The Hit Dices (Hit Points) used in classes don't make sense.


As mentioned in the title above, the Hit Dices (Hit Points) used in the classes do not make sense, because they do not take into account the peculiarities of each class and its essence.

First place. It is necessary to consider the disparity between martials and spellcasters, as well as half-casters. With that in mind, spellcasters should have less health than half-casters and even more comparated to martials. Martials, in essence, dedicated their career to exclusively perfecting their body (and mind), unlike half-casters and spellcasters. For this reason, when they have to chose the path to know spellcasting, they are only 1/3 caster. It turns out that, today, this superiority is not reflected in terms of rules and features, as can be seen below:

1d6 (4 HP + Constitution modifier) - Wizards and Sorcerer.
1d8 (5 HP + Constitution modifier) - Cleric, Druid, Bard, Warlock, Monk and Rogue.
1d10 (6 HP + Constitution modifier) - Ranger, Paladin and Fighter.
1d12 (7 HP + Constitution modifier) - Barbarian.

As you can see, some distributions do not make sense, either in terms of balance in between martials, half-casters and spellcasters divide or in terms of narrative. For example, we have the Fighter, who has the same Hit Dice (Hit Points) as half-casters. The Fighter dedicates his class to a single direction - perfect his blows (STR or DEX) and body (CON). The half-caster, in another hand, devide his class to two directions - perfect their blows (STR or DEX) and body (CON) and spellcasting. Another example is The Monk and the Rogue. They dedicates their classes to a single direction too - they spend their entire lives dedicated exclusively to the perfection of their bodies and soul. There is no logic their Hit Dice (Hit Point) be less than half-casters. All-rounded classes, like half-casters, should not be better than dedicated classes, nor equivalent. Their power lies on versatility.

At the same time, I notice a concern in differentiating the resilience of Fighters and Barbarians. However, I understand that both complement each other despite their differences. The Fighter chose his resilience through armor and the Barbarian, in your turn, chose his resilience through resistance to bludgeoning, piercing and slashing damage.

That said, I do understand that the distribution of Hit Dice (Hit Points) should be reviewed, in order to bring greater balance to the game and try to mitigate, in parts, the differentiation between martials, half-casters and spellcasters and those that hover in the middle. Therefore, I present the following proposal:

1d4 (3 HP + Constitution modifier) - Wizards, Sorcerers.
1d6 (4 HP + Constitution modifier) - Warlock, Clerics, Bards and Druid.
1d8 (5 HP + Constitution modifier) - Paladins and Rangers.
1d10 (6 HP + Constitution modifier) - Rogue and Monk.
1d12 (7 HP + Constitution modifier) - Fighter and Barbarian.
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I approve and endorse this proposal!

It's a shame d5s and d7s are so hard to come by or I'd go for a consistent 2 classes per rank of hit die. (No, they needn't be spaced evently, I'm not completely regimented! Then again, a 1d2 is as easy as a coin flip....)


I think some of this is remnants of old editions where certain classes needed a stat or multiple stats to be a certain level. It acted as a bit of gatekeeping to access the class. There is also something to non-HP benefits of the class. Some benefit from being able to cast spells and swing a sword like ranger. If we gave them heavy armor like a fighter, then look at giving less HP or suck.

There is also some old typecasts of wizards being frail and such that makes giving low HP a thing.

I suppose a worse thing then giving HP based on class would be to have it based on race. I do not want to even start that thread.


my secret fighting dictionary is unbeatable
There is also some old typecasts of wizards being frail and such that makes giving low HP a thing.
Them spellbooks they carry around ain't lightweight!

I suppose a worse thing then giving HP based on class would be to have it based on race. I do not want to even start that thread.
Not to fear! Pathfinder 2 kinda-sorta did that already.

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Personally, I think we should get rid of Hit Dice entirely. Not the mechanic; sure, fine, let people have a way to get back hit points over the course of a day that isn't reliant on healing magic.

But why are we rolling for this amount of hit points? It should be a flat percentage of how many total hit points you have. As it stands, sure, a 1d12 has a higher average than a d8, but the huge variance doesn't really help the Barbarian.

If he's low on hit points, a roll of 1-6 is going to feel a lot worse to him than a roll of 1-4 for the Rogue.


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I saw a variant on Reddit a while ago that used 1d4 + 1d4 per Constitution bonus, regardless of your character class. (I guess they hated how Hit Dice were linked to class, and wanted it to be linked to ability scores instead?)

Like, if your character had an 11 or less in Constitution (no Con bonus), your hit dice was 1d4.
If you had a 12 or 13 in Constitution, your Hit Dice was 2d4.
If you had a 17 in Constitution, your Hit Dice was 4d4.
And so on.

According to the author, it worked "because everyone always has a bonus to Constitution." And as much as I want to disagree in theory, I have to admit: I've never seen a 5E character who didn't have at least a 13 in Constitution.

Anyway. It's a lot more fiddly than I would ever want, and the math just doesn't work at all...but at least one person out there was a fan of it.
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