The Kolloseaum: Team Gil's Conscience (DM: Iron Sky, Judge: Luinnar)


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[MENTION=87106]MetaVoid[/MENTION] I don't think there is any wimpy 1hp minions this fight, if that's what you mean.

So, what is our plan of action here? The huge one is the biggest threat, but during the time it takes for us to kill it the other 4 could probably chew somebody to death.
If you guys want to try to kill the little ones while I keep the big one busy, I can probably keep the big one only attacking me for at least two rounds. I have an attack that can daze it, and then my item daily can force it to focus me. I could also try marking multiple ones near me and just hoping the big one obeys the mark.

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OOC: I'd vote to neutralize the big one's threat with tanking/crowd control and nova at least a couple of the smaller ones, but right now the priority is to heal the people that's going to fall into negatives at the start of their rounds (and Ootah too) and regain some semblance of a line, falling back to the center of the arena. I could do with Invigorating Stride if someone healed him and moved one worm so when I shift 3 I don't end adjacent to any enemy.


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OOC: My suggestion is to get the party back up and moving. Thought I saw someone in the party with Healers Mercy? That would be grand to use right now with all these bloodied people cluttered up.

As for target priority take out the little ones. Ignore the big one for right now. Less creatures on the board equals less attacks equals less damage. Focus fire on one, kill it move on to the next, of course if you got blasts or Bursts for multiple targets that works as well.


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OOC: Thanks @CaBaNa , saved me!

"Spawn of the hells!" Artemis shouts as he is shocked and blasted by the explosion of worms and their firely attacks.

Almost overcome by the heat of the worms' attacks, Artemis is rejuvinated by Gil's healing elixir.

"Thanks Gil, now lets take these beasts apart!"

Artemis swings his star forged blade in a huge arc, creating a temporary schism in the air. Inky blackness pulses inside the bright edges of the blade created void. The smaller worm disappears into the void in front of Artemis and appears behind him. The beast looks a little worse for wear. Artemis then steps back from the heat exuding beast.

Start: Heal 11hp from Gil's Curative Elixir
Start: Take 5 damage (ongoing)
Start: Take 5 damage (next to worm) (thanks CaBaNa!)
Standard: Wield the Warp versus burrower spawn w/ flanking: 1d20+11+2, 2d10+10 → ([7, 11, 2], [9, 10, 10]) Roll Lookup Hit fort 20 for 29 damage and teleport the worm to K-21. That should reduced the damage to Cyr and Brenwar this turn.
Movement: Shift to K-23
Save: 1d20 → [3] = (3) Roll Lookup

[sblock=mini-stats]Atremis Harks- Male Human Hexblade 4
Status: bloodied, ongoing 5 fire damage
Initiative: +3, Passive perception: 11, Passive Insight: 16
AC 21 / 20 For: 15 Ref: 17 Will: 19
HP: 9/37 Bloodied: 18 Surge value: 9 Surges/day: 8
Speed: 5 squares, Languages: Common, Primordial
AP: 1, Second Wind: unused

Powers: Resplendent Blade, Eldritch Bolt, Dire Fate
Wield the Warp, Wield the Warp, Heroic Effort, Spectral Fade
Confusion of the Cosmos, Inspiring Word, Ironscar Rod, Lesser Planar Ally

PC:Artemis Harks, Hexblade (FourMonos) - L4W Wiki

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OOC: Now that I had an opportunity to study the DM's post more carefully I've decided to try to retcon some of the post with an interrupt against the burrower spawn...

...which backfires horribly. Ootah wastes Disruptive shot and is at -11 instead (half orcs get 5 TPH the first time they are bloodied in an encounter)
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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
OOC: I say we focus on the little ones and with focus I mean really focus with all damage going on one or two of them.

[MENTION=60965]Iron Sky[/MENTION], I don't suppose those blasts were melee attacks so that I get to use Delban's Deadly Attention? It would reduce my damage by 14 :(

if Lerrick shifts 1 left she can get us all in healers mercy. And then heal someone some more. :) Clerics are good.

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OOC: Burrower Spawn at M23 is now at K21, cannot take opportunity actions, has taken the most damage of the spawn and is now bloodied.

The Burrower cannot take opportunity actions either. So Lerrick can walk to wherever she would like, and that goes for anyone on the Burrower, no shifts necessary.

@FourMonos only the Burrower has the aura, Artemis has taken five less damage than indicated. (If you'd rather move somewhere, instead of shift, the Burrower Spawn that is adjacent to you cannot take opp. act.)
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Iron Sky

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I don't suppose those blasts were melee attacks so that I get to use Delban's Deadly Attention? It would reduce my damage by 14 :(

GM: The blasts were close bursts, so no.

Also [MENTION=5656]Someone[/MENTION], the burrower spawn's OAs do 1d10+5 and grab you, not just 1d10. I think Ootah'd be at -16 and grabbed.


GM: The blasts were close bursts, so no.

Also [MENTION=5656]Someone[/MENTION], the burrower spawn's OAs do 1d10+5 and grab you, not just 1d10. I think Ootah'd be at -16 and grabbed.

OOC: Yes, I added the +5 bonus to damage. I just rolled the die because I couldn't se your post when making the roll and wasn't sure of the exact bonus, so Ootah is at -11 and grabbed (not to mention burning).


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"Lerrick can you heal us all?"[/quote]

ooc: Changing color of Lerrick to one that I think no one is using.

What?!...uh...yes...I think I can! she yells out as she tries desperately to put out the flames. Surveying the battlefield, she shifts away from a worm to a position where cure everyone. She closes her eyes and mumbles words in draconic. Her eyes, as well as the mark on her forehead, instantly turn from deep emerald green to a brilliant blinding silver. Suddenly, a blast of silver light reaches out from the cleric in all directions, bringing healing warmth to all who are in dire need, including Ootah, who now begins to move on the ground. The result of this action leaves the young girl in a weakend state. Can someone heal me? Not to sound like I'm "all that", but my healing powers are stronger than anyone else's here, and I'd like to use them on others who may needed them later, more than I need myself right now. Of course, if one of these things kill me now I wont be able to heal

The butterfies in the Lerrick's stomach have now past as the battle is in full force. The young cleric feels and strange peace as she now focusses on one task, keeping her comrades alive.

5 on-going damage puts Lerrick down to 14 hp

movement: shift to 025
attack: healer's mercy on everyone who is bloodied..which is everyone :). All bloodied characters spend a healing surge+1d6+9 = 16 additional hp. Lerrick is weakend until beginning of next turn and a saving throw.

save vs ongoing fire damage: 1d20 = saved :)



Lerrick: Half-Elf Cleric Lvl 5
Advantageous Conditions:
Adverse Conditions:
Initiative: +2 Passive Insight: 22 Passive Perception: 17
Senses: Normal
AC: 16 Fort 16 Ref 15 Will 21
HP 47
Bloodied 23
Surge Value 11; Surges Per-Day 8
Action Point: 1
Second Wind: 1
At will:
Astral Seal
Sacred Flame
Divine Fortune
Knack for Success
Healer's Mercy USED
Healing Word 2
Hymm of Resurgence:
Daily Standard:
Life Transference
Beacon of Hope
Halo of Consequence
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OOC: GM: Can Joy move over to Q 24? Normally you can move through the corner of an occupied square, but I need to ask since that looks like a partial square along the edge of the big worm.


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Brenar singed from the flame breaths raggedly until Lerrick unleashes a tidal wave of divine healing. Feeling much stronger he focuses on the huge Burrower, trying to keep its attention from the others. He bashes at the creature, only gaining its attention wihtout causing any real harm. However, as the great maw lunges at him again he manages to smash it to the side with his shield and connect with his warhammer. "Palladys bless our battle, and let us defeat these foul creatures," with his request the flames on Joy die out and Brenwar stands a bit stronger in the arena.
Surge + 16 Healing (Spent a surge, gain DR 3/-)
52/65hp Start Turn
Start of Turn:
Take 2 Ongoing Fire Damage
Take 2 Fire Damage
Loses DR from Virtuous Recovery
Current HP: 46/65 HP
Turn Actions:
Standard Action: Virtuous Strike vs. Burrower (1d20+13=15, 1d10+5=8)
Action Point: Valorous Smite vs. Burrower (1d20+13=27, 2d10+5=17)
--Burrower takes 17 damage.
--All creatures within 3 squares of Brenwar are subject to his Divine Sanction
--+1 All Brenwar's Defenses till SONT
Move Action: Divine Mettle for Joy (1d20+4=13)
Minor Action: Deliverance of Faith
--Brenwar gains 17 temp. HP
--Spends a surge, gaining DR 3/- till SONT
End Turn:
Save vs. Ongoing Fire (1d20=15)

HP: 46/65 HP (17 THP)

[sblock=Mini Stats]
Brenwar – Male Human Paladin 6

Initiative: +2, Speed: 5 Passive Perception: 16, Passive Insight: 21
AC: 26 (25+1) Fort: 19(18+1), Reflex: 19 (18+1), Will: 21(20+1), Resist: 1 3/all
HP: 46/65 (17), Bloodied: 32 , Surge Value: 17, Surges Left: 11/13

Action Points: 0

Feats of Note:
Whenever Brenwar spends a healing surge, he gains 3 resistance to all damage until the start of his next turn.

Whenever Brenwar uses a power that allows an ally to spend a healing surge or regain hit points as if she had spent a healing surge, that ally can use his healing surge value (17 HP) to determine the number of hit points gained.

OA Basic Melee Attack: +11 Virtuous Strike (Vanguard's Hammer) 1d10+5 Damage

Powers At-Will Powers:Divine Challenge, Ardent Strike, Virtuous Strike, Lay on Hands (3/3 Remaining)
Encounter Powers: Valorous Smite, Righteous Smite, Virtue, Channel Divinity, Deliverance of Faith, Heroic Effort, Censure the Unholy, Divine Reverence, Second Wind
Daily Powers: Majestic Halo, Hallowed Circle, Magic Item Daily
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Ootah wakes up to find himself laying on burning hot sand, burning, in pain and being chewed by a worm. Not the best moment in his life. Squirming out of the worm's jaws, he swiftly rolls away to have a cleared view of the situation.

Before turn: Healer's mercy heals Ootah for 11+16 HP, leaving him at 27, if I understand correctly how being healed when dying works.
Start of turn: Takes 10 damage from aura and ongoing damage, leaving him at 17
Move action: Stand up
Standard action->move: Acrobatics roll to break free from grab, shift to O25
Action point->move action: Invigorating Stride, shifting to to L24 and spending Second Wind. Now at 28 HP and not bloodied.
Minor action: Quarry worm 2
End of turn: Save against ongoing damage fails

Ignore Two Fanged Strike rolls, since apparently I can't count to three and like to waste good rolls.[/sblock]

[sblock=mini-stats] Ootah Half-Orc Ranger 5
Status: Ongoing damage 5
Initiative: +7, Passive perception: 22, Passive Insight: 15
Defenses: AC: 21, For: 16, Ref: 19, Will: 16
HP: 28/46, Bloodied: 23, Surge value: 11, Surges/day:6/8 Speed: 6 squares
Languages: Common, Giant
AP: 0
Twin Strike, Clever Shot
Two Fanged Strike, Disruptive Strike, Invigorating Stride, Furious Assault, Surprise Strike
Skirmish Stance, Flying Steel[/sblock]
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OOC: Ootah starts healing at 0, gains 27, loses 10, gains 11 from second wind, ends at 28 HP.

OOC: It's 7:00 AM here, too early for any math that involves counting beyond 2! Give me some coffee and I'll probably be able to even find the derivative of e^x


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
OOC: by my count spawn 1 has only 2 hp (57-10-29-16) - if anyone has easy way of doing it without affecting too much his turn please do, otherwise I'll spend AP to trigger my pact boon immediately.

[MENTION=82643]CaBaNa[/MENTION], I could kiss you for this :) I didn't notice you hit that one...
[MENTION=87106]MetaVoid[/MENTION], I could kiLL you for this :) OK, changed curse target and removed the reference to killing :(

The warlock nods at the child wielding such power and waves to Gil using the cover of the spell to get out of the big worms reach.

Sudden blizzard forms around him concealing him from view. Small mote detaches and flies toward one of the smaller worms, immediately followed by purple bolt which strikes the beast dead on.
EDIT: burning the hole in it's chest. For a moment more the beast glows and then shards of cold explode outwards hitting every worm except the one near the wall.

Move: M19, gain concealment from Shadowwalk
Minor: Curse Spawn 3 (the one Artemis teleported)
Standard: Eldritch Blast vs Spawn 3 Ref; damage; curse (1d20+10=29, 1d10+5=13, 1d6=3) - kill, triggers pact boon, using rod of corruption to transfer curse to all enemies within 5

Save vs Fire (1d20=9)

[sblock=Martelai Stats]
CURSED: Spawn 3, Burrower, Spawn 2, Spawn 4
STATUS: concealement, ongoing 5 fire damage, +1 AC and Ref (Rod Expertise)
NOTE: +2 all defenses vs cursed enemies
AC: 20 Fort: 17 Reflex: 19 Will: 19
HP: 34/54 Surges: 9 Surge Value: 13+1

Level 1: Sacrifice to Caiphon
Level 2: Improved Fate of the Void
Level 4: Superior Implement(Accurate Rod)
Level 5: Rod Experise
Level 6: Bloodied Boon

Eldritch Blast
Dire Radiance

Knack for Success
Ethereal Stride
Delban's Deadly Attention
Mirror Darkly
Cast Fortune

Blackleaf Gloves Teleport

Decree of Khirad
Flames of the Smoking Crown

Elixir of Will
Armor of Dark Majesty (daily, minor): place your curse on any enemy you can see instead of only closest one
Talon Amulet (daily, minor): until the end of the encounter any creature that hits Martelai in melee takes 1d6 damage
Rod of Avernus: (daily, minor): until the end of the encounter any enemy that ends it's turn adjacent to Martelai takes 5 psychic damage

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