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Tam, hesitates a moment before going through the doorway and onto the sands of the bright desert. Illusion or not, he can't help but squint coming from a torchlit, shadowed hallway, into glaring desert dunes.
He looks back toward the door to watch Dewydd enter this so called illusion. He wants to see if, after everyone has entered the "room", the doorway disappears.
And that would be the trap! --- A one-way door!

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
GM: Posting on behalf of several players, in order to advance the story. Despite recent set-backs in our posting regularity due to COVID-19, I refuse to let this campaign die, and I applaud all of the players whom have decided to stick it out with me, through thick and thin. There are no hard feelings for the players who didn't; I understand their reasons. But rather than focus on the negativity of players leaving the game, I have decided to focus on the positive aspect of the players who stayed. Cheers to all of you. Now, let's get this ball rolling again.

All of the party members (including the twins) step across the threshold, into the desert environs. There are only four notable exceptions: Sir Duncan, Lady Ebony, and the twins. Both of the bards wear looks of regret upon their countenances, Lady Ebony even going so far as to shed a tear.

Lady Ebony says, "We've been discussing this in private for some time. There are urgent matters that we neglected in order to come along on this journey with you, and now, we fear time may be running short. We MUST return home. As you know, neither Duncan, nor myself, accepted the gift from Khubsheth, and therefore, we are not obliged to finish this task, either. We have the means, amongst ourselves, to magically travel away from this place, but the amulet is keyed to us, and to the twins, only; we know that, since the twins accepted the geas, that they will have no choice but to stay. That is why I shed these tears; Lenny, Travis, you have both been loyal companions to us, more than mere henchmen, and we shall not be complete until the day you return to rejoin us. Duncan and I wish all of you well, and we will keep all of you in our prayers, but especially the two of you, whom we think of as close kin, not children, but perhaps nephews, mischievous young scallions who have brightened our day and covered our behinds more than a few times in the past couple of years. Farewell, and may the heavens favor your destiny."

Ebony spends a few moments hugging it out with the twins, while Duncan merely shakes hands, trying to remain stoic. The twins step across the threshold, to join the rest of the party in the desert environs.

Duncan nods solemnly, saying nothing more than, "Come. Lets' be gone from here before we are too late."

Duncan and Ebony stand together in the hallway, activating their amulet; a mystical, blue energy begins to swirl around them, as motes of yellow and orange light begin to shimmer and sparkle within the swirl. There is a momentary, blindingly bright flash, and then there is nothing. No lights. No sound. Nothing but silence. The pair of marshal bards are simply gone.


Duncan, the blinding flash was not supposed to happen; in previous trips with the amulet, the two of you simply faded away. Something is definitely not right...

You both appear in mid-air, in the middle of an unknown forest. This IS NOT your intended destination! You appear about 30 feet in the air, and begin to fall, crashing through dense tree foliage, which serves to slow your descent somewhat, although it is still a painful ride.

Damage from falling 30 ft.: 3d6 each. Hitting branches on the way down: 1d4 damage each.
Duncan: 2+1+3+2 = 8 pts. damage from the fall.
Ebony: 1+1+5+1 = 8 pts. damage from the fall. ...That's the luckiest fall damage I think I've ever seen, ha ha.

Both of you land hard, having the wind knocked out of you; you lie there for a moment in agony, almost panicking, until both of you realize that nothing is broken, and your scratches and bruises are minor.

Duncan sits up, slowly. "What in the nine hells? Where are we?"

GM: Duncan: I will send you a PM as to where your characters are.

EVERYONE: As the two bards disappear, the door to the evirons slams shut, and disappears completely, sealing you inside! WHAT DO YOU DO?!?


Thallok looks around, and says "good thing I followed, and did not stay behind. That would have been bad...for you all" Kleborn looks at Thallok and shakes his head. Thallok then turns his attention to Tam, "Giant slayer, what is going on?"

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Buffs from the axe, affecting whole party:

+2 Artifact Bonus (stacks with everything) to saves vs. Fear

Buffs from Khubsheth:
(Affecting: Dewydd, Sylvar, Respen, Vale, Kleborn, Thallok, Lenny, and Travis) [Basically, everyone except Tam.]

Geas for the duration of the adventure.

+5 bonus to all saves (Guardian Bonus, stacks with everything) for the duration of the adventure.

DURATIONS: (Original duration) [Current count against duration, in rounds]
Fly: Less than 12 mins (117 rounds) [-115]
Armor: 24 hours (14,400 rounds) [-115]
Shield: Less than 24 minutes (237 rounds) [-115]
Alter Self: Less than 120 minutes (1197 rounds) [-115]
Dragonskin: Less than 120 minutes (1197 rounds) [-115]
Prot. vs. Evil: Less than 24 minutes (237 rounds) [-115]
Blur: Less than 12 mins (117 rounds) [-114]

Everyone (except Dewydd, whom has already rolled) needs to make a Will save. The base DC for the save is 30. But remember:

Factors Affecting Will Save:
Dewydd tells everyone it's an illusion: +5 [Everyone receives this bonus]
Khubsheth's Blessing: +5 [Tam does not receive this bonus]

Lenny: (22) = Failed
Travis: (23) = Failed

The Twins look around, obviously uncomfortable. Travis says, "Feels real enough to me. I'm already starting to sweat." Lenny nods in agreement.


18+8+5=31, Will check success
Tam answers Thallok, "Red, old friend, no matter what you think you see, believe Dewydd, it IS an illusion."

Aust Thale

18+8+5=31, Will check success
Tam answers Thallok, "Red, old friend, no matter what you think you see, believe Dewydd, it IS an illusion."

Respen & Vale:

Respen: He doesn’t trust his eyes, and states as much. He doesn’t care for the heat; it reminds him of Erypt, by and large a place of traveling he did not enjoy. He studies what’s in front of him, determined to figure out the extent of the illusion.

Vale: He is wholly skeptical as well. He knows that they are not on the surface, so if it isn’t an illusion, then it must be the other side of a portal. He attempts to ascertain what’s going on.

Halloween Horror For 5E