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megamania said:
It gets very nasty and deadly in the next segment. What do you think of the mysterious aid that helps Cedious? Any thoughts?

Man, they chose rock. I haven't made a decision that dumb since my 2nd session of D&D when I was in 7th grade. :cool:

And cheers for Boddynoc, who knows that discretion is the better part of valor.

The mysterious bugbear with blue eyes is indeed cool. I hope that he becomes useful in your campaign.

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You have not seen the last of the bugbear ...I can guarantee that.

The next and final (I'm caught up yeaaah!) segment proves that everyone was absent minded on that day. Bill (Boddynoc) will be so POed when he realiezes what has happened. January 1st will not be here soon enough.

The one thing I am pushing is the many factions involved in the world of Eberron. We have already seen The Emerald Claw and several Warforged that fought for a common cause (Lord of Blades obviously). There are already two other factions involved and soon another that the PCs are unaware of.

Keep in mind...the power to create life is a big deal. I have this planned through level 18 (assuming I avoid Darguun ;) ).

Lets wait and see what happens.

****Before I come across wrong-

The guys are loving it. Making new characters is no big deal to them. IF they had survived, the bragging rites would have been worth it to them. Its all about having fun.

Early suggestions include more min/maxing

Jeff with another Warforged Fighter and Jimmy with a 1/2 Giant Monkey gripping fighter (oh my) BJ I don't know if he had decided yet.


[DM’s NOTE- Boddynoc is more than he has shown. He wishes to be a part of The Trust. The Trust is a spy branch of the Gnome government. He hopes to give his government the ability to create warforged. This is why he has been collecting any and all information and making copies of all items found. Knowing the levels of danger to himself has increased greatly by finding the base plate, he wishes to contact his government- in Zilargo. I’ll give it to Bill- he played Lady Elaydren well. What this will mean to Eberron is unclear but could change things. But as the spy movies always say- there’s more here than evident. Read on folks. It’s a shocker.]

It takes an entire week to exit the river and another few days to reach Korranberg. Boddynoc is wise not to study his journals here and keeps the sack with him at all times. Cedious does the same but helps himself to the drinks often. It has been a hard few weeks after all. Once in Korranberg , they go to leave. Lady Elaydren stops them.

“I would rather you stay here. I will not be long.”

“Not to worry. We merely wish to get a gnomish drink or two. We will be back before you I’m certain.”

Each stare at the other trying to win. “Allow me to lend you a guard. The city can be dangerous at times. Regganold has been here several times before. I’m certain he knows several good taverns.”

A guard steps over to them. Cedious gives Boddynoc the look of no problem. “Very well. You are too generous.”

Cedious has yet to be clued in on what Boddynoc’s real agenda is. He is not even aware he is a Zilargo spy! They locate a bar quickly with Regganold’s help. Outside, Boddynoc drops a note or two about what he has hoping a government agent will find it.

[DM NOTE- “?” What is he thinking?]

Cedious offers a drink to the guard. “I’m on duty. I really should not….” Boddynoc places it into his hands. “To Khora”

“To Khora” the three say and drink. The guard sips his. Cedious empties his. He motions for a refill.

“To Temper”

“To Temper” and this time when the guard puts it to his mouth, Cedious bumps his arm making him drink it all. Coughing he puts it down. “Sorry- my bad.” And gets him another.

“No. Please I’m on duty. The Lady would not approve.”

“Tell her Cedious forced you. He can be quite forceful at times.”

“Yeah- especially when drinking about dead friends.”

The gnomish bartender comes over. Her cleavage is all too clear and distracts Cedious for a moment. Even the guard, with his higher stance is distracted. He takes the next drink without prompting. Boddynoc merely smiles. “Gotcha” he thinks.

Two seedy looking gnomes enter the bar ten minutes later. They sit at a corner where they can clearly see the three of them. They try to hide the fact they are looking at them but only make it more obvious.

“To Bonds”

“To Bonds” Cedious gulps his drink down. Boddynoc sips his and the guard merely touches his lips remembering what his duty is. The bar tender has moved away. It is not her business why the two want the human drunk.

After three more drinks, Cedious can’t take it anymore. “WHAT…What is their problem?!?” he loudly proclaims looking straight at the bumbling fools in the corner. Boddynoc needs to relieve himself and leaves. The guard’s eyes dart back and forth to watch the two sneaky adventurers.

In the restroom, Boddynoc spots a torn page from the Korranberg Chronicle. It seems to be largely about Sharn. He pockets it before marching over to the stupid gnomes. He catches them name calling and pushing. They are blaming each other for being spotted by the halfling.

Cedious spots Boddynoc and notes his mouthing of instructions. “Time for fresh air. Cedious gets up but the guards blocks him. “We need to wait for Boddynoc.”

Looking down and shaking his head in defeat. Boddynoc steps over to them. They leave the building but the gnome has “forgotten” something. He runs inside. The two seedy gnomes were just climbing out of their booths. “Here it is. Get it to the right authorities. I’ll be in touch as soon as I can.” And runs back out.

The two look at each other with big smiles and grab the haversack.

[DM NOTE- Well…this changes things…drastically!]


It appears I can not show my spiffy copy here soooo......

My DM Tool- a lose page of the Korranberg Chronicle had this to say- (VERY paraphrased)

Lead article- Sharn- There is unrest with Warforged in the cogs. There is a gang that is trying to locate something within the cogs and forgotten regions below the city. To make matters worse- There is a group of humans that are doing the same thing. What and Why?

Other articles-
Seth Silvershorn returns to Sharn. Long thought dead. Lost at sea when parents were traveling to Xen'drix.

Pro. Fosthelm speaks about the comparrison of Psionics and arcane magics

On This Day-
997 First organized Freeball game Cogs Curse vs Hurricanes Curse won 45-5
983 Battle of Blight Karranth assassins poison Thrane priests

Quote of the day-
Anti-warforged settiment on the rise in Sharn


Boddynoc and Cedious meander through the city of Korranberg trying to confuse the guard with their gibber and gabber. Boddynoc is also hoping for a sign from the Zilargo Trust. Within the bag was a note asking for the return of the goods.

They walk up to the market area to sell some of their loot. It is going to cost a lot to build and operate a lab.

Boddynoc finds a market area that specializes in magical goods with the guard’s help. It is obvious to them that the guard has visited here several times but seems limited in what he knows of the city and where to find certain things.

Boddynoc buys a mule and cart on the way to this market. He hopes to fill it shortly. At Dinkle’s Arcanist Hobby Shop he finds a basic Alchemy kit, tools to work the four most basic materials (leather, wood, glass and some smithing tools). Dinkle is very curious about what the gnome is up to and asks many questions and throws in his own experiences hoping to entice Boddynoc into talking more openly. “Just building stuff. Magic stuff.” He also buys all of the compasses the shop had (5). He hopes to create a means to travel safer through the gray mists.

Cedious spots a shop across the street that has armor and weapons in the front window. Fella’s Swords and Armor has a varied array of weapons and some armor. The guard rolls his eyes as Cedious tries to sell the Glamored armor (from Gallow) for extremely high price. When asked about the blood Cedious tries to smooth it over and finally admits he got it from the Mournlands when fighting for his life. This increases the value to the gnome salesman and he buys it for 1500 gold. Cedious, hoping for real easy money, then shows him the Valenar double-scimitar. “May I touch it?” asks Fella. With a beaming smile, Cedious says okay. Fella experiences the sensation of an open prairie and the wind rushing about him. “It’s Sentient!!!!?” he exclaims with great excitement. “How much?!?”

“errr… 20000 gold.” Tries Cedious. The gnome looks right at him. “I don’t carry that kind of money. How much?”

Cedious looks at the guard whom shrugs his shoulders. Boddynoc, thinking about the lab he is creating ignores Cedious’ newest game for money.

“2000 gold?” offers the gnome.

“4500 gold.” States Cedious having no idea what the real value of the weapon is.

“2000 gold and 1500 gold tomorrow.” Counter offers Fella.

“Nope. Don’t plan on staying.”

With great reluctance, Fella watches the three of them leave with the elven weapon.

“We should try to identify it before you sell it.” Suggests Boddynoc.


They go into a few more stores and buy the required components for the spell and also a scroll of Identify. After waiting awhile for any contact from the government, Boddynoc uses the scroll on the weapon. It is a magical sword with the spirit of an elven ranger’s horse in it. It allows for Bless to be caste 3 times a day. Value being about 5000 gold. Low ability scores and Ego score.

Deciding it is of no use to them, they return to the store prepared to sell it for the 2000 gold. Fella’s eyes open in pleasure and surprise. “Oh good you came back. How about this for a deal- 2000 gold and possibly one of my weapons here? I have fine magical weapons.”

Cedious gives Boddynoc and the Cannith guard a smile and turns back looking bored- “any rapiers?”

Twenty minutes later he leaves with 2000 gold and a +1 rapier.

They wait still a while longer and get some food. “Where are they?” wonders Boddynoc.

They go and sell the necklace Cedious stole in Sharn next. He gets some gold for that then they are lost at what to do. Finally Boddynoc returns to the wastebasket where he placed the note.

The Note is still there ….crud

“Uh- if you were giving the stuff to friends of yours then…” begins Cedious.

The guard interrupts- “Why are looking through the trash?”

“Those gnomes ….not of the …. Oh no. oh-no

[Bill gives me the “you are a $*** head….good shot …damned good play]

They immediately begin to search for the two clumsy foolish bumbling gnomes whom made fools out of them. They are looking around and checking faces as they work back to the tavern. The whole time the Cannith guard is perplexed and asking what has happened. He is becoming flustered by the two short folk whom are at this point ignoring him and his questions. Cedious thinks of knifing him more than once. At this point, Boddynoc may not stop him.

“Without that piece, Lady Elaydren will be very unhappy and fire us.” Comments Cedious. Boddynoc was hoping for help from her setting up a lab. If he has lost the piece he doubts she will aid him. They finally reach the tavern. No bumbling gnomes.

With the biggest smile and charm, Cedious goes up to the female bartender again. “Do you remember the gnomes that were sitting in that corner?”

“Gnomes? There are many gnomes in this city.” She says as she continues wiping down the bar. Boddynoc notes her hand is overturned and on cue produces money. Being in no mood to fool around, he gives her a platinum piece!

With great skill, the piece makes it into her personal pocket and not the apron pocket. “The bumbling fools… yes it would be hard to forget them. They were idiots.”

Rolling their eyes, the two adventurers press their point. “Where did they go? Who were they?” They became quite excited shortly after you left and began to push each other fighting over whom was to give the goodies to the Lady.”

“The Lady?!” says Boddynoc with growing fear. He truly hopes it is NOT Lady Elaydren. “Do you know whom they meant by the Lady?”

“No. Perhaps a noble or a rich person. Even Dragonmarked family members sometimes get the title. Could even be a street name. Why? What happened?”

“Yes- what has happened?” asks the guard. It is becoming obvious to them that this guard is as much an idiot as the two gnomes. Unlike them, they will not underestimate him. Cedious wants to lose him- one way or another. Boddynoc reasons it was not the Lady he knows since the guard was given to him. …of course he is an idiot…..

Angry (with himself as much as anyone) , Boddynoc turns onto the guard. “Do you know any Ladies?” It is obvious he knows one since he squirms and looks uncomfortable.

“Hey- Maybe it is Lady Payne.” Suggests the bartender.

Now the guard is bright red.

Sensing a possible connection- “Where is this Lady Payne?” asks Cedious. He looks directly at the guard, not the bar tender.

“ah….I doubt its her …that did whatever you think she did…” he fumbles and stutters.

“She is about a twenty minute walk from here. She is in the rougher neighborhood of Korranberg. She caters to folks of …unusual wants.” The bar tender adds.

“Really?” says Cedious in an accusing tone to the guard.

“Ten blocks north then one west and another north then around the fountain.” Satisfied she has earned her platinum piece, she moves on but within distance to hear the conversation.

“Lead on.” Cedious says.

“I don’t know where the House of Payne is.” Says the guard whom then suddenly sinks realizing he just admitted it.

They go and indeed it reaches a seedy section of the city. Just the area two bumbling thieves could be hired. There are tattoo parlors and pawnshops. Then more questionable areas. Cedious’ nose inhales as he passes some doorways. Finally they spot a cheap looking hood that is calling to walkers by.

“Girls! Girls! Come in and see the girls!” The sign above him reads the House of Payne.

“Ah good customers- welcome. We cater to all people.” The caller says as he looks at the human guard whom is trying to hide but keep with the two short people he was told to keep after. There are days his job really sucks. Then there are these days….

“Cat house?” says Cedious with a mixed tone of disbelief and stating the obvious.

“A lot of crime originates in an area like this… lets go in and check it out. At the least we can ask about other “ladies” and maybe get rid of a burden.” And with that he shrugs towards the smitten human guard.

The room is a bright and gaudy green with white and red trim. A very old female gnome with a very deep v-neck dress turns to them. “Welcome. Welcome to the House Payne. I am Lady Payne. How may I help you?”

Cedious looks at the guard then at her then at the guard. Beaming with a huge smile, he turns to her. “Our friend here was talking about this place and we thought we would visit and …look around.”

“Oh- don’t be shy baby,” She does an exaggerated walk to the human. “Say- Don’t I recognize you? Why yes! Excellent- a return customer!” Cedious and Boddynoc smirk and nod to each other. They slip her platinum and tell her to give him whatever he wants and can handle….then some. She snaps her fingers with one hand as the platinum quickly disappears from view. Four woman, all gnomes, come out and surround the human and work him away from the others.

“No! I have to be with them. It’s my job damn it!”

“Don’t worry- we will be sampling the girls also and meet you here. Relax. Whatever Lady Elaydren doesn’t know won’t hurt her.”

Hearing the reference to lady and remembering the platinum piece, Lady Payne pours on the charm. “What can I do to you?”

Cedious catches the twist of words and thinks about it then remembers the reason for being here.

“Where is the plate?” asks Boddynoc.

“The plate? I am unfamiliar with this.”

“The plate damn it! The two idiots stole it from us and ….” His voice dies off. She is strictly a Madame of a bordello. She is not behind this. In a defeated voice, “Do you know anyone else that goes by the title of Lady?”

If she was offended she doesn’t show it. “Only the best have such titles. Nobles, the rich and …myself.”

Giving a goblin curse he picked up in Darguun, the two leave. “At least we ditched the guard.”

“Okay, we can’t find it. It’s time to give this a spin. We were robbed and lost the plate.”

“She won’t buy it but it’s better than the truth.”

They begin to wander back towards the docks. Boddynoc still hopes a member of The Trust will show up. SOMETHING good has to happen today. It can’t get any worse at least.


“Okay- so they jumped us and took the bag and ran for it. We gave chase but without the guide she gave us we became lost ourselves.” Recites Cedious.

“Needs more details but nothing that be pinned down.” Adds Boddynoc glumly.

“They grabbed the bag and kept switching off confusing us. There may have been five of them total.”

Boddynoc gives the look of ‘no’.

Finally they reach the dock and …no Cannith barge!

“Oh what the …!!!!!!!”

Cedious begins to search across the bay in case she merely moved the barge.

“There!” He shouts and points about three hundred feet out. The barge is moving away and they can see Lady Elaydren waving at them. Boddynoc is sure he saw her give them the universal salute.

“I can’t believe it. Not her…..” he pouts.

A dockworker moves to them with purpose. “Are you Boddynoc Grinkle?” asks the worker.

Looking at him, he tries to figure out what is happening now. “Yes.”

“I was asked to pass these onto you and assure you everything is in order.” He hands a sack and a note to him.

He hands the heavy bag to Cedious and unrolls the scroll.

Boddynoc and Cedious-
Important House Cannith business has come up and I was forced to leave immediately. I had hoped to speak to you in person could events did not allow for it. Something has happened in Sharn. I have arranged passage for the two of you with Captain Attar. He should arrive in Korranberg tomorrow mourning. Please ask for him. I will arrange to meet you in Sharn at the usual spot. In the bag is 500 gold as payment for services thus far. There is a bit extra for housing for the two of you and the guide.
Lady Elaydren.

“Well- this gives us time to think of something at least.”

Cedious hefts the bag. He knows what is inside and with a smile, he places it into the Haversack they still have. The dockworker has already left. “We passed a few inns near here. Lets get food and relax.”

Boddynoc is uncertain but now leans towards it was not her that sent the thugs. So- who is the Lady behind it?

The next morning comes easily enough and the two go down to the docks. They share a few good laughs wondering how their guide is doing. Many jokes involving the play of words of Payne.

Sure enough, a large solid looking three-mast ship is at the dock. The ship name is The Attar. Cedious and Boddynoc miss the fact that the dock area seems very quiet today. They go to the ship and ask for a Captain Attar.

From on the ship walks forward a large bald man with a goatee and very expensive looking clothing. He carries a staff. “I am Captain Attar. Who would you be?”

“I am Boddynoc Grinkle and this fine fellow is Cedious. We were told that Lady Elaydren of House Cannith had arranged portage with you to Sharn.” He takes a few steps onto the gangplank connecting the dock to the large ship.

Looking it over, Cedious sees many human workers. They look very strong and serious. Looks like a boring trip coming up. He also notes a young man with billowing fine cloth and long black hair. He seems to be very busy looking over the sailing equipment.

Following his lead, Cedious walks behind Boddynoc further up the plank near the top. “Did she give you papers? A rite of passage? I will need to see them.”

Boddynoc pulls out the scroll and goes up to him. Cedious spots a group of gnomes in light armor coming from an alley between warehouses. They appear to be on patrol but something bothers him about it. Halflings are so suspicious.

Boddynoc walks onto the ship and hands him the scroll. Cedious stands at the top of the plank but doesn’t walk onto the ship. He notes the workers are working hard doing nothing. Uh-oh.

“Welcome to Korranberg Captain Attar.” Calls out the patrol captain. “Is everything in order?”

Cedious counts six guards and the commander. They stopped and fanned out to completely cover the base of the boarding board. His heart is beginning to race. (Trap sense???)

“Everything is in order. I have here Mr. Boddynoc Grinkle and a Mr. ….Cedious. I also have a warrant for their capture for theft.”

“WHAT!” screams Boddynoc.

Cedious looks quickly at options. He sees no clear ones. The “ship crew” now seems to all located clubs and capturing tools that were just out of their sight and moved in. A possible mage seems to have also appeared near the steering area where he has a good vantagepoint of everything. A perfect set up.

“NO! NO! NO! “ Screams Boddynoc. Suddenly he rushes down the plank and tries to force his way pass the gnome guards. They easily drag him down and produce rope to bind him.

Still on the plank, Cedious goes for his weapon. A guard kicks the plank and he and the board go down. They expect an easy retrieval of the halfling. They have done what so many have before- they underestimated the cunning and luck of the halfling rogue.

Using gaffing hooks on long poles, several crewmembers try to blindly snag him in the dark shadows. Meanwhile Boddynoc discovers what Mage manacles are as he finds his fingers painfully secured and unable to do much.

[out of game- you are such a bastard he says with a big smile]

“Enough- Balair senses a storm coming. We can not wait any longer. Captain Demmen- if you do capture the rogue, hold him. House Cannith wants him for theft and questioning.”

“What proof of these crimes do you have?” she counters as she tries to gather more information on this special situation.

“Especially arcane marked coins were found on them. These coins were stolen from a House Cannith member last night. These two worked for her until then. They are to go to Sharn to be sentenced.”

Looking at his bounty note (but from the dock so does she really care?) she nods. “We will continue to search for the other. Take care good captain. I hope the other prisoners will be less troublesome.”

“Aye- especially that murderer Fracture Makker.”

The prison ships sets sail shortly and the dock guards search long and hard for the halfling whom appears to have escaped.

At least for now.
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“This sucks!”

If anyone cares they don’t show it.

Boddynoc is in a locked cell within a large iron cage. There are five cells per side of the ship. The cells are solid and molded together. They are well made and the locks lock impossibly strong. There are no windows but a few magical light sources allow for deep shadowy illumination. It makes this even worse.

He is in the center cell on the left side of the ship. To his right is an empty cell then a human. The human looks impossibly thin but very fit still. He is merely sitting there. Boddynoc is uncertain if he is asleep, meditating or if his mind has found a happier place. He knows the guy to his left has not. This large and imposing human reaks of barbarian ..literally. He paces and bangs on the bars often. Beside him is a large heavily armored warforged. He sits still and does nothing. Boddynoc suspects he is thinking about a means out. He doesn’t strike him as one that has given up.

Across from him is another set of five cells. To the extreme right is another heavily armored warforged. He merely leans on the bars and tries to intimidate the guards. He says nothing and does less. Next to him is another human barbarian. This one looks uncomfortable with the warforged. He looks at him with suspicion. Another barbarian is in the very last cell. This barbarian seems intent to test each and every bar and weld over and over again. It is getting him no where. Directly across from Boddynoc is a monster. Perhaps part Ogre. If not- he had a thyroid issue. The creature is eight feet tall and obviously very strong. However, his limbs, especially his arms, are mis-sized to the rest of his body. There is a look in his eyes that speaks of danger and strife.

“How did I get here?” mumbles Boddynoc out loud. Everyone has been stripped down to straps of cloth. He is still shackled with the special manacles. The two warforged and the creature are heavily chained which speaks of their strength and the guard’s respect for their strength. The creature regular threatens the guards. For his efforts, he is often struck with clubbing polearms. Unable to fully defend himself, he has many welts on his upper body and face. If it minds it, it doesn’t show.

Boddynoc notes the routine. All the crew and guards are dressed in leather armor. Every two hours, a guard change occurs. The active guards put on reinforced scale armor. They have the long reach clubs and there are several crossbows hung on the wall away from the cells. Two are loaded and prepared. The cells themselves are solid. He suspects that going through the wooden wall into the ocean would be easier that escaping through the metal. Boddynoc does something he rarely does. He succumbs to despair.

This past adventure was not easy. They were hired by Lady Elaydren of House Cannith to find a portion of the Creation Schema. From what he has researched and learned, this schema gives secrets on how to give things life. Not awakened- but trues life. It is how to create a warforged being. There are many pieces to this puzzle. Working for her once before, they found apiece deep below Sharn. Based on their success and dire need, she hired them again. She learned of clues to another piece. She looked to be desperate and on the run. They were not given time to think about it as there are other parties that wanting the schema also. A group of warforged have been actively perusing them and later the enigmatic Emerald Claw. They traveled to the Mournlands. They lost a friend and their cleric, Khora, in a bad battle with goblins and their much bigger kin and friends.

They found the hidden facility within the Mournlands and escaped. The Emerald Claw always in pursuit. Cedious became lost and was presumed not to return. The group nearly was all killed by a military patrol of Bugbears. Only Boddynoc survived. When he, with the piece they went for and the ONLY copy of the base plate of the schema, arrived at Lady Elaydren’s barge, he discovered Cedious survived. He spoke of a strange ally whom was a Bugbear himself. The baseplate was priceless. The other parts were only clues. With the plate, the pieces could be arranged and the arcane answer to how to create life could be answered.

Boddynoc know he had struck gold.

Until then, he had never told his teammate(s) that secretly he hoped to join the Trust and help his country of Zilargo. The secrets to life would certainly be important to a country based on the collection of knowledge. He and Cedious had hoped to allow the Trust to study and copy the inscriptions and runes from the plate in secret before giving it over. Lady Elaydren was angered when he refused to part with it.

He had no idea how angry or how far she would go to attain it and keep its existence a secret.

She apparently hired thugs to procure the plate. Boddynoc accidentally gave it to them by mistaking them for Trust agents. With her prize possessed, all that mattered was the removal of the two beings that knew she had it.

“I’m dead.” He says as he realizes he is not meant to survive the trip to Sharn. Looking around, he sees many possible means for an accidental death to occur. The creature could kill him. The warforged…uncertain. The guards could have fun. Or maybe not be coy- just kill him and toss his body over the side into the ocean. The ocean kept many secrets he was sure.

Boddynoc slumps against the corner and watches the next guard exchange with little interest.


“Oh crap! Not again!” yells Cedious as he feels the plank shaking from under his feet. He turns to jump into the group of gnomes like Boddynoc but finds the plank has already gone. He falls fast and hard into the water 20 feet below.

He kicks for the dark shadows of under the dock. The dock is not what he thought it would be. It is more of a wall than a pier. Still, he finds a niche that is hidden and allows for air (luck of the darn halflings!). Gaffing hooks stab into the water over and over as the crew blindly search for his body. He barely makes out the plans of searching for his body when the ship leaves. Desperate and wanting to lose Boddynoc (again), he digs out his potion of invisibility he found in the Mournlands and once certain they can not see him, he carefully wades to the back of the ship. He keeps his movements to the minimal to avoid disturbing the water’s surface. He feels around the ship to find a good handhold and decides to just wait until the ship leaves. “How long does this last?” he wonders to himself silently.

The ship leaves about 30 minutes later. He sees the patrol is still searching for him on the docks. They have left the water area and now search the crates and eventually the warehouses. Another city he can’t visit laments the rogue with a smirk.

Once the ship leaves the bay he secures himself to the boat using rope from his haversack and a deeply notched wood board (and a piton?). He ignores it and just thanks the fates for it existing. He can hear some talking above. Something about special treatment for the special guest. He hopes it is not death for Boddynoc. He tries to climb further but finds little to hold onto and the constant rise and fall of the ship in the waves is annoying. “Night time” he thinks. “Tonight I’ll slip on board and save Boddynoc.” He thinks and adjusts the knots to secure himself better.

He is cold and the damn wind is picking up. “Not a storm… please no storms…” he thinks to himself.

Eventually, he becomes bored and needs to move around so he tries to climb up. It is a hard battle and not without several near falls (used two actions points to do this). With some time evolved, he reaches a window. Hanging on for dear life he listens within. He can hear who he believes is the Captain and someone else. This someone answers to the name of Guri. Balair is a House Lyrandar pilot. He is good but has no magic to use. He feels a terrible storm is approaching. The Captain wants his men in their rooms to reduce the possibility of losing anyone. He has traveled in these storms before. Even with his large ship, they can be dangerous.

“great” whimpers Cedious. And with that he slips and finds himself being dragged behind the boat. He hopes his knots hold as he struggles to climb the rope and reach the boat again. Even with a storm coming, he thinks damaging the rudder would be good about now.

Cedious feels ill at ease when darkness finally comes. A steady rain has begun an hour ago. Winds are strong and are wiping up the waves. His secure location now allows for him to be dunked sometimes with the deep swells. He can not wait any longer. He has to move or he will be drowned or too weak to climb and thus drown later by being dragged behind the boat.

He tries over and over and gets no where. Finally he manages the near impossible. He braces a foot and waits to reach the height of the rising swell. He then pushes off and jumps. The down turn of the swell allows him to fly up near the windows (natural 20 and another action point for 5!). He grabs at the window area and bangs against the walls and nearly falls away again but the rope catches on a support hook used for maintenance. Saved.

Hoping the Captain doesn’t look out the window (this time he is on the ledge of the window) he barely over hears something between the Captain and a crewmember. There is a suspected lose cannon on board! “Ah Crap!” thinks Cedious. “Please- please let me have heard that wrong.”

Now feeling the need to hurry, Cedious begins to climb again but is thrown off. Fortunately he did secure the line on the hook before trying. Still, he is bounced and bumped hard as the ship rises and falls. Deep pounding thooming sound can be heard as the ship rises then falls into a swell. This is going to a major storm. Then Cedious can see it- the sky is lighting up. Lightning! It can’t get any worse!

[DM NOTE- If it couldn’t get worse- would I be doing my job? Insert evil smile]


The two guards were very used to this kind of storm. The rise and fall. The rocking. Even the vibration of crashing into waves and walls of the swells. Boddynoc was not.

What set him off was not the weather. It was looking at the bald human next to him whom was green. The barbarian next to him ate something green. From across the cells a smell of something worse was rising. It was a storm. A bad one. Boddynoc had heard of such storms. Even when overhearing a House Lyrandar member was aboard didn’t help his unease however. This Dragonmarked House controlled weather and thus was greatly involving in agriculture and …trade. Especially sea trade. They could influence the very weather. However, there was a limit and Boddynoc was certain this storm exceeded that limit. In a perverse way, he was glad the captain was going to die with him.

His negative introverted thoughts are interrupted by the rage of the barbarian next to him. He is convinced the ship is going down and he wants free. The guards do little as the ship swells. They merely steady themselves and wait it out.

Then Boddynoc picks up on something. It is not the warforged playing mindgames with the monk. Nor is it the frightened barbarian next to him. No –something he can hear. After each thooming thud of the ship falling back into the water something else is striking the ship. Something nearby. Boddynoc, now with something to interest him sits upright and pays attention to everything happening around him. He spots the food brought to them long ago. The creature across from him has a clay plate and carefully has broken it to create a sharp edged stabbing weapon. The far warforged is looking at the bars carefully. He sees they are attached to the wooden hull and floor using large heavy and strong spikes. The guards are also watching a vent more carefully than before. Then looking carefully, it is just a vent- There is a large holding cell there. Something big and possibly dangerous is within an enclosed holding cell.

Suddenly, Boddynoc has new insight –maybe there can be a way out. If these people will not give up yet- why should he. After all- he is a gnome damn it.

The creature across from Boddynoc gives up on the idea of slicing up a guard. The bastards are keeping a good distance from him. He gets up and the chains hang heavily on his arms and upper body. Still, it seems to be thinking of something. Even the warforged that rarely moves turns to him.

“RAAAARRRRGH!” and he rushes the bars. WHAM! And he stumbles back a few steps. The guards glare at him as if that was enough to silence it.

“RRRAAAARGH!” and he rushes the bars again and strikes it even as thunder crashes overhead creating an eerie moment of silence.

The warforged stands up and looks over head. A bolt has been broken! He calls out to the creature- but the storm makes it impossible to hear. He motions for him to do it again.

Boddynoc has no idea what is going on. But still- the warforged is alert and seems to note everything that happens and suddenly has an idea or thought of action. Maybe he knows something that eludes him. Boddynoc watches with intense emotions.

BOOOOOOM! A board cracks within the secret holding cell. Suddenly the guards look panicked. They are ignoring the Creature and warforged now. One staggers back to a pull string and begins to yank on it several times.

BOOOOOM!…..aghhhhh! Yells Cedious as the thunders hurts his head. He has finally made it to the top rail. He begins to climb over when suddenly the ship pitches and he is thrown over …again. This makes the third time. Someone is going to die for this.

The creature’s screams of rage hide the sound of two more bolts that break. The creature, a warforged with adamantine plating and one of the barbarians are now charging and striking the cells in unison. With their combined force they are breaking the bolts that hold the entire iron cage to the ship! The other barbarian has noted a 3-inch gap that was not there before and is trying to force it wider. A guard finally notices there is a method to the madness and goes for a crossbow.

= be prepared to act=

“huh?!?” thinks Boddynoc. That was from within my head.

The warforged that is aiding in the attacks on the cell thinks he saw something in the shadows in the hallway but dismisses it and goes back to pounding the cell.

BOOOOOM another board cracks and a large pale hand reaches out and tries to wrench more boards free. A guard fires at the hand but misses as the ship pitches again. The guard stumbles back to the wall for support and goes to reload. Excitement getting the better of him, Boddynoc reaches out with his magic and castes a fusion onto the armor of the guards.

[I forgot to gag him darn it! And not all spells require use of hands errrrr my bad]

THROOOM! And over he goes again onto the deck. Cedious spots the long haired youngman trying to control the ship and one crewman doing his best to secure lines and equipment. Cedious unties himself and tries to sneak up on the man. There is just no way to do this, thinks Cedious as he half stumbles into the man as the ship pitches forward. He nearly losses his last meal as the ship rises and falls thirty feet! The man is unarmed and easily taken out. Cedious considers killing the pilot whom has seen him but notes two things-

1- The man is too occupied controlling the ship to do anything else
2- Without this man- the ship may go down.

Let him least until after the storm.

He stumbles and slides across the upper deck and nearly becomes airborne as he strikes a ballista. He rolls and fumbles to the rail overlooking the main deck. There he sees 6 men working their way to the stairs leading down.

Cedious smiles. It has to be Boddynoc. He is escaping.


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megamania said:
****Before I come across wrong-

The guys are loving it. Making new characters is no big deal to them. IF they had survived, the bragging rites would have been worth it to them. Its all about having fun.

Early suggestions include more min/maxing

Jeff with another Warforged Fighter and Jimmy with a 1/2 Giant Monkey gripping fighter (oh my) BJ I don't know if he had decided yet.

i survived and all andy is trying to do is find more elaborate ways of attempting to kill me.....and me just getting out of it by dumb luck and the dice being kind to me when i REALLY need them to be! :lol:
but i am really having fun....andy is a great DM

ohhh and i dont think he has really shown exactly how much of a pain my thief....errrr im mean rogue is :eek:

uh-oh. warning warning warning...players reading storyhour segments. Must be careful about adding secret info. warning warning is too late. Must kill players.

Welcome Bill and Clinton aka Boddynoc and Cedious. Welcome to EN World and the story of your life (at least 4-6 hours of it from everyother weekend ;) )


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It's great to see your players chiming in.

Also wanted to say how impressed I am at your ability to work the "new player/s" meet existing group scenarios into the plotline. Not always easy to accomplish, but your events become stories and encounters that mesh with the feel of the game.


Guards from a room in the front of the cells spill out. They have clubs and shields and find a daunting sight. The “special” inmate is breaking free and the rest are very unruly. They are attacking the bars in a mad rush to escape the cells and the storm struck ship.

Suddenly one guard in armor begins to scream and drops his weapon. Steam or smoke is rising from him. The other armored guard also begins to yell. “Fire! Fire!” which further panics the guards just arriving on the scene. The words of fire cause alarm with the one barbarian whom now begins to rush the bars as the ones across from him. The monk for being so sick suddenly lashes out at a guard and slams his head into the bars and with the other hand strikes his chin. A sickening grind and crack can be heard as his neck snaps. Two other guards, startled and leaning with the waves too much go too close to the revealed cell. A large pale hand reaches out and grabs a guard and pulls his screaming body in. It won’t fit through the eight-inch space so the body is repeatedly slammed into the boards. After the third slam after the guard stopped screaming a board breaks and the body retreats into the cell. Another guard suddenly finds himself bleeding from a vital organ. He turns and sees a small figure in fine clothes behind him. He dies.


Another guard gets too close to a warforged cell. The warforged grabs at him and pulls him in. After the third strike the body goes limp. Meanwhile, the two armored guards are now so hot they are cooking. One fell into a table with cards. The flimsy paper ignites and begins to burn. Other guards are burnt trying to save the armored guard before he stops moving.

THHOOOOOM strikes the thunder with lightning flashing. Cedious had dropped unspotted to the Captain’s quarters and stumbles in bouncing off either side of the doorjam as the ship rocks side to side as well as too and fro.

“Dammit Guri- close that door!” yells the captain with his back to the door. Cedious closes the door.

Guri meanwhile has made it to the stairs. The ship mage is hoping to find out why the alarm cord was pulled. He suspects it is Fracture Makker. This serial killer is wanted in Trolanport for killing a House Sivis member. Knowing the dwarves of Kundarak will be overseeing the sentencing of the monster; he wants to be sure it reaches there. The bounty will be much less if it is delivered dead. And when the dwarves of banking is involved, the reward would be great to be certain.

He stumbles down the stairs and can hear the monster bellowing mixed in with screams of pain. Then he notices the other prisoners are attempting a breakout. And it might work! They have uprooted the entire cell structure. Now they are trying to force it away from the wall to push free. Desperate and not wanting to face what is inside, Guri decides to use their other security measure. The guard “animal” they have within their stronghold.

“oooh caaaaptain!” says Cedious once he is close to Captain Attar. He freezes and stops looking at his maps where he was looking for a safe port or island. Before he can act he feels a sharp pain in his thigh. The wild pitching of the ship is not allowing Cedious to strike his chosen lethal spots to puncture. The captain lives but between the wildly foundering ship and the leg injury he still collapses to a knee.

“Who….how….?” he stammers. Cedious cuts him again.

Now on all fours, the captain looks at his assailant. “you…? But you …drowned….”

Cedious finishes him off and wonders where that mage went to. “oh Guri…..where or where are you…?”


Lightning strikes the upper mast and shatters the crow’s nest and ignites the upper most sail. Balair fears he has lost the ship.

“An Ogre! Who the hell puts an ogre on a ship!” yells Boddynoc once it registers whom is in the cell.

Then he sees a gnome work his way across fallen bodies of guards. The remaining guards are trying to escape. Unfortunately, to escape means running by the ogre. They all rush at once. The warforged grabs one and holds him. The monk trips one up and tries to pin him but has a hard time since he is in the cell. The Ogre easily grabs one and a splat of blood from inside suggests he has torn him apart. It bellows in rage and fear again and resumes pounding at the boards and reinforced door.

The creature has forced the cell to skid on an angle. The one barbarian spots a space of eight inches and tries to squeeze through. A wild pitch of the ship and a mis-strike by the creature causes the bars to swing in and crushes the barbarian. Fully enraged, the barbarian howls in anger and pain like a bear in a steel trap. The section that once secured the bars top the wall has now embedded itself into his chest and shoulder region. Blood freely runs out of the wound. Once the warforged is done with his guard, he returns to aiding the creature and the other barbarian to attacking the cell. The vibration nearly makes the trapped human pass out but he doesn’t and finally peels free into the empty space. The area here is steamy and hot from a glowing guard. The barbarian has other concerns on his mind than why the guard is hot and glowing. Then rapidly cooling off.

It was a good thing Boddynoc checked to see if guards were after the crossbows. Instead of that, he saw how his heat metal spell was about to ignite the ship on fire. Concentrating through the chaos, he castes a spell to cool the armor off quickly. He notes that a prisoner has fallen out of the cell near by. The ill barbarian and warforged next to him also see this and begin to attack their bars also.

The gnome in fine silken clothes comes up to Boddynoc’s cell and tries to pick the heavy lock.

“Who are you?” he asks the gnome.

“The Trust” is the only answer he gives as if that should explain everything. It must because Boddynoc stops and waits quietly.

Guards stream down one set of stairs and down another set. Chaos begins at one stairway as guards are both trying to escape and enter through the use of it. The other side, they rush just as the cell gives a mighty screeching sound and slides on the blood and gore created by the ogre. The warforged turns and dares the guards to attack.

They do.

Guri unlocks his arcane lock and the mundane special lock then prepares to rush. He opens and pushes the door slightly before rushing a few feet down and up the stairs a group of guards just emptied from. Inside the dark unlit room a quiet cockle sound is heard. Red eyes pierce the darkness and stare at the escape route presented to it.

BOOOOOOOM-OOOOM-OOOOM thunders the lightning and the ship as it rides from the top of one wave onto another. Balair is either a very good sailor or very lucky. The crew on the deck tries to contain the fire and the damage. They don’t see the rogue crouch by the stairs listening to the chaos within. They don’t see him jump back as a person reaches the stairs either.

Guri climbs the stairs and reaches the wind swept deck. The driven rain hurts his eyes then distant lightning lights up the form of Cedious. His strike occurs as the thunder reaches the ship.


Guri stumbles a few steps. Just as before, Cedious can’t get a good shot in with the unpredictable motion of the ship. That’s okay. He’ll take him one piece at a time.

“Get back!” yells the Gnome to Boddynoc. Without question he does and there is a soft poof sound at the lock. Nothing happens then steam rises. Liquid runs out and as it touches the wooden floor scores it. Acid.

Boddynoc kicks open the kick for effect. Both gnomes stagger to the closest body of an armored guard. They find the keys and begin with the mage manacles first.

“There is something even more dangerous than that ogre or the storm outside on board this ship. I have to find it.” Says the gnome as he hands the keys to Boddynoc. Again, a statement that seems to answer all questions going through Boddynoc’s fast mind.

The one warforged, the one that waited unmoving and ever alert for an opportunity for escape spots the guard in the furthest back stiffen then ….become stone?

“This is a mad dream on a mad ship” says the large fighter.

He and the barbarian strike down a guard then they see what is causing the new trouble. A large featherless ugly red-eyed turkey …and its attacking people!

Boddynoc frees the other warforged and a barbarian. Finally he reaches the monk (based on effective hand to hand skills) but the monks holds his action. His cell is dangerously close to the ogre’s long reach.

Meanwhile, the other large creature has gotten out of the holding cells and makes way to escape.

BOOOM! KRA-KA-KA- BOOOOOOM! And night becomes day as lightning again strikes the largest mast. It splits and breaks free. Fortunately, even on fire, it falls and frees itself over the edge without causing any loss of life to the crew above. However, now Belair has only two masts remaining and it was the strongest one that was destroyed. He hopes this is the worst of it as the ship crashes and vibrates again as it hits another high wall of water head on. He can not take the time to study the clouds, movement of lightning, the crew or where that murderous halfling went.

“Damn you …halfling…” is Guri’s last words before his limb body falls and then is swept up by a wall of water and taken overboard. The same water nearly takes Cedious except for he stumbles and is washed down into the stairway. At the bottom, he tries to make it look like he meant to do that.

The ugly turkey (Cockatrice for those unsure) tries repeatedly to turn the warforged into stone but fails until he is finally stomped on by the warforged. The barbarian rushes out past him and is driven back by the ogre’s reaching arms. It screams in terror.

[DM NOTE- If anyone understood Giant- he is crying like a girlie-man]

Boddynoc grabs all the cross bows and begins to line them up in a row about fifteen feet from the cell door. He yells to the Trust agent that he will enchant some of these with Bane-Giant. He wants him to then reload bolts as he uses them. A good plan. Except for one thing- the conditions of their environment.

Boddynoc fires off a series of four shots. The wild pitching of the ship, the greased floor and the cover the ogre has makes him a surprising hard target to hit. He finally strikes the outreached hand. As if stung by a bug, the ogre shakes his wounded hand until the bolt flops free and withdraws his hand into the dark cell. Now it screams in rage and begins to attack the walls again.

The monk uses this moment to escape along with two of the barbarians. The third one has trouble breathing with a crushed chest and punctured lung but freedom is at risk. He is crawling for it. He knows he will die but wishes to see the sky when he does,

The warforged that Boddynoc freed hangs back to offer help. The other warforged and the misshapen creature make for the hallway.

Cedious looks into the open door. It is dark. He breaks free the light source in the hallway and shines it into the room.

Crates. Noting it may have valuables to loot later; he goes to find Boddynoc. A statue of a guard blocks his way into the main cell. A bound warforged merely pushes into it and breaks it as it lumbers by. A really large and strange looking humanoid is behind him. Both are chained but uncaring of it.

The Ogre howls as a shot strikes it. The Trust member has a better aim and by using up all of the bolts available, takes down the beast. As he passes it he spits in it’s bloodied hand. “Dead is the feared Fracture Makker- killer of gnomes.” The sound of rendering wood draws his attention away from this moment of revenge.



In the storage room, the two large warriors are upending crates. They are looking for tools, equipment (theirs) and anything of use. They know the gnomes will unlock them shortly.

Books are found along with some fine clothes. The warforged then spots a crate marked: BEWARE FRAGILE DANGEROUS

If a warforged could smile he does and kicks at the crate. His metal soul of his foot catches the side and tears out the boards. A journal spills out along with a lot of padding. Several glass tubes with rubber stoppers also roll free but do not break.

Thinking about breaking them for the sheer destruction of it, he turns to it but then the creature finds his weapons. He leaves the glass for later.


The Trust member is nearly knocked off his feet seeing the warforged standing over the glass tubes. He tries to scream no but the damned thunder is like a thing alive and tries to drown out his voice – and does so.

Boddynoc goes to them to free their chains though he is obviously hesitate to free the mutated monster. It bothers him…this creature of rage and strength.

hee- just played up how you were trying to stay with him so hard this time. I mean- lets face it- it was not easy riding that ship for 8 hours before the storm hit then everything you went through once the storm began.

Maybe I did over do it ..... :\


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megamania said:
hee- just played up how you were trying to stay with him so hard this time. I mean- lets face it- it was not easy riding that ship for 8 hours before the storm hit then everything you went through once the storm began.

Maybe I did over do it ..... :\

NAH the hard part would have been trying to steel stuff in a city that is full of gnomes keeping there beedy little eyes on me :)

besides i got all the party gold and stuff now so it would have benifited my drinking purse if i had decided to high-tale it outta there :)

but im not that type of halfling.......or am i? :]



Bemnol Freeder is indeed a Trust agent. He is here strictly to locate and neutralize the potent toxins and destroy the journal about how to create it. He has no idea whom Boddynoc is or what a Creation Schema is.

The new replacement characters to be played by Jeff, BJ and Jimmy are the two warforged and if you have not guessed it yet- a ½ Giant Psychic Warrior.

Looks like I have some work ahead of me.

I also have asked the players for reasons to be here. They wished to have ties to Lady Elaydren. The warforged were betrayed by her for reasons yet figured out (give me some time) and the ½ Giant may/ or may not be wrongfully imprisoned by Lady Elaydren. He wants it to be related to a family member’s death at his hands ….when will they learn?

All in all an excellent game session even with two players having hangovers.


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Sounds good andy....still waiting to see how you will incorporate that bugbear into more of the story line, its going to be interesting to see how jimmy and bill's characters interact with each other... especially when there is allready a little bit of hostility there.
and jeff and bj's warforges... don't see them having a differant personality then the last two but its allways fun having wanton destruction in a party....or at least it makes it fun :)

Also WE (not you) have been trying so hard for a TPK i wonder how long its going to be :)

looking forward to our next game session

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