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megamania said:
Thankyou. I was wondering- has any of the readers run through these adventures? Most of why I'm displaying these here is to get feedback on how different the story ends with each game group. I'm sure not everyone has a warforged running around with a goblin noble's skull on his shoulder pad.

Glad you are enjoying it dravot.
At some point in the future, I'll be running my peeps through some of these modules and adventures. I won't be using the Whisper of the Vampire's Blade, though (I don't like it, it's poorly written).

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megamania said:
Thankyou. I was wondering- has any of the readers run through these adventures? Most of why I'm displaying these here is to get feedback on how different the story ends with each game group. I'm sure not everyone has a warforged running around with a goblin noble's skull on his shoulder pad.

Glad you are enjoying it dravot.

Our group is in the middle of Rose Quarry with plans to follow that up with Whitehearth in the Mournlands. We have a group of 6 players so we trippled the troop size with the Emerald Claw camp. They are in the map room right now after killing a couple of watches worth of guards and zombies.

We're in a bit of a different set-up with the airship, but the owner is intent on turning it into an expedition ship, thus the hiring out to Elaydren for a few sessions. (DM break :) ) I'm with dravot on using Whisper's of the Vampires Blade. SPOILER I liked the masquerade setting, but will probably figure out a different way to use it. I like our airship too much to crash it just yet.

I don't know how long it will take PhoenixAsh to get caught up with the current game - he's been turning out posts far quicker than I ever imagined possible. I am starting to realize just how much work goes into these storyhours.

Thanks for posting all of this. I've certainly been impressed with some of the ideas. I'm still looking for a way to use a House Kundarak security coin in our game! And kudos to the "forged with the skull on his shoulder pad". Every Eberron game should have at least one colorfull Warforged character! Ours decided to be the cook! :D
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Next game session but again several players are out- darn children and their B-days!

Deciding to explore the church they look around.

“The structure before you appears to be a church, and you can see symbols of the Sovereign Host carved into the stone walls. The roof has fallen in, but the walls appear solid and strong.”
Looking around inside they see little but Cedious spots something within the glass. He has Temper break the glass and there is a golden chalice inside. Uncertain if it is magical but certain it has value, Cedious holds onto it. Later he will show Boddynoc it and know it is magical but not how.

Bored and unsuccessful at finding much, the adventurers cross the street to another sturdy building.

“This large building, constructed of walls of red marble, has the engraved symbol of an anvil and gorgon carved into the keystone above the arched doorway- the symbol of House Cannith. While the outer walls are intact, little else is left of the building. The roof, doors and upper floors have been reduced to cinders and rubble. Light can be seen glowing from deep inside the building.”

As they go inside, their attention is drawn to three zombies covered in glass still clearing debris. Not taking any chances with them, the warforged and Large Axe wielding human fighter destroy them quickly. They then move in and see-

“The large 50 foot wide chamber has been cleared of most of the rubble and glass you’ve seen throughout the rest of the village. The floor emerges from the shattered glass, formed from red marble and decorated with an embossed design.”

“What is it?” asks Cedious.

“Map …I think.” Answers Boddynoc.

“The large chamber contains a few enormous blocks of rough red stone. This place was probably where the marble was shaped, polished, and prepared for shipping. Large fireplaces occupy the center of the north, south and west walls, each made of a different type of stone: red stone for the north, white stone for the south, and black stone for the west fireplace. Six statues stand around the room, two to each side of one fireplace. The floor of the chamber features a detailed map of central Khorvaire showing the nations of Aundair, Cyre, Karrnath, Thrane, and Breland. While cities, topographical features, and even major mines are shown in bas relief on the map, to text identifies the locations.”

Boddynoc looks around and then stares at the two warforged. “Don’t break anything …yet.”

They don’t but not because the gnome said not to. Bonds looks around the fireplaces. Temper stares at the map looking for clues. Bane looks at the blocks of stone and tools then at the room’s walls. Cedious and Boddynoc both look around the statues and the fireplaces.

Bane and Bonds take a moment to look at the colors and type of statues. In red stone there is a Dragon and a lion. In White Stone a Wolf and Falcon. In black stone there is carved a Knight and a Griffon. The red statues are next to red fireplace to the north. The white statues are next to white fireplaces to the south. The black statues are next to the black fireplace to the west.

Bonds is determined to figure this out before Boddynoc or before Cedious stumbles onto a clue. Bane is also taking time to study this instead of destroying goods.

“Red Dragon and Lion …creatures of power and royality.” Reasons out Bonds. The Wolf and Falcon …are …. Sigh.”

“Independent spirits …?” adds Bane.

Distracted by this amusing sight, Cedious then asks what the black knight and griffon are.

“A distraction.” Answers Boddynoc as he looks at the seams of the fireplace to the North.

“What does Tallis, Black Seal, E 4 mean?” asks Temper.

“What did you just say?” asks Boddynoc.

“It says here Tallis Black Seal E 4 on the head of this Lion.” He comments looking at the back of the statue.

Boddynoc moves over to see this while Cedious and the others take the unspoken cues and check different statues. Indeed- each has a different possible clue. The Red Dragon has Boddynoc’s interest- “Whitehearth, White Seal NE 9” he reads out loud to everyone. “Whitehealth is what we are looking for.”

Together they piece together these inscriptions-

Red Dragon: Whitehealth White Seal NE 9
Red Lion: Tallis Black Seal E 4
White Wolf: Cabblen Hall Red Seal SW 15
White Falcon: Blackhealth Black Seal SE 12
Black Knight: Kronu Hall White Seal N 6
Black Griffon: Redhealth Red Seal SE 7

“What does it mean?” asks Cedious.

“Clues. I think they are clues to several House Cannith locations.” Answers Boddynoc.

20 minutes go by as the try to figure it out. Finally, bored, Cedious checks out the map itself. Bored, he checks out Cyre and its location. He is trying to figure out where he is on the world. It is then he notices a small and nearly invisible dimple in the stone. It is clearly created- it is not a defect or damage. It is polished and smooth. “Boddynoc …”

While the two smaller members of the group look into the new discovery, the three warriors come up with a plan. They begin to heft statues around to make them all Red, Black and White. Nothing happens. “Maybe if …”

“I’m not so sure the statues do anything guys.” Answers Boddynoc as he is checking out the dimple. “Can you find any more?” he asks Cedious quietly.

“Could the fireplaces be a seal?” asks Temper. “Maybe if we burn something …..”

The warriors are desperate but trying.

Bane takes note of Cedious’ activities and asks what he is doing. He begins to help to look around now. The two warforged are thinking maybe breaking a statue will clear their minds. Boddynoc gives a clear look of no with any room for argument. The living constructs almost act respectful. Almost.
It still doesn’t stop Temper from lifting and feeling out a pick and hammer. He looks at the statues wondering how many hits it will take.

“I found one.” Says Bane

“I found two.” Comments Boddynoc.

“I found two also.” Adds Cedious.

“There goes that theory- that makes only five. There are six suggested locations.” Adds Bonds looking at the first divit found.

Temper looks down and sees one at his feet. “Here.” He says with little excitement.

Never figuring out the clues, they draw up a crude map and where the marks are along with the statue inscriptions. Boddynoc and Cedious spend the next two hours searching the place. With nothing found they prepare to leave.

“What is keeping others from finding these secret places?” asks Bonds hefting a spare hammer and pick.

Catching onto what Bonds is getting at, Temper adds, “Yeah- with the statues and maps intact, anyone can figure it out.”

Sighing with a bowed head, Boddynoc okays the destruction of the statues and map room. It takes another two hours for the three warriors to destroy the statues and the map.

Going outside finally, they notice the gray wall has moved. It is closer to them than before.

“It’s not stationary.” Worries Boddynoc.

The group head deeper into the Mournlands to where the divit suggested the Cannith facility is. On the way they see another battle area. This one catches their attention since there are several halflings and elves that don’t seem to belong with the rest of the dead soldiers. It is hard to say since nothing ever rots here but they look to be somehow newer. In the background are several siege machines. Temper sees something moving within the deep shadows of the ruined wagon.

Giving the group a warning, the source of the movement presents itself. Three creatures come out. They look to be something like skeletal wolves with humanoid skeletal parts mixed in. Arms, ribs and even a head are attached in some manner to the bones of the wolves or war dogs. Bonds can’t help himself. He looks at his shoulder pad, the goblin skull, and grins.

The battle is over before it really begins. The biggest problem the heroes faced was moving through the downed bodies of the soldiers. The undead creatures have the same problems however.

They move on to the possible location while Cedious looks for goodies to salvage and the warforged look for creatures to take down. Boddynoc just hopes none of these bodies becomes animated and grabs him.

The person playing Boddynoc once created a professional cook prestige class. It surprised us at how often his exceptional cooking abilities helped us in game. NPCs were even more surprised to learn it was cooked by a 1/2 orc sorcerer with a strength of 5. :heh:

Whispers has a few areas to "adjust" but I think I can do it well enough. After that, I think I am using the second Dungeon adventure then I begin my own adventure- The Trap of Drogan.

The players that use the warforged are looking forward to it as they know my adventure writing style- LOTS OF COMBAT!

Keep the comments flowing. Thankyou.


Cedious slows the group down by looking over bodies hoping to find something of value. The others, eyeing the non-stationary wall of gray mist behind them keeps them from following suit. They were not aware of the conditions they are finding here. The potions of healing are working but not as well as expected. Something about this place holds back healing it seems. The fact that the walls seem to move bothers Boddynoc also. He had assumed that once they entered the Mournelands it would be no longer a problem, even with the disorienting effects it had.

“Comon’ Cedious- we can do that later!” lies Boddynoc.

Caught up in his thoughts of easy money, Cedious doesn’t see the movement. Only Bonds does.

“Something moved over there,” says Bonds with excitement while drawing his weapon into the air.
Cedious looks over and spots something small moving within a pile of dead bodies. “Looks harmless enough.” He says as he begins to work his way over the bodies hoping to find a magical weapon or staff.

Suddenly the mound of bodies lifts into the air and move towards the halfling rogue. “Ulp- you saw it first- you go first!”

“The mound of corpses and discarded weapons shifts, rising up from the ground on eight crablike legs. Four eyestalks emerge. And the giant crustacean covered with corpses shambles toward you.”

Boddynoc watches the creature. Is it undead? What to caste bane against? Bane himself merely moves in, stepping onto bodies if required. The two warforged show the same amount of regard for the dead as they walk over and trample the prone bodies. The large creature’s clawed feet pierce and cut into the bodies as it moves closer to the greedy warriors.

They surround the creature and begin to attack it. Bonds takes a great hit with a claw but moves out of its strong grasp. Boddynoc tries to shot at it hoping to hit something soft. Cedious tries his darts and finds no soft cover but the bodies impaled on the creature’s spines.

Now with everyone in reach, the three front-liners attack the creature and destroy it. It was nesting within a group of better-armored and armed men with elves and halflings recently added to the mess. The heroes begin to search immediately.

A few coppers here and there prove disappointing to them. Then Cedious spots something on top of the now dead carcass Crab. A stylish sword of some sort. He climbs up the crab’s shell and the bodies (he still hates touching the bodies) until he locates an elven double bladed scimitar! Pulling and tugging he gets it free finally. It dwarfs him considerably but he likes it (or at least what he figures he can get for it within the market at Sharn). He feels a sensation in his mind. He hears a gentle wind and the sound tall grass makes within the wind. He feels at peace but also excited. “Huh?”

Fearful it is cursed, he hands it to Boddynoc whom has found a potion belt with a few unknown potions. “Is it magic?” Cedious says already knowing the answer. Boddynoc looks at the curious design. A horse image is built into the special weapon, which softly glows when hefted up. He too hears the soft breeze and the distant naying of a horse. His heart speeds up for no reason. “Yup.” And he gives it back fearing it is cursed.

Bane finds a slender wooden stick. When Boddynoc sees it he wants it. It has to be a wand of some sort. Bane okays this if he gets something useful later. Twenty minutes go by and Bonds decides to look around. Maybe he will get lucky also. He kicks over bodies and tosses others around looking for something good. A piece of paper falls free from a body. Dropping the body, he picks it up. It is a credit for 400 gold at a Kundarak banking Guild. It’s not a weapon but it can go towards one later. Temper finds nothing and begins to strike at the bodies instead of moving them. In his rush, he over looks a perfectly neat and clean cloak of blue and white. Cedious checks it out. Bringing it to Boddynoc, he guesses it is a Cloak of Resistance (+1). An hour goes by and still nothing. Temper is now losing his temper (don’t blame the GM- blame the dice darn it!). He finds a simple brooch (non-magical) and decides it is time to move on.

“At the base of a low hill, a timbered opening leads into a dark tunnel. At first glance, it looks like any other abandoned mineshaft. Then, with a more careful inspection of the opening, you spot the House Cannith seal emblazoned on the center crossbeam.”

Breaking out sun rods, the group prepares to enter the shaft. They are certain this is the secret installation they came so very far to locate. It is pitch-black as they enter the tunnel. There is a steep grade leading down. Cedious sees no tracks or disturbance in the sand and silt that has settled here over the years. A wide chamber opens up before the group. Nothing special about it and the group continues forward. The tunnel exits from the room and branches. Cedious sees a glint of metal and goes to it.

Looking it over, Cedious sees no traps. Boddynoc begins to write notes feveriously giving details of the cave and the adamantine cover before them. He notes the perfectly round hole marked with orange enamel. He makes a point of staying away from the hole that may fire out something. He tries to jimmy the lid and the electrical feedback throws him away and to the wall. Still smoking- “I’m all right.”

“Before trying that again, lets see what else we have here.” Suggests Boddynoc as he looks at the smoking vapors still rising from the large metal lid. Cedious takes a moment to swallow a potion of healing. He sees another lid with an orange mark and stops. “Duh!” and hangs his head low.

“What is it?” asks Temper looking into the shadows for something to strike and thus be struck in return.

Cedious rummages through his sack given to him by Lady Elaydren and pulls out a short metal tube with a blue gem or crystal on the tip. “The key.”

Looking at the next lid he sees brown and avoids it. The following lid has a blue mark. He inserts the blue stone in with his crispy fingers and a hiss is heard then the lid pops open. Lifting it for complete access, Bonds and Temper allow the others to enter first. A stone tunnel leads straight down with a ladder allowing a means down. A faint glow emits from far below where the ladder leads.

As Bonds climbs down, a smile seems to be there on his metallic face. A scary fearful smile …..

Silently, Cedious climbs down the ladder and peers over his shoulder into the room he has entered …

“Dim light, little more than that provided by a flickering candle, emanates from a crystalline globe embedded next to the entrance. This strange metal chamber is a perfect sphere, approximately 20 feet across. The only exit from the room appears to be the shaft you descended. An octagonal metal plate is set into a pedestal at the center of the room. This metal plate is 1 foot across and contains nine sockets- five blue enamel sockets, two green sockets and two brown sockets.”

“uuuuhhhh….ideas?” asks Cedious looking around even before Bonds and Temper have reached the floor.

“Try the key.” Suggests both Boddynoc and Bane.

“Uhhh- sure. If you wouldn’t mind…” says the halfling to Boddynoc holding out the tube with a blue crystal on the tip.

Looking it over and along the sides, Boddynoc searches for anything of importance then tries the blue key in a blue marked slot.

“A powerful vibration shakes the walls of the chamber, and slowly the entire room begins to rotate. You have to move to keep from falling down, but the grooved floor helps you stay on your feet. In less than a minute the chamber has rotated, and now the entryway appears as a doorway into a corridor instead of a hatch in the ceiling.”

Peering down past the exit of their room, Cedious sees linens on shelves.

“Keep going.” He says without looking any further

Boddynoc pulls out the key and places it into a new slot. Once more the entire room rotates and rolls about until it stops at a new room.

“Strong light.” Cedious says with Temper and Bonds leaning in close for a closer look. Bane is staying with Boddynoc to watch how the controls work.

Moving down a short walkway, Cedious and the warforged barbarian and fighter spot an office with a dead body. Boddynoc pulls the key and follows with bane following.

Several shelves full of scrolls and large possible spellbooks are here with two large tables. One is empty and the other has a body at it.

Boddynoc checks out the shelves and hopes for goodies. He instead finds ledgers of materials, their costs and quantities and payrolls. He collects a few for “later reference.

[ now why is he doing this?]

Cedious checks the body. It is a woman, human, and wears a House Cannith Signet ring. Boddynoc insists on collecting that then he notices what she was reading at the time. A scroll of Resist Energy. He carefully pulls that free and hides that away also. Looking further, they find nothing else of use.

The next blue doorway leads to a new room. Temper and Bonds can hear water at the end of the dark hallway. Cedious can hear …dogs?



“Do you hear that?” asks Cedious with a smirk. He loves egging on the warforged.

The dogs stop thus they hear nothing.

“Must have been me. Com’on “ he says as he steps out of the room into the hallway.

The light continues to flicker as if it were about to go out at any moment as the five adventurers slowly walk down the long hallway. The sound of running water can be heard.

“A corridor of plain gray stone extends ahead of you. In the flickering light from the dim everbright lanterns embedded in the walls, you see a few trails of crusted blood running along the floor, as if someone was dragged down the corridor. At the far end of the hall you see three portals: an open archway to the left, a door propped open straight ahead, and a sealed metal door to the right.”

“Straight.” Says Boddynoc with concern that the door was propped open.

With a brief glance into the open doorway, Cedious sees water on the floor then directs his attention to the door before him. It has been propped open with a long wooden stick. It looks chewed instead of cut. They bunch up next to the door then push the door open quickly with weapons drawn and hoping for no (serious) trouble.

A body of a dead man in blue and white lies before them. He looks chewed up and pieces are missing. Due to the magical aftereffect, he looks very fresh even though he could have been killed many years ago.

“You are not …Kennith. Who are you?” a deep voice says from behind a series of bunk beds.

Cedious steps back into the warforged as a very large and dangerous Dire Wolf steps out from the shadows. It adjusts its weight from one paw to the other in agitation and discomfort. “Not Kennith- who are you? Not Outsider- who are you?”

Boddynoc was prepared for anything except an Awakened Dire Wolf here. He speaks up to avoid a possible conflict between the warforged and the creature.

“I am Boddynoc Grinkle. These are my friends. We are here to find something very important to the owners of this place. House Cannith.”

“Can-nith …”, she slowly says trying to remember the words she heard before. A long time ago before she could think clearer and speak. “You are here to free my family? Save my Family? Free me? Protect family from Outsider?”

[DM NOTES: I was reading Dean Koontz “The Watchers” when running this adventure. Sorry for the choice of words.]

“Protect the family? Do you mean House Cannith?”

“MY family. Not ken –Cannith. Much fear.” The dire wolf says

At this point, Bane hears something moving in the room with water. Cedious, figuring it was a safer place than the large awakened dire wolf, goes to the door. Two large wolves snarl at him from within the water room. Another body is here of a possible craftsman.

“Uh- guys …Guys!” He says as he back pedals into Bane. Between the rogue before him and the doorway, Bane can not bring his oversized weapon to a useful position.

“You speak of this Outsider as dangerous to you and your family. Is it a true outsider? Is it not of our world?” asks Boddynoc

The wolf stares blankly then answers. “Stone and fur for body. Not normal. Dangerous.”

Boddynoc realizes then that the animal can speak but has little knowledge and doesn’t understand what he means as an outsider. “It is an you?” he says reaching for information.

“No experiment is Rorsa. Men die and stop coming. Rorsa came to understand more. Outsider become free. Force family away from Rorsa. Hurt Rorsa. Hurt Family.” The large animal says.

The warforged look around. This room was once the sleep quarters. Speaking up for the first time, Temper asks if Rorsa has seen any keys.


“Blue? Blue like this one?” asks Temper as Boddynoc holds up a blue key.

“Yes and no. Have blue. Have green also.” She sits and adjusts her head to show how she has them hanging around her neck. Bonds thinks briefly of beheading her but realizes they need her information. Maybe later.

“Could we have the green one?” asks Boddynoc hoping not to be asked to deal with the Outsider.

“Free family”

“You are free to go.” Answers Bonds waving for her to pass him.

“Outsider there. Hurt me. Outsider has family. Hurt family also. Can not leave.”

Bonds gives a defeated look of why me and returns to stare at Cedious and the two wolves.

Bane has stepped up. “Where is the Outsider?”

“Out there.”

Bane pinches his eyes shut hard and leans his arm and head against the wall in frustration.

“If we free your family from the Outsider, can we have the green key?”

“Yes” she says with a quick shake from her excitement.

“One last question- have you seen a diamond shaped piece of metal. It is about this big (shows a space of about 5 inches) and it is very important.”

“No. Only Outsider.”

“Does the Outsider have any keys? Maybe an orange one?” asks Bane trying to get this over with quickly.

“Not know.”

“Lead the way. Guys-…” Boddynoc motions for the warforged to step aside to allow the large animal through.

“No. You stop hurt. You stop Outsider. I no go. Family here no go with you.”

Boddynoc freezes in mid-step.

“Wait here family will.”

Boddynoc is startled as the wolf shakes her large spiked head violently until the necklace with the keys comes free. “Need green.” Boddynoc picks it up wondering many things but never revealing them.

“Let’s skip her now,” says Bonds once they are away from her and within the rotor room.

“No. Besides, she may have information we are not aware of yet. Something to ask that we are not thinking of.”

“Besides, this Outsider could be trouble. We should remove it quickly anyway.” Adds Temper eyeing the green key in Boddynoc’s hand.

The green key fits in and they try the closest room. Not so distant howls can be heard. An unnatural growl can be heard also. A very unnatural and deep growl. The warforged would smile if their metallic faces allowed for it.

Bonds and Temper go in first and are quickly confronted by the Outsider.

“This creature has the shape of a wolf, but plates of black marble have been fused to its flesh. In addition to the stone armor that shields its flanks, its muzzle has been replaced by an elongated maw filled with row upon row of obsidian teeth.”

Bane feels himself becoming sluggish for a moment but shakes it off. Angered, he rages and smacks the creature shattering stone and bone. A deep release of air barely escapes it when Temper then strikes it. Bane finishes it off before it had a chance.

[DM NOTE: Critters need better Init with these three power houses]

Learning from the wolves in the water room, when the group ventures down the hallway, they check each doorway better. An empty unused room is on their left and straight-ahead is the sound of wolves now howling.

“Do you think they know?” asks Cedious to Bane.

As the warforged free the wolves, Cedious and Boddynoc look around. They find several useful things. These include an orange key, a House Cannith Signet ring and a crescent moon brooch.

Rorsa’s howls are barely audible but the wolves react to it. The fear in their eyes goes away and they run to the room. Once done looking around, the group brings the three wolves to Rorsa and the two wolves there.

“Thankyou. If you lead us to the way out, I will tell you more.”

“Gladly” says Boddynoc to Bonds with a big smile. Bonds give a sarcastic shake of the head. If warforged had proper tongues, he would have stuck it out at the gnome know-it-all.

The blue key brings the room to the ladder. The animals get help up the ladder leaving Rorsa and Boddynoc below.

“Ball of fire. Very hot. Blue key leads to it. Thankyou.”

“No- THANK you.” Says the gnome.

Bonds grumbles as he aids boosting the large beast through the hole as Bane and Temper take the animal up. It’s spiked bones scratch and catch on the edges and the rungs but she doesn’t complain. Soon, she and her family will be free. Free.

Micah said:
Nice color coding! I think I'll snag that idea!

Color Coding? If you mean the "keys" yes. I first used this idea about three years ago using psionic rods in Darksun. Here, it was Keith baker's idea as this adventure is the published adventure- "Shadows of the Last War".

If you mean the color coded quotes that was to clarify quotes / descriptions taken directly from the published adventure.

I have some more neat stuff coming. Tommorrow's game (possibly Segments 25-30) has the introduction of a neat character and a useful DMing tool-

The Korranberg Chronicle.

'til then. Keep on Reading.


Deciding to look around Rorsa’s area more now that she is gone, the group re-enters her hallway. The water room was a shower/bath area used by the wolves for drinking water. In Rorsa’s room, they look around. There are several bodies in the bunks of artisans and guards. They show no signs of how they died or of decay. Looking in their personal chests, which are not locked, they find mundane goods including some money. Some things are taken like the money and the chain shirts but most is left behind.

Bonds realizes something but its horror doesn’t affect him much. The guard Rorsa was dining on has healed up from most of his new damage caused by Rorsa.

Next they check out the metal sealed door. Searching it over carefully, Cedious discovers a brown ring around the keyhole. Blue, Green and Red. No Brown. Bonds, Temper and bane take turns trying to break it down. No good.

Next, the group venture hoping to find the brown key. They wonder if the schema piece is within that brown access only room.

Once more they move the rotator room around and find a burnt hallway. Heat rushes out to them. Cedious spots rib bones within the thick ash. He swallows hard and allows the warforged to enter first. It is dimly lit and errie. Then a gentle crackle can be heard. “Fire?” asks Bane. Boddynoc suspects this is what Rorsa had warned him about.

Moving up, they spot a steam filled room. The heat originates from the room ahead of them however. Moving up, it attacks! A living Flaming Sphere Spell!!!!

It narrowly misses swallowing up Bonds. Bonds strikes it hard and Temper harder. Boddynoc experiments with the wand he found and discovers it has a weak magic missile ability. Not so weak however as it destroys the magical ooze. Everything within the room has been thoroughly burned.

However, Cedious checks out the steam room and finds a goodie- the Brown Key. Also found is a House Cannith signet ring.

Going back to the previous room, the group enters the locked room using the Brown Key. Inside the room is a well to do and decorated room with weapons hung on the walls and a massive wardrobe with elven runes on it. Reading it, Cedious shakes his head. “Seek Peace and Prosper”.

Bonds and the two fighters check out the weapons. They are all masterwork but none magical looking.
Boddynoc looks around and finds a secret compartment below. Within it is a Red Key, and 25 PP.

[DM NOTES: Opted to leave out some goods from adventure. Party is becoming too rich for my liking]

Having no spells left and the others are thoroughly tired and/or injured, the opt to lock the door and rest here for the time being.

“This would make a great place to set up shop.” Says Boddynoc to the others. They shrug their shoulders at the thought. Cedious wonders how much more he can find for gold and platinum in the battlefields outside.

Boddynoc sleeps soundly after reviewing his many notes on Warforged creations, House Cannith and now the Whitehearth facility. They have two blue keys, a green key, a red key, an orange key and brown key. There is equipment here and no one knows it exists. The map room that could have lead to it was thoroughly destroyed. The only downside- it’s in the Mournelands.


Fully rested and ready to go, the adventurers exit the room and enter a new corridor. Using a brown key, they discover the dining hall. There are a few bodies here. Still no signs of what may have killed them. Searching the bodies, they collect another 9 blue keys and 2 more brown keys. There is a mere handful of coins.

The most curious thing they find is three large flat pans. One is warm to the touch and one is cold. The other is very hot. They leave them here but hope to grab them before leaving.

[DM NOTE: Switched out the “flavoring” pan for a very hot one]

They try another brown key room and find a room with extra food and water. Hidden in with the dried foods are potions of cure moderate wounds and lesser restoration.

As a curious note, they find a few deadends. They can not detect any secret doors or exits but suspect there may be some here.

[DM NOTE: Bad awareness day for DM. Missed some traps suggested to exist in the adventure]

The group locates a brightly-lit hallway. Bonds marches down the hallway to investigate. He doesn’t realize that the others are warning him. There is no sound here. Not even his heavy footsteps can be heard. Light reflects off of mirrors and cause Bonds to become confused. That is when the Living Color Spray attacks! Temper, following after Bonds witnesses the pure white globe of light engulfs Bonds. Bonds feels the warmth of the creature then begins to get pummeled by the light’s slamming attack.

Dazed, Bonds tries to escape but is too confused and dazed to figure out first how to leave the room then how to escape the creature. Temper turns and sees Bonds is being possibly eaten by the mass and attacks. Bane follows up. Fortunately, they do not strike Bonds as they take it out. Dazed and blurry-eyed, Bonds feels slightly humbled and yet eager to destroy a new threat.

Cedious, bored with tending to the dazed warforged barbarian, moves on to the next room. Strangely, there is a curtain blocking this room. Cedious pushes it aside and discovers two large fire elementals facing him. Behind him is a large globe with a schema within it. Something behind the schema is moving. Something with many heads and arms.

“Come quickly! I found it!” calls out Cedious.

They show up and discover it is an illusion. Boddynoc spends a long time here studying it. He even makes a quick drawing of it before suggesting it is time to move on.

[DM NOTES: Changed this slightly. Placed image in “enlarged” scale to make players fearful.]

The next room has large adamantine doors with the seal of House Cannith on them. This is it. As they move closer, they can feel the heat rising rapidly. “Uh…guys?” questions Cedious. Both Boddynoc and him fear the illusions before are real and on the other side of the door. Two large fire elementals and something very large with multiple heads. Possible Hydra… more than likely a pyro-hydra. Bad.

Using the hilts of their weapons, the warforged ease the twin doors open allowing Cedious a better look into the hot room.

“This large chamber stretches away from the doorway, and intense heat shimmers in the air. A raging bonfire burns about 40 feet away, near the far wall, casting dancing shadows across the room. A second one burns about 60 feet away, along the southern wall. In the center of the room, a large crucible filled with bubbling molten glass radiates terrible heat. Long, snaking heads made of iron and brass rise up from the molten pool like some metal hydra. Just south of the crucible and the construct, a crystalline chest reflects the hot light. Through the translucent material, you can see that the chest contains a variety of objects, including what can only be the diamond-shaped schema that you seek. Then, with an angry crackle of flame and a threatening hiss of steam, the bonfires begin to move toward you.”

Cedious, whom admits that sometimes he needs to think his actions out a bit better, rushes into the room to get the Schema. He is then stopped and flanked by the two medium fire elementals! Bonds and Temper move in to attack, they are leery after seeing how fast the fire creatures moved within the room. Bane moves in to flank the creatures and if required, pull Cedious out of the fire (bad pun). Boddynoc, concerned with the metal guardian behind the elementals, uses ranged abilities on it. It seems to do little. Even his ice attack seems to do little but cause a great deal of steam to rise up giving the arms/heads cover.

Bonds takes out one elemental while Cedious flees the scene still on fire from his first rush. He’ll live but will forever remember that fire elementals are much faster than he is. Between the three of them, the last elemental is destroyed.

Looking at the “hydra” more closely, they realize it is only a machine that is dysfunctional. It would not be until much later that Boddynoc with fathom its purpose. According to the research notes he found, it was used to hurl molten glass into oncoming armies. Very nasty.

Cedious, after drinking several potions quickly, picks the lock of the chest and looks into the goodies. TWO copies of the diamond shaped schema, 2 potions of resist energy (fire), 2 potions of Cure Moderate Wounds, 1 scroll of resist energy and the best and most unexpected surprise- a Xen’drik creation pattern.
Looking at it, it is the main base of the schema. There are several slots and holes that suggest pieces go into them. Trying it, the diamond shaped piece fits perfectly. Boddynoc is warm with happiness.

Boddynoc looks over the room and finds various controls. He misses the one that opens a hatch above them to exit the installation.

“This has got to become MY lab” smiles Boddynoc.

The next part will not be easy.

They were to meet with Lady Elaydren in the city of Rhukaan Draal. The city of goblinoids. Goblinoids that hate them. They have several days to decide how to do this before they reach the city. They follow the trail used by the Emerald Claw.

The time it takes to reach the gray mist allows the party members to reflect on the adventure thus far.

Cedious is still hoping to find easy riches along the way (he doesn’t) and sometimes he checks out the magical scimitar he has kept. One of the warforged carry it for him. Open fields, the sense of freedom.. the sounds of horses….what does it mean?

Bonds and Temper hope for a proper introduction with the ogre that killed Khora.

Bane seems content traveling with this group. It has proved profitable and entertaining thus far anyway. He still hopes to find the Emerald Claw mage and have his revenge on her.

Boddynoc continues to study Bonal’s journal and read his notes on the House Cannith facility. He hopes his preoccupation isn’t becoming too noticeable. He has many plans and hopes for the creation schema, the facility and House Cannith.

Meanwhile, a figure has been watching them from afar. The lone dark skinned figure studies them with great and intense interest. Who this is will be revealed later. Much later.

They arrive at the gray mists and suck in their breaths before entering. They truly dislike the conditions and disorienting effects of this non-normal mist. Boddynoc, Temper and Bonds exit freely after groping around for twenty minutes. Bane and Cedious do not.

Cedious hears a twig break …or was it a branch? He is thoroughly confused now. He barely holds his balance as he trips over a body but continues on. He is calling out to the others but no one answers him.

Bane is frustrated. Where is everyone?


He has walked into something. Feeling around he feels wood boards. Has he walked into a building or wall? No. He then finds a wheel. It’s a wagon. Feeling around, he discovers it is a cadaver wagon. Ugh!
He continues on.

Growing impatient and a bit fearful, the three outside the mist settle down for the night. They start a fire to allow Bane and Cedious a possibility to find them even in the dark as the sun is beginning to settle now.

Cedious continues to call out to his allies. He nearly tumbles down a sloped gutter hidden in the mist. He slides down and finds a pool of shallow water (at least he hopes it is water). After sniffing it to push away any fears of blood and gore he feels his way out to the other side and climbs its bank. He can’t believe this. He is lost!

Bane exits the mist. It is dark but not yet night. He spots a campfire in the distance and goes to it. He is happy to find it belongs to his friends.

Two hours later, Cedious exits the gray mists. He is within a forest now (he has several bumps and bruises to prove it) and knows he is not with his friends anymore.

He calls out once and listens. Nothing. With a deep sigh, he marches north. About two hours into his walk, he suspects he went the wrong way but has a new concern to worry about. Something is following him. Something nearby.

He hides and waits. In the tallest grass he spots a spear tip. The tip moves as if held by a nervous wielder. Finally, the creature emerges. A lone kobold!
Even by himself, Cedious easily dispatches the poor thing. No money. Drat.

Now very late in the night he spots a campfire. Boddynoc! Temper! Bonds! Bane! He moves closer and discovers four gnolls. Three are resting and a fourth is on guard duty. Looking at their bags, Cedious suspects they are scavengers of the Mournelands just like him.

His greed gets the best of him and he moves closer to the camp. Being very careful to approach from behind, he attacks and kills the gnoll but not without waking the others. He runs away without being seen. One he can sneak attack. Three would see him coming easily. Oh well.

The sun rises and Boddynoc and his group are saddened. It appears Cedious will not make it. Good thing Boddynoc kept the schemas. They continue along the trail hoping to reach the stables soon along the river.

Cedious finds a secure tree and naps in it as best as he can for a few hours as the sun rises. Rested but lonely, he walks further. Eventually he discovers a hard packed road. He shadows the road remembering the goblinoids and the rumors of eating halflings. He avoids two patrols of armored hobgoblins. Even more curious, he spots five warforged sneaking around much like himself. One of the five looks to be a commander.

Where could they be going thinks Cedious.

Continuing along the grasslands and edges of the forest Cedious makes good time. He comes into an area with many goblinoid troops. It appears they are meeting here and preparing for something. War perhaps. He decides to leave sooner than later.

On the positive side, he begins to hear more rumors and talk of the human invaders in Rhukaan Draal. He also learns of the name of the ogre that killed Khora. His name was Gork Broadshoulders. He is the youngest of well to-do ogres in the city.

He hopes to find his friends there …somehow.

EPILOGUE: (done while shivering outside in the snow smoking, chewing and in my case just shivering)

The others meanwhile have found a means to go south by boat. They needed to wait a day or two but this doesn’t bother them much. The trade barge takes them south. Without being asked to, Boddynoc does many repairs on the barge using his artificer abilities. The man is so happy that he warns the group of the civil unrest there within the city. He plans to skip the city this time but will drop them off on shore a few miles away.

He also informs them of a non-goblinoid that is staying on a house barge. Someone whom has money and clout.

Boddynoc hopes it is Lady Elaydren.


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megamania said:
Color Coding? If you mean the "keys" yes. I first used this idea about three years ago using psionic rods in Darksun. Here, it was Keith baker's idea as this adventure is the published adventure- "Shadows of the Last War".

Wups - should have clarified. I liked that you didn't make the mineshafts all identical like the module suggested. The orange enamel was a nice way to warn your group.

Thanks for all the ideas here!

dravot said:
How did your group cope with the lack of healing in the Mournlands?

I decided that healing magic could not be "created" within the boundries of the Mournlands. Potions work. Even with that, they depleted most of their supply.

As for the lack of a cleric, they are working on that now due to recent events yet to be posted.

I do believe my group will forever hate the goblinoid nation of Darguun. ;)

Micah said:
Wups - should have clarified. I liked that you didn't make the mineshafts all identical like the module suggested. The orange enamel was a nice way to warn your group.

Thanks for all the ideas here!

Thankyou. I adjusted that if only because the group had little means of healing and the idea of multiple shocking grasp traps I felt would lead to fatalities. That came ...just later.


Cedious continues his trek across the Darguun territory. He sees many patrols and even one slaver’s wagon which reminds him of the dangers of being caught here in the land of the goblinoids. He continues to follow a somewhat paved road of lose flat stone and packed earth surrounded by high grass and an occational tree. Eventually he reaches a bridge and beyond that he can see a forest. On the bridge is a lone figure holding a large sword.

Continueing to move onward Cedious losses sight of the bridge and the figure then finds the mysterious figure is gone. Strange. Shugging his shoulders, he merely continues onward. After all, how bad can it be.

After traveling about twenty feet in the forest he hears a series of chanting. Taking to caution, he gets off the road and creeps forward. Stopping at a large tree, he listens closely. He doesn’t know the language but senses he wants little to do with this. Still .. how often can you see ..whatever it is.

He takes one quiet step and when he goes for his next something stops him. Something with a clawed hand!

“You do not want to see what is there little one.”

Pulling free and spinning around to confront this new possible threat Cedious faces the claw handed person. Before him is a mysterious creature. Possibly the one at the bridge he had seen before. It is a bugbear wearing dreadlocks. He is dressed in studded leather armour that is professionally crafted. Pieces of Brass metal highlight the armor. The armor covers his jaw but one tooth can be seen peaking from behind the leather. He carries a strangely crafted serrated sword and on his right hand is a wrist razor. Three long, strong and very sharp claws protrude from it. His blue eyes are very striking.

“What occurs beyond these trees is not for you.”

“Really? And just how do you know this?” demands Cedious while trying to gain some sort of upper hand.

“You are a hafling. You do not belong there. I can see that clearly.”

Cedious looks up at this figure trying to figure him out. “Well…I need to continue on to reach the city. The city is on this road…right?”

The figure in orange and red armor merely stares at the halfling. “What business do you have within the city of the goblinoids?”

“I am to ….,” he hestitates to say anything. This figure is a problem. He is quite certain of it. “…meet my adventuring party there.”

“Adventureing party?”

Cedious swallows. “yup.”

“Thieves more like it. I can smell the mists on you. I can smell Cyre on you. Where were you?”

Cedious now fully understands this figure is more than he appears to be. “We …we were sent to the lands to locate something.”

The figure stares at him. Cedious continues. “House Cannith wanted something from there. We were paid to collect it and return it. Return it in the city that is. So…how do we reach the city?”

“Three days away.” Is his only answer.

He moves away quickly making no sound. Cedious gives chase making more noise than he is. Eventually they reach the road again and carefully return to it. Cedious notes that this stranger uses his sense of smell often. Could he really have that good of smell?

Cedious trys to ply information from the stranger for the next twenty minutes but gets no where with him. Then quite suddenly, he stops and motions for the woods. Creeping here, they reach the edge. Another bridge but this time it has guards. Five Bugbears guard it.

“blood.” The stranger says.

Cedious breathes in through his nose. He smells only the damp soil of a forest and pollens of the trees and flowers that reside within the forest. He sees a river nearby and creeps to it. Blood. There is blood within the river! Cedious rushes back but the stranger is missing. He hears a breaking sound of wood and the grunts of pain. Cedious moves to the edge again and sees the stranger on the bridge. Three of the guards can not be seen. The other two are down on the ground.

He runs out to the stranger perflexed. “I could’ve done that myself!”

The closest thing to a smile crosses the stranger’s face now. “You have spirit little one.” And he turns and walks away continueing south.

Several times they hide from patroling armies and forces of bugbears and hobgoblins. Eventually, the evening comes. “I know of some shelter near here.” The stranger says.

“Lead on.” Says Cedious knowing he was going to go there one way or another.

An hour later they break from the road and go through a light forest. Eventually, they reach a cave. “Wait here little one.” Cedious does he is told. He wonders what this guy is about in the meantime.

Twenty minutes later, he comes out. “All is ready little one.”

Going into the cave Cedious looks for clues or possible occupants. The cave is 10x10 rock for the first sixty feet. Then there is sand and pebbles. Signs of recent use is here. Blood can be seen also. A faint light further on catches his attention. He enters a 30x40 foot section. Within this section is fire with chunks of meat cooking. “Do you like bear?”

“Never had it before.” Says Cedious sitting down in fear. If this guy wants to kill him, it would be no problem for him to do it.

Cedious sleeps soundly and awakes in one piece. When he exists the cave however, he is startled. It doesn’t seem like the same cave as before. “Where are we?” asks Cedious.

“About three hours north of the city of goblins.”

“I thought you said we were three DAYS away yesterday.”

“You were mistaken little one. We were three hours away.”

After an hour passes the stranger stops and turns. “I can not enter the city. I would recommend you do not to also. Try the docks for your friend.”

Cedious just stands there and watches him stride off into the tall grass. He then walks off towards what he feels is the river which will lead to the docks and his friend…err…friends.



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megamania said:
I decided that healing magic could not be "created" within the boundries of the Mournlands. Potions work. Even with that, they depleted most of their supply.

As for the lack of a cleric, they are working on that now due to recent events yet to be posted.

I'm going to keep it pretty close to the rules as written, so healing potions won't work either. I think though, that healing potions created in the Mournlands will work, but at a reduced rate, with a chance for minor side effects. :uhoh:

Reading the WotC boards, two things from core seem to work in the Mournlands: goodberries (which are limited in their affect to 8 hp/day) and rope trick, which makes a pocket dimension where healing would be allowed. My party will have to figure that out on their own though. :]

megamania said:
I do believe my group will forever hate the goblinoid nation of Darguun. ;)

Heh. I can't wait for that.


Boddynoc and the adventurers watch as the barge pulls away from shore. They are a ½ day walk away from the city. They only can hope Cedious will meet them there or in Sharn at the Broken Anvil Tavern. The terrain here is tall grasses with short trees that grow alone. It will not be easy to sneak up through the last bit.

About an hour into their walk they spot two armored bugbears skipping rocks into the muddy river. Suddenly they stop and scramble further onto shore. A well armored Hobgoblin barks at them and beats them on the head with his spiked club. It appears their commander feels break is over. All the warforged are thinking is a grand fight. Bane is no better.

Boddynoc hopes they will leave. Waiting for ten minutes, he discovers this won’t happen. About 30 of the armored creatures are doing military drills here. “swell.” Boddynoc says under his breathe. “I hope I can still find my invisibility potion.” He says under his breath as he looks at his three comrades whom are eager for combat.

“As warforged, you could walk into the river submerged and thus go undetected. We could try to swim it and submerge ourselves to get past.” Offers Boddynoc.

“We can take them.” Answers Temper.

“We took on the Claw with no problems.” Adds in Bonds.

Bane only smiles.

[DM NOTE- I like to place in stuff that PCs should KNOW to run from. Unfortunately, they are feeling combative suddenly. Before I could think of a senceible means to move the army, Bonds attacks. Sigh. I hope someone survives.]

There are two groups of 10 armored bugbears and a group of 8 armored bugbears (all I had in metal & plastic) lead by three hobgoblins.

[DM NOTES- Bugbears were straight from the book. Hobgoblins I gave two 3 levels of fighter and one 5 levels. ]

Bonds charges straight out from the bushes into the first hobgoblin knocking him over and into a tumble. The bugbears stop and are stunned. The commander begins to bark out orders and searches the direction of the charge. He orders the others to converge there.

Bonds is surrounded and beaten on.

Boddynoc, having just finished using up his bane spells on all weapons is weary of this encounter. He fires a crossbow with Melf’s acid arrow on it. The commander is hit but barely notices it as he stands on the wall of a ruined old building.

Temper rushes out next. He meets the second group head on and takes on bugbear down.

Bane begins to go around to meet the third group.

Boddynoc can’t believe this. They split up! Worse- the commander is eyeing him now. He suspects the commander knows he is a mage manipulator! Where is that potion!

Bonds goes down as they team up and pummel him. Even enraged, how do you defend yourself against 10 bugbears and a hobgoblin? Recognizing him by the skull on his shoulder pad, the goblinoids continue to cut him up.

Temper realizes his mistake but is surrounded. He drops a few more.

[DM NOTE- Jeff’s quote- “I am almost to my next level. Can I have Great Cleave now?” Andy hahahah- hurm. No. ]

Bane is taken down.

With a commander bearing down on him, Boddynoc consumes his potion of invisibility and slowly creeps away.

Temper goes down and the three fighters are chopped up by the Darguun military.

Slowly, Boddynoc slips into the river and floats away, just as he had wanted to in the beginning.

He continues to float for awhile. After an hour goes by he nears a bridge with a goblin watching. The goblin has more interest with something on shore than the river. Boddynoc has reached the city.

“oh yay.” He mourns.


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megamania said:
It gets very nasty and deadly in the next segment. What do you think of the mysterious aid that helps Cedious? Any thoughts?

I like it! The encounter was great - a lot of plot hooks lying around for future use should you decide to pick them up. Besides a blue-eyed/dreadlocked bugbear ranger is pretty unique.

It will be interesting to see what the "new party" looks like.

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