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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Val The Axe said:
Val pipes up, "Since the pansy here can decipher the runes so well, let him read them TO HIMSELF, and then write the translation out on a piece of parchment, so that we'll have more time to figure out the riddle. We lucked out last time. Once you speak the riddle aloud, I believe we will have a limited amount of time to answer it before these things attack."

GM: Posting on behalf of Respen:

Reacting to the memory of the axe's advice, Respen moves, along with Dewydd, to the Gynosphinx's door, attempting to read the runes. Dewydd makes an attempt as well. Both men read the runes quietly, each man taking in the riddle to himself, without YET speaking aloud.

GM: Dewydd makes his decipher roll. Respen cannot fail the roll. Both men decipher the runes perfectly.

Riddle of the Gynosphinx:
“I am alone in the crowd,
The peak that supports the mountain,
The hand that guides
The weight of the world.
What am I?”

DEWYDD: A thought suddenly occurs to you. ~“This makes me think of a general who led an army I once fought with.”~
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Dewydd Moresby

"This riddle reminds me of General Gral Ranen of The Crimson Eye. He was a good man, but always seemed alone despite being surrounded by the company. Even though he was at the pinnacle of mercenaries, he seemed to carry the weight of everyone else under him on his shoulders. Or maybe that's why he did..." I trail off, lost in thought as I reminisce about my first mercenary company that met with disaster in the Gnarley Forest after being ambushed by the Pomarj.
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