The Hunted (DM: IronSky, Judge: ???)


[sblock=DM] Raijin has an immediate reaction ready:
Trigger: You are hit by an attack Effect: Until the end of your next turn you get +1 to all defenses and any creature that hits you with a melee attack takes 1d6=6 fire damage.
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Voda Vosa

First Post
"Quickly, move to the docks, far from the water!" shouts Earth with his granitic voice.

[sblock=OOC] Added pic to my spreadsheet character, here it is.
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First Post
"My word! Those aren't Selkies," babbles a flustered Auntie Mab.

"Take that you slimy swimming selkie impersonator!,"
the old woman yells as she hastily draws one of the steak knives out of the pockets sewn inside her cloak and flings the blade in the general direction of one of the eel creatures. Not bothering to watch it plunk harmlessly into the water, Auntie Mab turns and high tails it back to the docks, attempting to gain the high ground by using her walking stick to vault onto one of the crates. Unfortunately though, old limbs proving far from limber, she comes up short and crashes into the side of the box, blinking in fear and confusion as she struggles to maintain her balance.

[sblock=Actions/Stat block]Start=

Minor= draw dagger

= :ranged:Preparatory Shot (-2 for concealment) (1d20+8-2=10)

Move= To H12 + Acrobatics (1d20+4=9) to vault onto the crate at G12 = fail


[sblock=stat block]Auntie Mab - Human Rogue (Warlock) 1
Conditions: none
Passive Perception: +16, Passive Insight: +16, Init: +4
AC: 16, Fort: 12, Reflex: 17, Will: 14
Speed: 6
HP: 25/25, Bloodied: 12, Surge Value: 6, Surges left: 7/7
Action Points: 1, Second Wind: not used, Milestones:
:bmelee:Basic Atk: Dagger +3 vs AC, 1d4+4 dmg
:branged:Ranged Basic Atk: Throw Dagger +8 vs AC, 1d4+4 dmg, Range 5/10 (Daggers: 4/5)
Preparatory Shot, Gloaming Cut, Sly Flourish
Eyebite, Distracting Shot
Scattering Shot
Combat notes:

Tristram - Rat Familiar
HP: 1/1; AC: 16, Fort: 12, Ref: 17, Will: 14
Skills: +11 Thievery, +16 Stealth
Status: Passive Mode[/sblock][/sblock]

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
Round 1

The eel creatures seem to have strangely rubbery bodies, lunging out farther and faster than it would seem possible. They bite on to Illarion, Devinihm, and Rysethynn, and Rysethynn is pulled off her feet and into the bay.

Meanwhile, the lumbering creatures charge across the docks, leaving massive, gaping wounds in Raijin and Xander. When Raijin counters by bursting into flames, the one that attacked him instantly mutates, skin becoming mottled and glistening wherever the fire touches it in reaction.

[sblock=Illarion]You have no idea what these things are.[/sblock]

[sblock=Enemy Actions]Eel Creature 1: Lunging Bite: 14 Reflex vs Earth, miss. Swim down 3 squares to P18, Stealth 7.
Eel Creature 2: Swim to the surface at O11, Lunging Bite: 22 Reflex vs Illarion, 10 damage and Illarion is grabbed.
Eel Creature 3: Lunging Bite: 25 Reflex vs Rysethynn, hit, 11 damage and Rysethynn is grabbed. Drag: Shift to R12, Rysethynn's save to avoid falling into the water: 1, fail.
Eel Creature 4: Swim to the surface at Q15, Lunging Bite: 15 Reflex vs Devinihm, hit, 7 damage and grabbed.

Hulking Creature 1: Move to I14, Tearing Cut: 21 AC vs Raijin, hit, 21 damage, <Reaction: Dragonflame Mantle: +1 defenses, 1d6 fire damage: 5 fire damage> Variable Resistance: Resist 10 fire until end of encounter, Infected Wound: 22 Fort vs Raijin, hit, 5 ongoing poison and necrotic damage(save ends).
Hulking Creature 2: Move to J14, Tearing Cut: 25 AC vs Xander, hit, 19 damage, Infected Wound: 15 Fort vs Xander, hit, 5 ongoing poison and necrotic damage(save ends).
Hulking Creature 3: Move, charge to I13 <OA from Raijin, MBA: 10 AC, miss.>, Finger Talons(+1 charge): 27 AC vs Auntie Mab, hit, 8 damage.[/sblock]

[sblock=Combatants]Auntie Mab: I12, 8 damage taken
Devinihm: O13, 7 damage taken, grabbed(Eel Creature 4)
Rysethynn: Q12, in water, 11 damage taken, grabbed(Eel Creature 3)
Earth: M13
Illarion: N13, 10 damage taken, grabbed(Eel Creature 2)
Raijin: J13, 22 damage taken, bloodied, 5 ongoing poison and necrotic damage(save ends)
Xander: K13, 19 damage taken, bloodied, 5 ongoing poison and necrotic damage(save ends)

Eel Creature 1: P18, 4 squares down(submerged), total cover, concealment
Eel Creature 2: O11
Eel Creature 3: R12, 1 square down(submerged), concealment
Eel Creature 4: Q15
Eel Creatures: 17 AC, ?? Fort, ?? Ref, ?? Will, MBA - Lunging Bite: Reach 2, +6 vs Reflex, 2d6+3 damage and the target is grabbed.

Hulking Creature 1: I14
Hulking Creature 2: J14, resist 10 fire
Hulking Creature 3: I13
Hulking Creatures:
16 AC, ?? Fort, ?? Ref, ?? Will, MBA - Finger Talons: +6 vs AC, 4d4+2 damage.[/sblock]

[sblock=Terrain - UPDATE, IMPORTANT]The docks are 1 square below the streets. It's a DC 15 Athletics and 2 squares worth of movement to climb. The ramp up is at I22-23 and J22-23.

The light blue water is the shallows, it is 3 squares deep and requires a DC 10 Athletics check to swim. The darker blue water is affected by the tide. It requires DC 13 Athletics checks to swim and any creature without a swim speed that ends its turn in it is slid 2 squares south.

The dock is 1 square up from the water. Climbing up from the water requires a DC 13 Athletics(climb check).

The docks are all 2 squares wide, even when they don't look like they are.[/sblock]

[sblock=Light]There's a lantern on the crate at H23 that shines bright 5 in all directions. Illarion has the Lantern. Everything else is dim lighting.[/sblock]


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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Illarion stabs at the creature holding him, his dagger flashing with the colors of the rainbow. He quickly contorts, his body shifting in few places and he slides from the creature.

"Raijin, Xander, move away from them! Get on the other side of the walkway! Make space for Earth. I'll blast them when you move!"

Free: Drop staff
Minor: Draw dagger
Standard: Chaos Bolt vs Eel 2 Will; damage (1d20+8=13, 1d10+8=10) - let's hope they have weak will :p
Move: Acrobatics vs Eel 2 Reflex (1d20+3=22) - shift to M12

- it can grab from 2 squares away?

Free: shroud on Hulk 2

Two questions:
1st - do I have Mists of Disarray available or this is same encounter as skill challenge?
2nd - can I ready an action on AP? (and if it goes untriggered, would it still spend AP?)


First Post
[sblock=Rules help!]This is only my second 4e combat ever, so my apologies if this all seems basic:

Devinihm's current aspect is Aspect of the Hunter (I don't think I explicitly stated it on his entrance, but the 'green and brown with green eyes' description was meant to reflect that, since it's cribbed straight from the PB3 description for that aspect.

In any case, that form comes with an encounter power triggered by an enemy within 2 squares moving on its turn:

Trigger: An enemy within 2 squares of Devinihm moves on its turn
Effect: Devinihm shifts 3 squares. Until TENT Devinihm deals 1d6 extra damage to triggering enemy when he hits and doesn't take -2 penalty to attack if enemy has cover or concealment.

The critter who attacked Earth was within that range, and moved on the turn. But since all the creatures act on the same initiative count, I'm not sure how that works in terms of action order. I mean, if the PBP initiative rules for this game are 'first post=first action,' then technically eel 1 moved before eel 4 bit, which would give Devinihm the chance to shift out of eel 4's attack range (to K13, which Mab vacated on her initiative).

I'm honestly not trying to rules lawyer and really just trying to understand the combat rules better (I'm used to 3.5 and Pathfinder, and find a lot of these mechanics--especially the various triggered stuff and shifting--less-than-intuitive, though I'm sure I'll figure them out with enough practice).

What Devinihm does on his turn, then, obviously depends on whether or not you rule he could have used his Pursuit of the Hunter[/sblock]


First Post
Xander takes a measured step back away from the hulking creature and as he passes Raijin places his hand on his shoulder. "May Maros grant you the strength to defeat these beasts" he says as he passes by. He then takes a deep breath and refocuses on the hulking creatures before them. "Earth we require your assistance down here" he calls out.

Takes 5 ongoing damage; 2 hit points remaining
Move Action = shift to J14
Minor Action = healing word on Raijin; can spend a healing surge plus 2d6+7=17 and gains +2 to all defenses until the start of his next turn.
Standard Action = Second wind; spends a healing surge and regains 6 hit points = 8 hit points remaining; and gains +2 to all defenses till the start of his next turn.
Save vs ongoing damage: 1d20=17 = success!

[sblock=Stat Block]
Xander Kain- Male Human Cleric 1
Current Conditions: none
Passive Insight: 19 Passive Perception: 14; Senses: Normal
Temp Hit Points: 0
HP [26]: 8 Bloodied: 13 Surge Value: 6; Surges Per-Day [9]: 8
AC: 16 Fortitude: 13 Reflex: 11 Will: 17
Speed: 5 (w/ heavy armor) Size: Medium
Action Points: [1]
Second Wind:
Astral Seal
Sacred Flame
Gaze of Defiance
Healing Word [2] – Used 1
Divine Fortune
Healers Mercy
Moment of Glory


Argh Raijin cries out as the creature's pincers slice open huge gashes in his skin. But soon the healing touch of Xander restores him, though he still sways slightly. He moves carefully back from the horde of enemies near him to stand over Mab as lightning begins to course over his skin. BEGONE he says in a thunderous roar of a voice. It washes over the three creatures, rupturing their bodies with sonic vibrations. The sorcerer then swings his staff, charged with electricity as it shifts him back and throws out a wild bolt of energy.

Scales of the Dragon Activated on that hit since it bloodied him.
Take 5 ongoing damage, down to 17
Move: Shift to I12
Minor: Promise of Storm: Until the end of your next turn, you deal an extra 1d8 damage when you hit with a thunder attack or a lightning attack.

  • Elemental Echo (+1 to hit and +2 to damage with arcane powers until the end of your next turn when you successfully use your elemental manifestation power)
Standard: Thunderous Roar: Blast 3 from J13 to H15
1d20+7=20 (vs Hulking Creature 1 Fort)
1d20+7=18 (vs Hulking Creature 2 Fort)
(vs Hulking Creature 3 Fort)
2d6+1d8+13=21 Thunder damage and target takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls until the end of your next turn. If the target is uninjured they take an addition 1d6=1 from the staff. Overcomes Thunder Resistance by 5

AP: Stormwalk - Shift to I11 and attack Hulk 3 if I missed him (otherwise Hulk 2) 1d20+7=10 (vs Fort) for 2d8+13=25 thunder damage, likely a miss but here is the 1d6=3 for Challenge Seeking Staff anyway

Save: 1d20=5 ARGH IC hates me today.

[sblock=ministats]Status: +2 AC until the end of the encounter, ongoing 5 poison and necrotic damage
Passive Perception 11, Passive Insight 17
AC 15, Fort 17, Reflex 12, Will 18
HP: 17/27, Bloodied 13, Surge Value 6, Surges 6/6
Resist Force 10, Resist Lightning 5, Resist Thunder 5
Speed 6, Initiative +1
Action Points: 0, Second Wind
At-Will Powers: Blazing Starfall, Storm Walk
Encounter Powers: Dragonflame Mettle, Promise of Storm, Thundering Roar
Daily Powers: Lightning Breath, Brooch of Shielding

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
- it can grab from 2 squares away?

Two questions:
1st - do I have Mists of Disarray available or this is same encounter as skill challenge?
2nd - can I ready an action on AP? (and if it goes untriggered, would it still spend AP?)

GM: Yes, it can grab from two square away. Think of it as the majority of its body is at its square and its neck is distended out to where it's jaws are clamped on you. If it seems unnatural then that makes sense as these things are very unnatural.

Mists of Disarry is still available.

If you spend your AP to ready an action, the AP is spent whether the action triggers or not.

jkason, the best way to handle immediate actions is to post them in advance: IE "Immediate Reaction - Aspect of Nature will trigger if an enemy within 3 of me moves, I'll shift to K13". Post something like that (as johnmeier1 did for Raijin) at the end of your turn post or when I announce combat is going to be starting.

Voda Vosa

First Post
Earth quickly assess the situation. He lumbers towards his most damaged allies and stands there, as he raises his hammer over his head. In that moment, Earth seems to grow, becoming even more massive. lightning sparks around him, shooting from his empty eye sockets. As he sends his hammer down towards the ground, earth binds form around the creatures' feet. The hammer crashes in the pebbled docks, rising stone pikes that impale the three creatures. "Nature protects you Xander, press forward!" Earth words echoes into the human as he feels his wounds closing quickly.

Time seems to stop, as Earth remains in the same position, hammer encrustating in the ground, the three creatures struggling to stick the rock pikes out. Suddenly, a shock of electricity shoots from Earth, and runs through the pikes, electrocuting the creatures.

[sblock=Actions -a lot-]
Move: To j13
Free: Mark the three creatures with Nature's wrath
Minor: Form of the Thunder Mountain: 3 resist all dmg, +1 AC
Standard: Wellspring strike: Close burst 2: 31(Crit!) 17 and 17 for 10 dmg (5 if miss, and 16 to the one critical'ed) Grant Xander Regeneration 5 while bloodied. plus 4 dmg to marked enemies. Plus 4 dmg to marked enemies (From Thunder Mountain's form).
AP: Thunder's Mountain attack: 23, 16 and 29 vs ref for 16 dmg, and knocked prone. Plus 4 dmg to marked enemies.

A little resume: A creature hit by all attacks get: 34 dmg and is knocked prone.
The creature that was hit by the critic gets additional 6
A creature that was missed by both attacks get 21 dmg and is not knocked prone.
Hit by WS and not by TM: 26 and not knocked prone
Hit by TM and not by WS: 29 and knocked prone[/sblock]

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