds, but neither has ever dared stepped through to the other side.

Today, all three friends, hereafter referred to as "The Three," or "The 3," have decided that they want to finally leave Mistehome, to seek their fortunes, and to discover what there is to discover "out there," and to see if the reality matches up with what they have learned from books. All three are weary of living off the benevolence of others; all three want to earn their own way, and to make THEIR mark upon the world. Their parental inheritances, and gifts from Athena, and from the Elves, have given them a solid base from which to start. They are far and away many times wealthier than the average, novice adventurer; but The 3 want to go beyond that, and to prove that all of their training and smaller experiences have not been in vain.

Some Things The Players Should Know:

Cool Things That Aethen can do:
Clerics aren't just battlemasters...
Create Water (up to 2 gal. per level, or 40 gal.)
Purify Food & Drink (1 cubic foot per level, or 20 cubic feet.)
Augury (Know if intended action will have good or bad results.)
Zone of Truth (Subjects within range cannot lie.)
Create Food & Water (Feeds 3 people, or 1 horse.)
Divination (Provides useful advice for specific, proposed actions.)
Speak With Dead (Corpse answers 1 question per two levels, or 10 questions.)
Sending (Delivers a short message anywhere, instantly.)
Spell Immunity (Subject is immune to one spell per four levels, or 5 spells.)
Commune (Deity answers one yes or no question per level, or 20 questions.)
Spell Resistance (Subject gains SR 12+level, or 32 SR.) -- Good for non-celestial allies.
True Seeing (Lets you see things as they truly are.)
Dispel Magic, Greater (As "Dispel Magic" but up to +20 on the check.)
Undeath to Death (Destroys 1d4 HD/level undead, max 20d4.)
Word of Recall (Teleports you back to a designated place.)
Scrying, Greater (As "Scrying," but faster and longer.)
All of the 9th level Cleric spells are VERY COOL. Especially Miracle.

Cool Things That Sasha Can Do:

Sasha is normally more than 25' tall; she can change her form to a normal Human, and be about 6 feet tall, without losing any of her Titan powers, nor any of her strength. Sasha can wield her hammer as a 2-handed weapon in Human form without suffering penalties of any kind.

Once per round, at will, as a free action (which means she can do these things AND get her melee attacks as well) Sasha can:

Cast Chain Lightning (1 Bolt @ 20d6, up to 10 more bolts @ 10d6)
Cast Cure Critical Wounds (4d8+20)
Cast Greater Dispel Magic (1d20+20)
Cast Invisibility Purge
Cast Holy Word (All three of Athena's children have this power innately, and Aethen and Flea can cast the spell, as well.)

...And a lot of other cool Titan abilities.

What all of your elders and advisors have told you...

1. You should disguise yourselves, if you want to venture into the world of man. You must hide your celestial nature.
2. You do not have to hide your true nature on the outer planes, unless you're trying to blend in; but in places like the city of Sigil, or the city of Union, no one will bat an eye; in those cities, Demons, Devils, and Angels walk the streets in large numbers, not daring to start trouble between them, lest the Lady of Pain (Sigil) or The Union Watch (Union) become involved...
3. Such cities must be traveled to with magic. Those cities are full of all sorts of beings, and all sorts of hard-to-find information, on almost any topic. Of the two cities, Sigil is by far the oldest city, because Union has only been in existence for 80 years or so. But the city of Union is home to very powerful Outer Planar Personas, who can acquire almost anything on your behalf---for a price, of course.
4. Nevaraulus' library and lab are open to use by The 3, as long as they are careful, and don't blow anything up or summon anything exotic. Using the library will give you a +5 on any Knowledge skill check that you are making. (Usually, Arcana, The Planes, History, or Religion.)
5. The major cities in the central Flanaess (in the world of men) are: Greyhawk, Dyvers, Willip, Chendl, Enstad, and Verbobonc. Of these, Dyvers is the largest, followed by Enstad (a close second) and Greyhawk, third. Traveling to these cities will require a disguise.
6. The wisest sage in Mistehome is an Elven Loremaster named Rivan Aefirwind.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Rolled Start Date: Sunday, Ready'reat 7th, CY 576.

A Beholder by the name of Yaardem The Wise approaches the party, and asks for their help. He is a member of a Beholder sect that espouses coexistence, rather than conquer, as their main philosophy. He says that his community has been taken over by another, powerful Beholder, by the name of Morketh The Bloody; Morketh is a servant of Ares, and therefore, the blood enemy of all followers of Athena, much less her three children. He says that his mentor, Gariloch The Seer, was imprisoned by Morketh, who then began to pillage his research; Morketh is looking for something that he thinks that Gariloch might have acquired. Exactly what, is anyone's guess.

Flea, who wears goggles of True Seeing, can tell, at a glance, that Yaardem is not evil. He is capricious, self-centered, and ego-centric, but he is not evil. (i.e., he's Chaotic Neutral.) Thus, the party decides to trust him, and Flea invites him to his father's tower. There, in the second-story library, Flea shows his father's magical mirror (Mental Prowess) to the Beholder, and tells him to think of the entrance to his community's lair. Yaardem complies, and the image appears in the mirror. Before stepping through, Yaardem draws the party a map of the lair, warning them that new traps my have been set by Morketh. Flea tells Yaardem to flee into the nearby forest, and await their return. Yaardem complies once more, saying that he will go out about 150 yards into the forest, and burrow straight down, and carve out a small hidey-hole to stay in temporarily.

The party steps through the mirror, and proceeds to infiltrate the Beholder lair. Thus begins the campaign.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Upon investigating the Beholder lair, the friends find that there had once been 14 Beholders in the colony (Gariloch The Seer, and 13 of his followers, which includes Yaardem.) Almost all of the Beholders in the colony are of the same mindset as Yaardem, that is to say, almost none of them are "evil" in the truest sense of the word, although most of them act in self-preservation, first and foremost.

Almost all of the Beholders are Chaotic Neutral in alignment. Only one of them is evil, a Beholder known as Krukk, who is Lawful Evil. However, Krukk follows a code of honor, which promotes rule by the strongest and wisest. Until Morketh came, Krukk was absolutely loyal to Gariloch.

When Morketh took over the lair, he asked whom among the Beholders would be loyal to him; he was expecting a unanimous decision, and was greatly surprised when 7 of the Beholders turned against him. The other six joined Morketh's side, and a battle ensued. One of Morketh's new followers (Krukk) died, but five of the six of the Gariloch Loyalists also died (Yaardem fled), leaving Morketh with 5 loyal followers.

The party fights their way into the lair, destroying both of Morketh's Iron Golems, as well as his pet Shadow Dragon, Kalluur. The party discovers a room filled with refuse, where (besides trash) the bodies of the 6 dead Beholders have been dumped. The party subdues the two Otyughs who live there, promising not to hurt them, as long as the friends are allowed to search through the refuse in peace. The Otyughs agree.

Aethen casts Miracle upon the dead Beholders, bringing all of them back to life; he says that any Beholder without the taint of evil in his heart who helps in the battle-to-come against Morketh will be allowed to remain alive, provided he does not fall in battle. Of course, this means that Krukk, who is evil, will die again after the conflict, even if he survives. However, Krukk then decides that he will help anyway, because he respects Aethen's enormous power, and makes a pledge upon his word of honor that he shall not only aid in the coming battle, but that he will also reform his evil ways, even if he has to do so as a spirit in Limbo.

With the aid of the party, Krukk and the 5 revived Beholders are able to easily defeat the five Beholders who changed allegiance. Four of the five traitors are killed, and one surrenders. But during this fray, Morketh discerns what is happening, and takes flight, not wanting to face the friends without reinforcements. The friends actually manage to engage him in combat, but Morketh decides to flee while his wounds from the first round of the onslaught are still minor ones.

The friends tell Krukk and the others that they shall follow Morketh to wherever he's going, and once they discover his destination, they shall open a portal to this place, so that the Beholders can fulfill their promise to aid in the battle against Morketh The Usurper. The traitor says that he will not fight Morketh, but since the friends spared him, he says that he will attempt to use his magicks to locate and free Gariloch while all of this is transpiring.

The friends follow Morketh at a great distance, hoping not to be noticed. Morketh is flying and invisible, but he cannot escape the gaze of Flea's magical goggles. The friends watch as Morketh descends into a hidden hole in the side of a gigantic mountain, and they surmise that this must be Morketh's lair. Rather than following him immediately, the friends hang back, discussing their next move, and trying to decide if they should wait a day or two, using the time to choose more appropriate spells, and to pick up potions and scrolls from Flea's father's laboratory. This is where the last session ended.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Beholder's Lair.png

a = "Cora Was Here"
9 = "Fasardan died here, his spirit broken." Blood stains (which have turned a reddish, rusty brown) cover the majority of the wall space in this room.

The party decided to fly back to Flea's house, and to use his father's lab to create a new spell, which will protect them from Morketh's (and other beholders' as well) eye rays. They also develop a plan to use Invisibility and Reduce Person to infiltrate Morketh's lair. Downtime for all of this was 3 weeks. The party returns to the lair entrance, and Sasha (reduced in size to a Tiny creature) flies down, and uses her innate ability to Dispel Magic (Greater) to deactivate (suppress) the magical rune traps in the entrance shaft. (There were 4 runes in total, each of which was set to trigger a Chain Lightning spell at 20 HD.) The traps are suppressed for only 5 minutes. (Which means that the party will need to deactivate them again on the way out.) The party completely explored room 1 (which was empty), discovered the secret door, explored the secret hallway, and completely explored Room 9 as well, where they found the blood stains and the scrawled message in blood. This is where the session ended.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth

-Many rooms were empty, or filled with debris. Many of the walls are stained with blood. Old, dry, brittle bones litter most of the hallways. This could indicate that the beholder was not the original builder, and that this complex might be his by conquest.

Destrachans pervade this place; the friends kill many of these creatures along the way. Current kill count: 25.

The friends find a golden, demonic idol with ruby eyes; Aethen says that the idol itself (not the eyes) holds evil power. The idol is placed into the portable hole until such time as it can be melted down (destroyed) on the altar of Athena. Flea says that he will keep the rubies.

Four Destrachans manage to survive the onslaught and flee to warn others.

The friends kill 4 Glabrezu demons (summoned guardians) and set their captive free. The captive is a CN female Drow sorceress (15th level) named Celene Moonfire. She thanks the friends for her freedom and leaves, but not before Flea tells her, "You owe us one." Her response is a mischievous grin.

4 other (different) Glabrezu notice the friends, and become fully aware of their aura (alignment, power level, intensity of magical powers, possession of major and minor artifacts, etc.)---These demons realize they are outmatched, and leave the Prime Material plane. Since they were summoned guardians, and since they fled under their own power, this causes the Beholder's binding contract to be broken, which alerts him to the fact that his spell has failed. He now knows that powerful entities have entered his lair.)

[Fighting to the death, like the other Glabrezu did, is actually a fulfillment of the contract, which does NOT break the contract, therefore NOT causing the spell to fail; thus the Beholder is NOT aware of the demons who died, he is only aware of the ones who fled.]

The party figures that the jig is up, because Flea is no slouch as a Wizard himself. The party leaves the lair to regroup, despite knowing that the Beholder might summon reinforcements. This is where the latest session ends.

XP & Treasure Award is forthcoming.

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