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D&D 5E The Dwimmermount [OOC]


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OK after a lot of going back and forth on what system to use I settled on 5th ed. D&D, mostly because its the one I am most familiar with. I may one day want to run 13th Age but I am just not confident about it yet.

So NOW this is the recruitment thread. I will be taking up to 5-6 players for the game. See character creation above in the 1st post. I also updated it a bit with some more background info and Brief Lay of the Land information. Any questions post them here...

I prefer character make all their own rolls. They can use the system here or CoyodeCode etc.

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Count me in 😁

I'm thinking archer type or sword and board. I'll get character up as soon as.

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I'd love to join. Leaning life-domain cleric right now. Will post a character this evening. :)

Edit: Going to take one more day to think over my character, since I saw the post about the game not starting for a week or so. Still going LD cleric though.
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You are all 2nd level (see Character creation). Even though the Adventure does start at 1st level there are a LOT of tough encounters early on... so want you to be a bit more survivable :)

So 4 so far, meaning opening for 1 or 2 (max) more...


I'm interested, most likely fighter or valor bard. I noticed that you stated you wanted the village, or city the character came from, do you know a good place online to get a little more back ground for that part of our history?


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No, I am not really developing the world for this game as most of it is going to be backdrop... the actions all takes place in the fortified town of Muntburg, that serves the dual purpose of keeping watch over the passage through The Wintertops Mountains and Dwimmermount itself.

None of the characters are going to be from around here ALTHOUGH I might allow you to have traveled through the area in the past. Just no real adventures around here until the doors of the Dwinnermount recently opened.

So I want you all to come up with where you are from; it could be a city-state or small town, allied to one of the bigger cities or independent. Barbarians and uncivilized folk come from the northlands of Thule, or the steppe plain nomads or desert tribes or maybe even the jungles of the far south. You can come up with the culture, etc. in whatever detail you want. I just want a rough outline for the game.

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