D&D 5E The Good Ship Frosty [Eberron]


The last campaign I ran was probably my favorite I've ever done. The RP, the developing plot, and the players' reactions all came together to make something that I'm still amazed to have pulled off together.

One of my players (Varus' player) and I decided that this was an experience that needed to be shared. There were a lot of things going on behind the scenes that Varus didn't know about, though, so we thought we might do something a bit unusual: recount the campaign from both of our perspectives, oral-history style.

The game is D&D 5e, set in Eberron, with the players starting at level 7. We play on IRC about once a week. There are a couple of house rules, but the only one you really need to know is that we replaced the Inspiration and FBIT (Flaw/Bond/Ideal/Trait) system with Fate Points and Aspects from Fate Core. Oh, and I let each player start with a custom minor magic item of some sort.

Table of Contents
Dramatis Personae

Chapter 1: Sharn
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