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D&D 5E The Dwimmermount [OOC]


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This is now a recruitment thread for D&D 5th edition adventure.

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[sblock=Background of the Setting]The start of the game will be the heroes, have traveling together for at least at least a few weeks, and have all just arrived at the gates of Muntburg. None have ever been here before (after all the ONLY draw to this town is the dungeon themselves and they have been totally sealed for at least a hundred years).

Brief History of the World of Tellurian
*Before the 1st Era - The Primordial Era (Time Immemorial): before the world had fully formed (some legends say it was flat). The gods were born in this time as were the Dragons and Goblin races.
*The First Era – ‘The Great Ancients’ (Several Thousands of Years Ago): The being of written history. The First Men were born along with the Elfs, Dwarfs and Telluria. The Telluria were like gods and the lesser races near worshipped them. The Telluria worshiped Law, whom they considered synonymous with Good and the only true deity. Though science, magic and prayer they Great Ancients learned that the natural world was merely Law given form, and that they could call on Law to manipulate reality in formulaic ways. The Ancient build many things and manipulated not only the land but also the lesser races with their magic. But all was not good as Chaos came into the world. The Ancients decided to leave to world of reality (or were driven away) and disappeared into leagues before they could be corrupted by Chaos (or so it is said).
*The Second Era – The Servitors (several thousands of years ago): The races of Man, Elf and Dwarf (along with the newly created races of Gnome and Halflings) remained after the Ancient had left and ruled in their name. They learned much science and magic from the Ancient and they continued the practices of creating great wonders, of changing the world and manipulating the lifeforms found on it. It was in this Era that the Dwarfs and Men of the region created the halls and great chambers within the Dwimmermount. The great rock had be full of rich minerals and great wealth, and the Dwarves took to living within the mount full time.
*The Third Era – The Eld (about fifteen centuries ago): The Red-Elves, themselves almost god-like in the mythical powers of Chaos, came out of the south and threw down the Servitor Races. These elves enslaved most of the other races and warped and twisted others (they also almost wiped out the Dwarven race, leaving the Dwimmermount empty of life). They created many of the monsters that still inhabit the world today. They were overthrown (nine hundred years ago) and disappeared from the world although the chaos they inflicted onto others still lingers.
*The Fourth Era – The Thulans (some nine centuries ago): Far in the north, in the lands of Thule the men there had held off the advancement of the Red-Elfs for six-centuries and now were strong enough to strike back. They invades and destroyed the Red-Elfs empire and threw down the temples to Chaos. They set about ruling the world and attempting to fix the damage down by the Red-Elfs. Evil creatures somehow gain access to the Dwimmermount in this Era and it became known as a place of evil. With the loss of the Red-Elfs and most of the Ancient knowledge from before the Races lost the ability to craft magical items (besides simply alchemist elixirs and potions).
*The Fifth Era – the Termaxians (some three hundred years ago): The rise of the powers of Lich-Lords (empowered by the Primordial Chaos of old) awoken a great undead army and threw down the great Thulian Empires. These armies threatened to extinguish all life on the planet if it were not for one last great Alliance of the races. They defeated the Undead armies but at great cost and no great Empire has arisen since this time.
*The Sixth Era – The City-States (some two hundred years ago): The city-states were all that remains of the past great Empires; wall cities mayhap protecting a few miles outside their walls and trading a little with the other nearby city-states. These city-states were made up most of Men and some of the other races. The Elfs still controlled some of the deep forests but in a sense they too were small fortresses against the evil around them. Wilderness and monsters dominated the lands outside of these few points of light and defense against the darkness.
*The Seventh Era – the Dwimmermount Awakens (two months ago): All across the lands, it is now know that the doors to the Dwimmermount have again opened after many centuries. Many rulers of the city-states are seeking those brave or foolhardy enough to seek fortune with the mount. These same rules except certain magical items to be procured for them by these expedition and returned to them. There is not as big a rush as one might think as the mega-dungeon is known to not only be some-how “alive” (every time it opens its dimensions inside seem to change and grow AND it is actively hostile to intruders) it is also extremely deadly. Those few rumors that have come out of the few expeditions hint at monsters living within the dungeon also, even those it has been sealed for centuries and no food sources found (it is believe that the dungeon itself somehow transports dark creatures of Chaos to inhabit it and ‘feeds’ them in some unwholesome way).

The 'gods' of this world are mostly quite although Clerics etc. gain spells by praying to them. I will probably just use the Forgotten Realm gods for easy. It is rumored that the ancient Telluria where gods and that those few that still have some dealings with morals are now worshiped as such.

Muntburg is a fortified town that serves the dual purpose of keeping watch over the passage through The Wintertops Mountains and Dwimmermount itself. As the Dwimmermount has been 'quiet' and sealed for the last century it sees like business beside a stop over for caravans traveling to more important places. Muntburg itself is located about three miles form the 'mountain road' to the few 'know' location for the most common entrances into the dungeon mountain (near its peak). The 'mountain' itself is around just over 1,500 feet tall but the climb up the stairs is steep. There are rumored to be others but they seem to change with the times and at presents no other ones are commonly known. From the trade road stairs can be seen ascending towards Dwimmermount’s peak with an ancient Dwarf statue guarding the path at the base of the mountain.

Brief Lay of the Land
There are no real big nation-states at this time, mostly city-states and a few lose alliances.
To the north are the lands of Thule where barbarian tribes make war on other tribes and occasionally raid into the southlands
The Middle Lands, where the game is taking place. There are at least four dozen city-states that each have their own traditions and peoples. There are hundreds of small villages, forts, towns and hamlets, most allied to one of the larger city-states but not all. There are plenty of small independent towns shattered throughout the Middle Lands. There are also at least a half a dozen Elf Holds deep in the worlds that act something like a city-state, protecting only their section of the forest as best they can.
The Southern lands of Dor are dominated by large grassland plains full of wandering nomadic peoples.
Even farther south is the Chul Jungles
To the east is the White Desert lands and it stoic tribesmen and a few shattered city-states
To the west is the Great Forest and eastern plain lands of various knightly city-states of Brethon Holds.

The Races
Humans are the dominate race in most of the city-states, the nomads and desert tribes and northern barbarians.
Dwarfs are rare as they have never recovered from the Red-Elfs of ancient days. They control no lands and generally live in various human city-states.
Elfs (all types) tend to live in the various forest holds but a few also live among the Human cities
Gnomes and Halflings are mostly found living among Humans in their city-states but are also common in the various forest and plain lands living in small hamlets, hidden away from the big folk
Dragonborn are found in most lands, but a shattered people. There are a few Dragonborn
strongholds in the Brethon Holds.
Tieflings are rare and often hated and feared. There are rumors to be a stronghold or two in the great desert...somewhere. Otherwise they tend to live among humans.
Half-Orcs and Half-Elfs are found within the lands of either parent.[/sblock]

[sblock=Character Creation]DnD 5th ed.

Characters are starting at 2nd level and start with an extra 100gp (plus starting gear from class and background). Characters start with Maximum Hit Points for both 1st and 2nd level (after that I am debating). Character creation is the basic point buy (27 points) from the PHB 5th ed. Variant Humans are allowed but the 'base Human' gets the following +1 to all six stats with an additional +1 to one stat (in effect getting a +2 to one stat, +1 to the other five). Base Humans also start with one additional trained Skill of their choice. All the basic races from the PHB are allowed.

I have the Sword Coast Adventure Guide and while the game is NOT set in the Forgotten Realms you can use stuff from in there (Organizations, Races, Backgrounds, and Class Options).

I am also using a House rule that when you hit 4th level you not only get the bonus to your Attribute (+1 to two or +2 to one) you also get the Feat. Yes fighters get pretty boss at later levels.

I don't require a really big background BUT I would like some basics - Where is your character from? What city-state or town or lands does he or she hail from? What has brought them to the Dwimmermount? Do they already have a sponsor or are they seeking one? Or are they striking out on their own??

Map of the surrounding area...

Of the independent, fortified town of Muntburg...
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I've only ever played a one shot of 13th age and have quite the 5th ed bug atm.

I'm in quite a few 5e games and would happily play another.

If the preference is 13th age I would certainly give that a try, but would need some time to catch up on the rules. Something different night be nice.

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I like trying new systems on for size, I wouldn't mind giving 13th age a go... though I may be pushing my gaming limits at this point. However I am very familiar with DND 5e and would be happy with that as well.
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I'd be interested in a 5E game, while sooner or later I'd like to attempt 13th Age, I don't have the time to learn a new system right now.

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