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I've started running an adventure for my group and I'm using Hollow's Last Hope (D0) as a starting point. I'd like to move from that into Crown of the Kobold King (D1) and into Revenge of the Kobold King (D1.5). My plan to link this all together, which is alluded to in the modules, was that the Kobolds are being pushed to the surface by the dark and mysterious forces underground (undead?) and that those forces are responsible for the Kobold King's renaimation in D1.5. My players are already frustrated with the Logging Consortium so I am pretty sure I'm going to have to have some politics in town to resolve that.

My question for the community is, I was thinking of concluding the whole shebang with Hungry are the Dead (D4). Does that module connect to the Kobold King's story? I know it involves lots of undead and more of the dungeon below the ruined dwarven but I was hoping it revealed more what was the driving force behind all of this. Does anyone have any experience with these modules?

I don't know if I will use Carnival of Tears. I've heard that it is rather dark and I don't know how grim I want to get.

PS: I hope this is the right board. I've been away for a while.

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