D&D 5E The Druid! New Class Available for Bugbears&Borderlands! (5e)



The Druid brings an additional class to your Bugbears&Borderlands game!​

Included are two druidic specialties: The spirit calling Animist, and the shapeshifting symbiote!

Author’s note: Traditionally druids are very similar mechanically to any other full caster class, such as wizards, with only a few minor unique traits. B&B handles the traditional druid as the Nature wizard specialty. It is the goal of B&B to keep things simple, thus only the three core classes. In order for another class to be justified, it would need to bring something unique to the table. That is why the druid class as it’s presented here is different than the one you may be familiar with in the full 5e game. It is not a full caster but has its own mechanics to emulate what the class is all about.

As always, this is 5e compatible. Find it here, for only $1!


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