The Hunted (DM: IronSky, Judge: ???)


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Neurotic: Illarion can't see the Ogre from where he's at due to the X-shaped
You missed that Illarion moved to L26.

EDIT: Sorry, now I see I failed to complete action block :( My intention (as visible, but not clear, by the description) was to move closer
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Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
GM: Since Voda Vosa is out of town, it's up to Xander and Illarion whether the fight continues or not. If no one decides by tomorrow, I'll assume you're letting them go.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Depends on whether that one bolt (18 damage) would drop the ogre :) Then I would insist you gloss over my error and hit him :p

Joking aside, Illarion wouldn't be happy to let them go as they can come back later at more inopportune moment, what with his necromancer/assassin attitude. He'd prefer to kill them all.

But of course, as I take over Earth, we can play some. I guess it would be better if we focus on reviving everyone as there's still demon fight coming...

So, let them go.

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
The Hunted: Day 1, Hour 3, Minute 58

Earth and Xander manage to restrain Illarion as the sorcerer moves in to pursue. The group then turns to tending their badly injured companions.

GM: Combat over! Everyone is stable and awake and you may take as many short rests as you desire, healing at surge +2d6+7 thanks to Xander's Healing Words(or surge +14 if you don't feel like rolling them). It'll be 5 minutes per 2 Healing Words the group uses.
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At Xander's healing words, Raijin stands up. He thanks the cleric and asks him to stay a bit longer while he gets all this strength. Thank you, I felt I was lost.

[sblock=OOC] Raijin was 1 hp above negative bloodied. One surge used 2d6+13=17 heh, Two surges then. I get an AP too.

Passive Perception 11, Passive Insight 17
AC 15, Fort 17, Reflex 12, Will 18
HP: 27/27, Bloodied 13, Surge Value 6, Surges 2/6
Resist Force 10, Resist Lightning 5, Resist Thunder 5
Speed 6, Initiative +1
Action Points: 1, Second Wind
At-Will Powers: Blazing Starfall, Storm Walk
Encounter Powers: Dragonflame Mettle, Promise of Storm, Thundering Roar
Daily Powers: Lightning Breath, Brooch of Shielding


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Devinihm, wilden druid

The skittering insects on the wall and floor slowly come together, multiply, and eventually reconstitute themselves into Devinihm's wilden form.

"There is urgency to reach the house, but I must rest or I think I will be useless if we meet the hunters."

OOC: If I figured it right, Devinihm was at -2 HP, so two surges (7 each + the healing word bonuses) takes him to full HP again.

[sblock=resources used]Surges remaining/total: 6/11
Action Points avail: 1
Encounter Powers: none
Daily Powers: none[/sblock]
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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
OOC: if anyone has surges to spare, use them, don't wait for healing words or we'll find the carnage at the house. We can rest there if we get time.

"Rest quickly, we may find some time for additional rest at the site, I fear if we don't hurry, all we find will be more carnage. I'd prefer to have half the map rather then a quarter, and limit our enemies to second half."


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Xander will rush over and stabilize the dying while Earth restrains Illarion from pursuing the fleeing Ogre.

I agree that prolonging that fight would not have been in our benifit. Next time lets not split up as much. Xander's powers are more effective if he is in the center of the group, or at the very least, within 5 squares of everyone. Since we really only have 1 front line tank (Earth) we should try and position ourselves in a pinch point with Earth as the divider. Just a suggestion.


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OOC: if anyone has surges to spare, use them, don't wait for healing words or we'll find the carnage at the house. We can rest there if we get time.

OOC: This is really my first 4e game ever, but it seems to me that the two random encounters we've had have been pretty brutal, so I'm not sure there's likely to be such a thing as surges to spare whenever we actually encounter what's behind all this. :eek:


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"Luran? Is that you?," asks a blearily blinking Auntie Mab as she comes to under Xander's ministrations. "Oh... oh why Xander dearie! Thank heavens! For a second there I thought I had been done in and spirited off to Arcadia by my lord for a proper faerie funeral. It would have been very romantic I suppose, but who would have taken care of my poor neffy over at the hospital?"

As she comes to her senses the old woman nods in agreement with Illarion. "That's right dearie! We've got to get to the bottom of this quickly if we're going to save anyone from all this senseless destruction. Let's go get the other half of that map. No time for lying about here." The old woman declares with a determined look on her face as she retrieves her kitchen cutlery.

OOC: Alright, I agree that we need to hurry, so I'm burning the rest of my surges rather than spend an extra short rest for the healing word bonuses. Let's double time over to the house. I think we'll have to take an extended rest at some point regardless, otherwise Raijin and Auntie Mab probably aren't going to make it.

[sblock=statblock]Auntie Mab - Human Rogue (Warlock) 2
Conditions: none
Passive Perception: 17, Passive Insight: 17, Init: +5
AC: 17, Fort: 13, Reflex: 18, Will: 15
Speed: 6
HP: 28/30, Bloodied: 15, Surge Value: 7, Surges left: 0/7
Action Points: 0, Second Wind: used, Milestones:
Basic Atk: Dagger +4 vs AC, 1d4+4 dmg
Ranged Basic Atk: Throw Dagger +9 vs AC, 1d4+4 dmg, Range 5/10 (Daggers: 3/5)
Preparatory Shot, Gloaming Cut, Sly Flourish
Eyebite, Shadow Strike
Twilight Menace, Arm and Edge
Combat notes: +2 to all defenses till EONT

Tristram - Rat Familiar
HP: 1/1; AC: 17, Fort: 13, Ref: 18, Will: 15
Skills: +12 Thievery, +20 Stealth
Status: Passive Mode[/sblock]

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