Glancing at Vale, Kleborn, and the twins with a look mixed with pity and guilt, an idea crosses my mind and my eyes widen slightly. "Leonard and Travis, I took advantage of Lady Abi's illustrious library. Some of the reading I did was to learn more about the abilities of those that share backgrounds like yourselves. Do you happen to have a way to simulate the effects of the spell Endure Elements? I ask because I noticed since you carry tower shields your innate spell-like abilities might be more attuned to prolonged utility instead of being relied upon in combat. I've done a similar thing with my spell selection."

Furrowing his brow in thought Travis begins to speak,
"I'm unsure if I'm..." but stops short of finishing his thought, apparently changing his mind on what he was going to say. Instead, he quietly nods as his brother begins to speak.


"How silly of us - we do have something that will simulate such an effect. I suppose it wouldn't hurt for us to try it out, also, it will make each of you immune to our breath weapons! Good idea Dewydd."

I smile lightly and nod in reply as the twins quickly hand off their tower shields and then start invoking on themselves and each of their allies. As they sprout spectral wings, my smile widens. "Those other invocations are quite useful. Being able to fly, see invisible, and see in the dark is always valuable. You gentlemen are much better suited to combat than I previously thought. I look forward to seeing the various breath effects you can utilize!

Leonard & Travis
Travis grins broadly while Leonard turns to Tam. "Sadly, I've yet to learn how to see magic at-will, but it is a goal of mine... One day." Leonard starts to search around, looking for clues and Travis takes up a position lookout position, their spectral dragon wings keeping them aloft, Travis roughly 15 feet in the air and Leonard a mere 5.


Glancing toward the more prolific casters in the group, I reply to Tam, "I can if no one else has an item to do so or has already used their cantrips to do such. I've only prepared it once today though..." I fade off, somewhat embarassed that creating scrolls for utility spells slipped my mind during our previous downtime. I attempt to help search while using Detect Magic and flying about 5 feet above the sands.

Endure Exposure (Spellcraft DC 18 to identify): With a touch, you grant a creature (or yourself ) the ability to withstand hot or cold environments as if affected by the Endure Elements spell. In addition, the target is immune to any effects of your breath weapon. This invocation's effect lasts for 24 hours. They cast this on themselves and on each member of the party.

See the Unseen (Spellcraft DC 17 to identify): You grant yourself great powers of vision, allowing you to see invisible creatures and objects, as the See Invisibility spell. You also gain Darkvision out to 60 feet for 24 hours. This can only be cast on themselves.

Draconic Flight (Spellcraft DC 18 to identify): When you use this invocation, you sprout spectral wings resembling those of a dragon. You can fly at a speed equal to your land speed with good maneuverability for 24 hours. Your wings allow you to cover overland distances with great endurance; you gain a +4 bonus on Constitution checks made to avoid nonlethal damage from a forced march. This can only be cast on themselves.

Travis Sense Motive Check on Dewydd's intentions: 27. Senses Dewydd is sincere and has no ulterior motives.
Dewydd Spellcraft: 24 minimum on a 1.
Leonard Spot 1: 21 (Failed DC 35).
Leonard Spot 2: 35 (Succeeded DC 20).
Travis Spot 1: 38 (Succeeded DC 35).
Travis Spot 2: 25 (Succeeded DC 20).
Leonard Seach: 23.
Dewydd Search (while using Detect Magic): 13.
Leonard Bluff: 25.
Travis Bluff: 26.
Travis Move Silently: 23.
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OOC: Tam is at square Q16.

Tam stands at what is a naturally created mouth of the entrance to the pool of water and the sphinx statue within the oasis.
He waits for those who can to cast their detect spells before he approaches any further.[/SPOILER][/SPOILER]

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
The advance scouting group (Tam, Dewydd, and the twins) doesn't make it as far as square Q16...

The going is slow, because despite the almost non-existent chance of there being any traps under the sand, Tam insists on checking anyway; however, Tam's steadfast devotion to his craft, slows down travel enough to allow Travis to notice something...

Travis tries to remain casual, and not to make any sudden moves, but forgets himself, talking at almost a normal volume for the first few words: "Whoah, don't look now, but there is an invisible creature next to the statue. Not only is it invisible, it's also camouflaged, to be the same color as the sand. Wow, I think it's a Lamia, like the stories Uncle Joseph used to read us."

Lenny replies, in a hushed whisper, "Not so loud! Yes, I see it now. Remember what Uncle Joseph always said, they have the eyes of an eagle, and they can hear almost anything that rides on the wind. And they're witches, so if they know we're coming, they might cast spells on us."

Travis whispers, in Dewydd's direction, "I think she's waiting for us to get closer... She isn't moving a muscle. What do we do, boss? Can you see her?"

DEWYDD, what do you do?


Unseen Foe:
ROLL 27 (Success) = Can see Trav's face
Leonard Spot 1: 21 (Failed DC 35). (Didn't spot invisible foe)
Leonard Spot 2: 35 (Succeeded DC 20). (Once foe is pointed out, sees through camo.)
Travis Spot 1: 38 (Succeeded DC 35). (Sees Invisible Foe)
Travis Spot 2: 25 (Succeeded DC 20). (Sees through camouflage; tells Lenny)
Travis Talk Quietly: 23
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Despite being told that this is definitely an illusion, half of the party falls victim to it.

(Failed = Lenny, Travis, Vale, and Kleborn.)

Buffs from the axe, affecting whole party:

+2 Artifact Bonus (stacks with everything) to saves vs. Fear

Buffs from Khubsheth:
(Affecting: Dewydd, Sylvar, Respen, Vale, Kleborn, Thallok, Lenny, and Travis)

[Basically, everyone except Tam.]

Geas for the duration of the adventure.

+5 bonus to all saves (Guardian Bonus, stacks with everything) for the duration of the adventure.

DURATIONS: (Original duration) [Current count against duration, in rounds]
Fly: Less than 12 mins (117 rounds) [-108]
Armor: 24 hours (14,400 rounds) [-108]
Shield: Less than 24 minutes (237 rounds) [-108]
Alter Self: Less than 120 minutes (1197 rounds) [-108]
Dragonskin: Less than 120 minutes (1197 rounds) [-108]
Prot. vs. Evil: Less than 24 minutes (237 rounds) [-108]
Blur: Less than 12 mins (117 rounds) [-108]
Invocations from the twins: 24 hours (14,400 rounds) [-3]


A slight bead of sweat trickles down my brow. ... I have no way of seeing invisible creatures! I think to myself before remembering something very important. I do have a way to counteract it though. Reaching into my pocket, I pull out a piece of parchment and silently cast a spell on myself. My shape shifts into the form of a medium sized dragon with cerulean scales wearing mithral barding. Platinum butterflylike wings keep me aloft as my prehensile tail twitches in anticipation of what's to come.

Polymorph (Spellcraft DC 23 to identify): Polymorph Info Link. Silenced due to spellglyph. Increased DC due to Spell Thematics.
Form taken: 12 HD Medium Faerie Dragon (Draconomicon, p. 158 & 159). Armored due to Spell Thematics.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Although the Lamia can't see details, and can't hear your conversation, she CAN tell that you've changed into a dragon, LOL :p

It's Initiative Time!
Respen 26
Tam 18a
Travis 18b
Leonard 17
Lathir 16a
Sylvar 16b
Lamia 16c
Brother Xao 15
Vale 13
Thallok: 10
Kleborn: 9
Dewydd 6
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OOC: Tam rolls 28 and 18 respectively.

Tam stops in his tracks. Hearing the twins, he is looking about as best he can. He then thinks, "Well, if I can't see it, maybe I can keep it from seeing me and uses his invisibility ring. Then dodges to his right: P19 to O18.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth

Lathir steps through the portal, and in the wink of an eye, he is standing alone, in the midst of a ruined village, which is filled with skeletal corpses, lying in the street, almost completely covered by rain-soaked leaves. The huts and tents are nothing now but burnt piles of debris; and in the center of the village, the well is bereft of its bucket, and reeks of spoiled, stagnant water. Next to the well, stands the centerpiece of the village, the Portal Tree, the runes carved deep into its trunk--normally glowing--now dark and dormant. Lathir muses to himself that it was a good plan, killing the master druid first, taking the staff... But how did she turn the portal runes dark? No one but a druid may use the powers of the staff to control the portal. How did she pull it off?

Lathir spends three days examining the site, looking for clues, trying to figure out a scenario that made sense, and trying to ascertain his purpose in being summoned here.

At some point, being tired of standing, Lathir leans against and touches the tree, and is surprised, as his hand is held fast, and a shock of energy flows through his body! In the brief moment that it takes for this to happen, Lathir experiences a vision!

In the vision, Vulka and her giants are laying waste to the village, killing and burning. Vulka is facing off against the Druid in single combat. The combat lasts through several tense exchanges; but hidden in the bushes is a male Drow elf. When the Druid's back is turned, the Drow casts a spell, and whispers something. The Druid gets a blank look in his eyes, and mumbles, "Must protect the village. Must close the portal." He then touches the staff to the tree, causing the runes to go dark. As he does this, Vulka grins, and runs a giant-sized, black, iron spear through the Druid's chest, killing him instantly.

Vulka says, "Davayte posmotrim, kak eti druidy mogut zashchitit' svoi dragotsennyye lesa bez svoyey malen'koy seti portalov!"

Vulka says, "Let's see how these druids can protect their precious forests without their little portal network!"

GM: In his vision, Lathir understands everything that Vulka says. Thus, Lathir may look at the spoilers.

The Drow elf grins, stepping out of the bushes where he had been hiding.He removes a black, silken patch of cloth from his pocket, and folds it out onto the ground. Lathir recognizes the magic, for he has seen Respen use it before: A Portable Hole.

Vulka rips the staff from the dead Druid's hands, which are still grasping it. As she does so, there is a shower of sparks, and a flash of blue light. Vulka screams in pain, dropping the staff, and kicking it into the portable hole with her boot.

Vulka curses, "Oy! Proklyataya shtuka menya potryasla!"

Vulka curses, "Ouch! The damned thing shocked me!"

The Drow elf simply chuckles, and begins to fold the cloth, so that he may replace it in his pocket.

...and with that, the vision ends, and Lathir has the answer to his question.

Lathir muses inwardly, to himself: ~So, this Drow again. It's the second time I've laid eyes on him. He used a Suggestion spell; devious little vermin. When we finally meet, he shall die for that deed alone, let alone all of the other vile acts he has committed. He shall know the justice of the forest; he shall feel the wrath of the sisters. I swear this, here and now.~

When Lathir swears the oath, a voice inside his head says: "I am proud of you this day, my servant. You have done well in deciphering these clues I have left for you. Bear this purpose in mind: The Drow is a defiler. You are right to want for his destruction. His true name is Glimval, although he uses the name of Quinnlan among the Giants. He is part of a plot to despoil the forests of the surface world, and to corrupt the druidic portals, for use by his kind, to spread their war of darkness across your world. For that reason alone, I demand his death, and the burning of his body on a ritual funeral bed, built in the shadow of the Great Oak of the Vesve Forest. Ellis Kvar can show you the way to it, and he can also help you build the bed.

The Key of Krigala now resides in the treasure horde of the Jarl of the Great Ice Rift. The sacred staff was a gift from Vulka, to acquire the loyalty and allegiance of the Frost Giants. They are now allied in purpose. Since they have dared to ally themselves against me, I demand the deaths of the Hill Giants and their allies in the Steading, as well as the deaths of the Frost Giants of the Glacial Rift. You will act as my agent in this; you will deliver the brunt of my wrath. For that purpose, take this ring."

A golden ring inset with a green emerald appears on the pinky finger of your right hand.

The Ring of Vengeance (Minor Artifact)
Does not take up a magic item slot. May be worn on fingers, or toes.
The ring is impervious to damage.
The ring is dormant (non-functional) in Human form.
The ring only functions for the Chosen of Meilikki.
When in Wildshape, the ring causes the animal form's claws to become UNBREAKABLE +4 Adamantine slashing & piercing weapons. [+4 to hit and damage, base damage = 1d6+4, Crit: 19-20 x2 (2d6+8) Type: Slashing AND Piercing]

The voice continues, "But now, you must go to the aid of your friends. Their destinies are inter-twined with the well-being of the forest. They are in grave peril. Prepare yourself, you are about to join them! Fight alongside them, armed with the fury of nature, and the resolve that comes from the pursuit of your oath!"

And with that, there is a momentary flash of light, and you suddenly find yourself in desert environs... You are hidden within a patch of dense foliage, next to a pool of clear water, obviously an oasis. You can see your friends in the distance; they are preparing to fight! And directly in front of you, where the foliage ends and the sand begins, you see the form of a Lamia materializing, as she casts an attack spell, thereby ending her invisibility. She is camouflaged to look like the sand, as the result of wearing a thin, wispy veil. But you are close enough to easily distinguish it. She is so focused on your friends, she is completely unaware of your presence. You will receive a +2 circumstantial Initiative Bonus! Go ahead and roll initiative.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth

Xao, you hear your owner's bored voice suddenly perk up.

Female Voice: "Whoah! What's this? It looks like we finally have visitors! It's about time! I long for the taste of Human blood. Oh look, there's a lot of them, and they're almost here. I'd imagine that the illusion has already done its work by now..."

After over 4 months, by your reckoning, you finally have a chance to escape, if only the "visitors" can defeat your captor.

BROTHER XAO: What do you do?

Aust Thale

Having permanent see invisibility cast on himself, he sees what Lenny & Travis see, and he states as much to the group, not loudly, but a regular voice: "Do not be fooled by the illusion, my friends. An enemy (or more) are before us. The twins see them, as do I. Do not trust your eyes. I will attempt to expose it and hinder its movement. Stand fast." He thinks to himself: This may not work, but if it does, it will both expose the adversary as well as make its movement most painful.
DM please roll Initiative for Respen as well as roll Will Save and Spell Resistance checks for Enemy; range is 230 feet.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth

Respen, you cannot see more than one enemy at the present time (the Lamia) but that doesn't mean there aren't things lurking in the dense vegetation.

Respen is quick on the draw, catching the Lamia flat-footed; he can see that Tam is making movements that will be interpreted as hostile; he can see that the Lamia is doing the same. It takes a fraction of a second for all of these things to occur, and for Respen to begin reacting to them, although to Respen "The Quick" Coraellus, things seem to be moving in slow motion.

Respen is able to warn his companions of the danger, and get off a spell, before anyone else can even think. But the Lamia's will is strong, and the spell (Bloodbriars) fails. Respen is non-plussed by this, and the emotion becomes a sour scowl, spreading across his face.


Sylvar nocks an arrow, and holds his action; when the Lamia becomes visible, he will shoot her from where he's standing; at only 80 ft. away, she will be easily within his 110' short range increment.


Not being able to see his enemy, Tam uses a standard action to activate his ring, and then takes a 1-square adjustment, from Q19 to P18. (I corrected it for you, Tam, because you had the squares wrong. But it's a moot point, because both positions are equally advantageous in this instance.)

TRAVIS: It's your move! And right after you, it's LENNY's move! What do you do?


Travis moves forward, placing himself between Tam and the threat, then unleashes a line of fire at the Lamia.

Moves to Q17, now hovering 10 feet from the ground.
60 foot line of fire: 8d6 fire damage, DC 20 Reflex save for half damage. 33 damage rolled.
Enduring Breath (Dragon Magic, p. 77): Deals damage over 2 consecutive rounds. Target takes the normal amount of damage initially, then half that amount the next round. Example: Target fails reflex save and takes 33 damage. Next round they will take another 16. Or, if target makes reflex save this round and only takes 16 damage, next round they will take 8 more. If they have evasion and take no damage the first round due to a successful save (or they have immunity, resistance, etc), they also take no additional damage the following round. No save is allowed against the second round's damage.

Lenny moves to just behind and beside his brother, then unleashes his own line of fire at the Lamia.

Moves to P18, now hovering 10 feet from the ground.
60 foot line of fire: 8d6 fire damage, DC 20 Reflex save for half damage. 27 damage rolled.
Each of Lenny's breath effects require he use the cone version. He is not within 30 feet to be able to do so.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Immediate Action: connect to the Lamia via the bottle's Clairaudience / Clairvoyance ability.
Standard Action: See / hear what's going on.

Lenny and Travis both attack the Lamia without hesitation, and she is surprised that they are able to see her!

Brother Xao, as your mind links up with the Lamia's, and you begin to see and hear what she's doing, you notice what looks like a large group of adventurers heading toward the oasis. Out front, ahead of the main group, is an armored mage, and two, rugged-looking, shield-carrying, mercenary types, being led by a small, unassuming Halfling, who appears to be searching the sand for traps. You are hopeful that this is the rescue you've been hoping for.


Suddenly, the two mercs, who look to be twins, murmur among themselves, and run to approach the oasis, taking flight as they do so! They position themselves in front of the Halfling, as if trying to protect him; then, still in flight, both men breath gouts of fire at (you) the Lamia! They are Dragon Kin!! Perhaps they were sent by the samurai who discovered your talents? You can't be certain. The only thing you are certain of is that you are glad to be sitting in the comfort and safety of this bottle, while your captor is facing the flames! You see the lines of fire coming, and cringe as they make impact.

The Lamia wails, "Aaarggh! How did you see me! Curse you!"

At this point, the Lamia begins to cast a spell in retaliation; however, she is INTERRUPTED by two party members whom have been holding their actions, waiting for her to become visible.

Lathir can interrupt her first, because he is the fastest.
Sylvar will interrupt her second.


The Lamia takes 46 pts. of fire damage from the twin's double breaths. This represents significant burns! She wails in pain.

Suddenly, from behind her, stepping out of the dense foliage of the oasis, a HUGE Dire Bear with silvery-looking claws begins to MAUL the Lamia! It is wearing a distinctive AMULET and a pair of huge BRACERS. There is only one explanation: SOMEHOW, LATHIR HAS RETURNED!!!

The Lamia barely has time to turn her head, to look upon her attacker, before she is clawed badly in the face! Brother Xao, you get a close-up view of the fearsome assault!


The Lamia has taken a total of 93 pts. of damage so far. She is gravely injured!

The Lamia reels from the bear's fierce attacks, backpedalling, trying to get away. As she does, three arrows wiz in, two of them high, disappearing into the foliage. But one of the arrows finds it mark, and sticks in her side!


The Lamia has taken a total of 103 pts. damage so far.

The Lamia is trying to invoke one of her spell-like powers, but she is overwhelmed by the fierce onslaught, and the power fizzles.

Concentration check: Roll: (2) + 15 = Fails miserably.
(DC would have been 118, but I would have counted a Natural 20 like a critical strike; i.e., if she had rolled 20, I would have rolled d4 and multiplied her check by that amount. (35 x 4) = 140. She had a chance, albeit a very slim one. Rolling a 20 is a 5% occurrence, but then, anything less than 4 on the d4 would still have been a failure.

Brother Xao, using the powers of the bottle against his captor, attempts to bestow a curse upon the Lamia! A spectral hand issues forth from the foilage, and tries to touch the Lamia!

Bestow Curse DC 19
Lamia: Roll (9) + 13 = 22 (Saved)

The Lamia scowls, and curses angrily, "So, my little prisoner wants to play as well, eh?"

The Lamia snarls as her eyes glow, and the spectral hand dissipates!


VALE: It's your turn! The Lamia is gravely wounded! But she retains her fierce resolve! What do you do?

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Val says, "Smite this witch with the power of LIGHT. It is beneath your dignity to engage one such as her, who attacks from ambush. And besides, a spell is quicker than have to trod all the way over there through all this bleedin' sand. You'll never be able to get all of it out of your boots, if you're not careful, lad."

Searing Light: Range: 200 ft. at your level, Damage: 5d8 at your level, No save (but does require ranged touch attack), spell resistance applies. You're pretty sure this is the spell that the axe is referring to. You're well within its range; the Lamia is only 85 feet away. You could still hit her at double that distance.

Aust Thale

Vale Stonegallows:
Mentally receiving the Axe's suggestion, Vale elects to indeed do as it suggests. He whispers a dwarven prayer using his hand as a focal point. A preternatural white-gold light jumps from his outstretched palm and crackles with a low thunder as it heads straight toward the now visible, wounded, and supremely pissed off Lamia. "Wretched creature. May this speed you toward your end."



Thallok looks at the distance between himself and his enemy, and realizes it might be too great of a distance for the orc to make up. His main focus is ending The Lamia, so he grabs his bow and nocks 3 arrows. "Can't let you all have all the fun" Thallok said as he releases his arrows.

Attack 1-natural 1, miss
Attack 2-21, Damage 8
Attack 3-natual 1, miss
Thallok is pissed


Kleborn watches Thallok miss his mark, and laughs a little under his breath as he can see Thallok's anger. He really wants to use his sword, but knows that he can't make it to her in time, and that his best bet is to fire arrows as well. "hopefully these arrows are a little more true than yours my big orc friend." Thallok was not amused.

Kleborn fires his three shots at the Lamia.

Attack 1 - 27, damage 5
Attack 2 - 18, damage 9
Attack 3 - 9, damage 4

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