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D&D General The D&D Cartoon is set in Faerun since when?

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Reeks of Jedi
I think them being in Faerun was mentioned in Baldur’s Gate 1 or 2, back in the 90’s. There is a painting on the wall, and as I recall all the kids except Bobby (or Presto, I forget which) were killed by Tiamat.

Of course, they also show up in the recent D&D movie, which takes place in Neverwinter.

Right. And in an old comic they were trying to get Presto apprenticed to Elminster.

Apparently they arrived in FR at some point but didn’t begin there… well until the new comic retconned that.


Pedantic Grognard
I picked up the new D&D cartoon comic collection and the back says they went to Faerun.

The first few pages make sure to back this up. Venger and all those adventures are in Faerun.

Not that they were in "The Realm" (this is not the Forgotten Realms) and then took a portal out to Faerun (they always came across portals to other worlds and dimensions) (thus being plane hoppers) (they even came across a Spelljammer ship, i believe) but came from Earth to Faerun and have been stuck there.

For a company trying to get people used to the idea that a multiverse exists it seems like a weird retcon to make.
Amazing. I mean, the cartoon was cancelled before TSR bought the Realms.

That doesn't make much sense, the cartoon is clearly set in some kind of interdimensional nexus. It's not just the Earth kids that make an appearance, but also a group of nomads who don't understand and fear magic, demons and devils, some kind of evil force that Venger serves, and "bog beasts." It's like Land of the Lost for D&D.
Isn’t it the first episode that has “Merlin” appear?


Looking at the map:
D&D cartoon map.jpg

The "Great Glaciers" suggests a region in the far north. It might be the Great Glacier, a location in the continent of Faerun, north from Vaasa, Damara, and Narfel.

Altho a "sea" is normally saltwater, freshwater lakes are sometimes called "seas", such as the Sea of Galilee. Oppositely, a salt lake is also possible.

As a hypothetical location, the "Alicorn Sea" might be a local name for the Icelace Lake, northerly of Narfell. The Sea of Sorrow looks like a landlocked lake, thus is also probably freshwater. It might be a shallow wetland, thus ambiguously mapped as part of dry land or sea.

The off-map "Far West" is then NW Faerun, the Sword Coast. The "Forest at the Edge of the [Known] World" is the elven High Forest that is part of the wider forest area of NW Faerun.

The comic suggests Venger is a Wizard of Thay, and Thay is somewhat nearby, SE from the map.

The Abyss would be a name of a local phenomenon, relating to the Giantspire Mountains to the W of Narfell. Perhaps it is a rift valley, or even a sinkhole having collapsed down into the Underdark. Flame Mountains would be the name for the northern range of the Giantspire.

The "Realm" is a coloquial or formal name for this particular region that the map depicts.
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Reeks of Jedi
Back under the days of 2nd edition there were several one off comics written for D&D to showcase the settings. The Forgotten Realms issue had the kids all grown up but I think it was just a loose tie-in and not meant to say the cartoon was set there.

Right. But now the new comic has it firmly down that they have always been in Faerun.


Possible explaintion... Standards for what cartoons and kids/family shows could say and show were very different way back then. There's a reason why so many anime make it a point to note that the legal drinking/marriage/etc age in $isekaiWorld is 12/15/etc. saying that they were from fr adds a little more. Wiggle room than "well it was the 80s" if there is an issue somewhere.

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