The Kolloseaum: Team Gil's Conscience (DM: Iron Sky, Judge: Luinnar)

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Watching Lerrick closely, enamored by the human girl, Gil notices the mental onslaught and uses the distraction to conjure a shadow of his former self. The dark swathed assassin stood across the Burrower from Artemis, hard eyes watching for an opening. The phantasmal henchman stabs out toward the Burrower, but doesn't connect with the creature.

Gil loses concentration, and the specter dissipates into a fine mist, but Gil rallies and uses the leftover magical energy to bring about another spell. Using that former darkness within himself, the wizard covers the arena floor in twilight, a hazy darkness that his enemies can get lost in.

The Burrower is surrounded in the darkness, and the blackness itself stabs out at the beast with reckless abandon. The phantasmal henchman forms again, out of the mist, and dives into the beasts mouth; stabbing and distracting from the inside of the great worm.

All this time, Gil has been slowly backing away from the heat of battle, until his back touches the other side of the arena. The scholar jumps and spins, expecting to find another Spawn, but to his relief is met by the wall itself.


Immediate Interrupt
Trigger: An ally within 10 misses an enemy with an attack. (Lerrick misses Burrower with Bane)
Effect: Gil conjures a Phantasmal Henchman in M19. The Phantasmal Henchman stays TE of Gil's NT. Gil's allies can flank with the Phantasmal Henchman. As a move action, Gil can move the conjuration up to 6 squares. Once, before the end of Gil's NT, Gil can use the Phantasmal Henchman Attack power.

minor Phantasmal Henchman Attack Power
12 vs will Burrower (Miss)

Hit: 17 damage and the target grants combat advantage to all attackers TE of it's NT. Requirement: The power Phantasmal Henchman must be active in order to use this power.

standard Twilight Falls Area burst 2 (enlarged) centered at M22
Each enemy in burst
10 vs will Spawn 2 (Auto-Miss)
10 vs will Spawn 3 (Auto-Miss) is already dead thanks to Martelai...
23 vs will Spawn 4 (HIT, 5 psychic damage)
29 vs will Burrower (CRIT, Dazed (center of burst), 12 psychic damage, 2 psychic damage crit dice)

Effect: The burst creates a zone that lasts TE of Gil's NT. When an enemy attacks a creature within the zone, that creature has partial concealment against that enemy.

Move to B24

[sblock="Readied" Immediate Actions]

Triggered by Lerrick/dimsdale when bane missed on big worm
Phantasmal Henchman (Immediate Interrupt)
Trigger: An ally within 10 misses an enemy with an attack.
Effect: Gil conjures a Phantasmal Henchman in a square adjacent to the target of the triggering allies attack. The Phantasmal Henchman stays TE of Gil's NT. Gil's allies can flank with the Phantasmal Henchman. As a move action, Gil can move the conjuration up to 6 squares. Once, before the end of Gil's NT, Gil can use the Phantasmal Henchman Attack power.


Moonstride (Immediate Reaction)
Trigger: When an enemy moves adjacent to Gil.
Effect: Gil becomes insubstantial TENT, and shifts 2 squares away from the triggering enemy



Gil Human Hybrid Wizard|Artificer multiclass Assassin theme Scholar
AC 17 Fort 16 Reflex 19 Will 17 (+1 from ranged attack 5 squares away Cloak of Distortion)
HP 36 bloodied 18, Surges 7 Surge value 9
Passive Insight 19, Passive Perception 19, Normal vision
Second Wind: Not Used,
Saving Throws: +5 vs Fear Effects (Battle Hardened)
AP total 1, Speed 6, Initiative +6, Languages Common, Draconic, Elven
At-will powers; Thundering Armor, Winged Horde, Freezing Burst, Ghost Sound, Light, Prestidigitation, Mage Hand
Encounter powers; Twilight Falls, Phantasmal Henchman, Phantasmal Henchman Attack Power, Use Vulnerability, Shadow Step, Moonstride, Healing Infusion: Curative or Resistive, Orb Shift
Daily powers; Caustic Rampart
Action point; Demonskin Tattoo


OOC: EDIT: Note to all, Burrower is dazed.
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Brenwar's armor begins to glow as the super-heated beast surrounds him. He continues battling the beast smashing away its snapping jaws. After smashing away the creature's pincers with his shield he beseeches Palladys to heal Artemis. However, this allows the beast to get inside his defense more quickly than expected. Brenwar barely manages to keep it at bay, ruining his prayer of protection for the group.
DR 3/- from Deliverance of Faith
+5 AC via Blades of Astral Fire (TENT)
43/65hp Start Turn

Start of Turn:
Take 2 Fire Damage (DR 3/-)
Take 2 Fire Damage (DR 3/-)
Loses DR from Deliverance of Faith
Current HP: 39/65 HP
Turn Actions:
Minor Action:
Lay on Hands (Artemis)
--Artemis gains Brenwar's Surge Value (17)+4 (If Artemis' surge is higher you can use it
--Brenwar spends a healing surge
--Brenwar gains 3/- DR for spending a surge till SONT
Standard Action:
Righteous Smite vs. Burrower Spawn 4 (1d20+11=12, 2d10+5=18)
(I really hate IC sometimes....)
Move Action:

End Turn:

HP: 39/65 HP

[sblock=Mini Stats]
Brenwar – Male Human Paladin 6

Initiative: +2, Speed: 5 Passive Perception: 16, Passive Insight: 21
AC: 25 Fort: 18, Reflex: 18, Will: 20, Resist: 1 3/all
HP: 39/65, Bloodied: 32 , Surge Value: 17, Surges Left: 10/13

Action Points: 0

Feats of Note:
Whenever Brenwar spends a healing surge, he gains 3 resistance to all damage until the start of his next turn.

Whenever Brenwar uses a power that allows an ally to spend a healing surge or regain hit points as if she had spent a healing surge, that ally can use his healing surge value (17 HP) to determine the number of hit points gained.

OA Basic Melee Attack: +11 Virtuous Strike (Vanguard's Hammer) 1d10+5 Damage

Powers At-Will Powers:Divine Challenge, Ardent Strike, Virtuous Strike, Lay on Hands (2/3 Remaining)
Encounter Powers: Valorous Smite, Righteous Smite, Virtue, Channel Divinity, Deliverance of Faith, Heroic Effort, Censure the Unholy, Divine Reverence, Second Wind
Daily Powers: Majestic Halo, Hallowed Circle, Magic Item Daily
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First Post
Over the din of battle Brenwar yells to his allies, "Get a bit nearer and I shall request the protection of Palladys for the group."
If everyone can get within 5 squares of Brenwar this turn I'll try to give some temporary hitpoints. Also, I can heal Artemis ( @FourMonos ) with a Lay on Hands so don't start your turn and go unconscious on me.
People who would need to be closer: @MetaVoid @Somebody (You just need to wake up, not move :p) @CaBaNa
It is only 8 temporary hit points pending me connecting with my attack so prioritize it as you will.

@Iron Sky is the fire damage aura 2 auras that do 5 each or 1 super aura that does 10? My DR would love to know.
EDIT: I screwed up a couple of notifications and can't fix them. oh, well.

Palladys? You're from the Imperium as well? asks Gil, ever curious, even during battle.

[MENTION=60965]Iron Sky[/MENTION], [MENTION=30079]Rapida[/MENTION], I would like to point out that AC bonus is Cyr's end of turn so for the beasts turn he and Artemis still have it.


First Post
While still being battered by the super-heated beast, "Indeed, but perhaps", he stops as the monster lunges in again, "we could converse about this later?"

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
GM: @MetaVoid , does Artemis get the +5 AC bonus even if you slide Ootah instead? I'm confused as well. I assumed the +5 was TENT.
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Why does everyone always say that to me? Gil asks himself, safely away from the heat of battle and feeling confident in his team. I'll hold you to that! shouts the scholar toward Brenwar. Artemis! While it is distracted!


First Post
Spawn 1 - 1 square to the left and down (if I can slide the beast I don't see) example: M28 -> N27

Spawn 2 - M26 -> N25
Spawn 4 - P25 ->N24

OOC: Have the Burrower Spawn actually been slid to these squares now currently? Or is this just tactics for later on? Cause Brenwar was attacking BS 4 as if it was still in P25 and not N24. I just want to be clear on all this before I move and possibly attack nothing in an empty square cause of confusion.


First Post
If needed I have a move action to make my turn work. Go ahead and use it as needed IronSky, just keep me adjacent to the big burrower so I can keep him divine challenged.

AC bonus works for all within the spell area, so yes, Artemis is in his original location and Ootah is slid.

And, as far as I remember, TENT effects mean that they end after MONSTER's turn (that is, they affect the monsters once) - since the effect ends at the end of the Cyr's next turn, PCs should be protected until he acts next. Since PbP means we don't have set init order and to avoid using this twice it ends after it's main effect (protection from monsters end)-

We should really ask [MENTION=834]Mal Malenkirk[/MENTION] about his intent on this.

Also, as written, I believe monsters are in new locations (and, knowing neurotic, he's sleeping and won't confirm before tomorrow morning)


First Post
*Watching the chaos whirl all around him and the rest of his new comrades in arms. He pauses a moment to simply contemplate the next best course of action to take. Then he takes off like a flash. Darting around the outskirts of the battlefield. Then plunging into the thick of it. Raising his blade as rushes in he skewers the burrower spawn in the soft underbelly. He bellows out in pain, letting all those close at hand whom to be focusing upon next. Kauldron grins behind his masked helm.*

Come, and get it yee big uglies.

[sblock=Action]Start of Turn: Take Ongoing 5 FIRE reduced to 2 (Superior Fortitude: Resist 3 Ongoing damage)

Move: Move to O25 (Via M27 -> N27 -> O27 -> P26 -> O25)

Standard: Valorous Smite.
-Target: Burrower Spawn 4 (N24)
-Attack: +14 vs. AC (Hit; 31)
-Damage: 2d8+8 damage. (19 damage)
-On a Hit: Each enemy within 3 squares of Kauldron is subject to his divine sanction until the end of his next turn. (Burrower Spawn 2/Burrower Spawn 4/Burrower)
-Divine Sanction: Creatures are Marked taking a -2 penalty to attack rolls if they target another character other then Kauldron. As well as take 7 RADIANT damage if they target another character other then Kauldron.

End of Turn: Save vs. Ongoing FIRE (Success; 20)[/sblock]

[sblock=Kauldron]Kauldron- Male Goblin Paladin 6
Passive Perception: 13, Passive Insight: 13

AC: 28, Fort: 19, Ref: 20, Will: 20
While not bloodied: +1 item bonus to AC.

Initiative: +5
Speed: 5

HP: 48/59, Temp HP: 3
Bloodied: 29, Surge Value: 14, Surges left: 11/12

Divine Challenge
Enfeebling Strike
Goblin Tactics
Virtuous Strike

Action Point [ ]
Call to Challenge [ ]
Channel Divinity [ ]
Javelin [ ] [ ]
Pure Devotion [ ]
Second Wind [ ]
Strength from Valor [X]
Student of the Sword [X]
Valorous Smite [X]

Hallowed Circle [ ]
Lay on Hands [ ]
Majestic Halo [ ]
Potion of Healing [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Symbol of Brawn [ ]
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First Post
[sblock=hit points] Just clarifying Artemis hit points: end of turn 9 hp, +25 hp from Lerrick (awesome heal dimsdale!) = 34 hp then -9 hp from burrower spawn 3, -13 damage from burrower, and another -6 from burrower = 6 hp to start the turn (before heal) [/sblock]

Artemis is buffetted again by the burrowers attack. He is about to collapse from the blows and overwhelming heat when Brenwar's healing touch and reasssurance revives his energy. He gives the stalwart paladin a thankful nod.

"Stand fast, friends, we will overcome!"

Seeing the crippling blow landed by Kauldron, Artemis spins on his spot and slices the spawn worm with a blazing light born of the stars. The burrower spawn next to it is also buffetted by the blow.

Pre-Turn: Heal 21hp from Brenwar (thanks Rapida!)
Start: Take 5 damage (ongoing)
Start: Take 5 damage (next to burrower)
Standard: Resplendent Blade vs. burrower spawn 4 (square N-24): 1d20+11+2, 1d10+12+2 → ([14, 11, 2], [3, 12, 2]) Roll Lookup Hit AC 27 for 15 damage. I think that kills it. The burrower spawn next to it (spawn 2 I think) takes 3 radiant damage.
Free: Dire Fate: Artemis gains +1 to attack rolls TENT
Movement: Shift to L-24
Save vs ongoing damage: 1d20 → [16] = (16) Roll Lookup

[sblock=mini-stats]Atremis Harks- Male Human Hexblade 4
Status: bloodied, +5 AC TENT
Initiative: +3, Passive perception: 11, Passive Insight: 16
AC 25 For: 15 Ref: 17 Will: 19
HP: 17/37 Bloodied: 18 Surge value: 9 Surges/day: 7/8
Speed: 5 squares, Languages: Common, Primordial
AP: 1, Second Wind: unused

Powers: Resplendent Blade, Eldritch Bolt, Dire Fate
Wield the Warp, Wield the Warp, Heroic Effort, Spectral Fade
Confusion of the Cosmos, Inspiring Word, Ironscar Rod, Lesser Planar Ally

PC:Artemis Harks, Hexblade (FourMonos) - L4W Wiki

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Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
Match One: The Sandy Arena, Round 3

One of the worms burrows up leaps at Cyr with its hooked limbs, but the Invoker evades it. Kauldron isn't so lucky, one managing to clamp onto the goblin but not managing to bite through his tough armor.

The burrower itself dives into the sands despite, knocking Brenwar and Lerrick around as its it burrows. Its barbed, lashing tail is finally visible as its long, blazing body arcs through the sand. It swivels its head towards the goblin that provoked it but seems too rattled by Gil's enfeebling magic to do much else.

GM: @Neurotic , curse damage is also maximized on a crit.

@pathfinderq1 , Joy took 5 damage for entering the Burrower's aura.

@CaBaNa , your attacks vs Spawn 4 and Burrower took 5 extra psychic damage from inevitable defeat.

For convenience, we'll assume Brenwar went before Artemis was slid away so his Lay On Hands doesn't have to be retconned.

@FourMonos , Artemis had already been slid before his turn. Because of that, he took his 5 fire damage from moving to N24 through the aura to get to Spawn 4 instead of at the start of his turn.

Gave Artemis the 3 THP.

[sblock=Enemy Actions]Burrower Spawn 1: Burrow up to I26, Stealth 32, Claw Hooks(+2 CA): 16 vs Cyr's AC 22, miss.
Burrower Spawn 4: Claw Hooks: 31 vs Kauldron's 28 AC, hit, 13 damage and Kaldron is grabbed. Burning Bite: 16 vs Kauldron's 28 AC, miss.

Burrower: Burrow Up: Burrow Down (close burst 1, -2 marked), take 7 radiant damage from Kauldron's Divine Challenge, 28 vs Brenwar's 18 Fort, hit, 11 vs Joy's 16 Fort, miss, Brenwar takes 11/2=5 reduced to 2 damage. Burrower midsection replaces head, Burrower tail replaces midsection, Stealth 23, Burrow Up (close burst 1, +2 CA): 20 vs Brenwar's 18 Fort, hit, 13 vs Ootah's 16 Fort, miss, 16 vs Kauldron's 18 Fort, miss, 17 vs Lerrick's 16 Fort, hit, Brewnar and Lerrick take 18(Brenwar's reduced to 15) damage and slide 2.[/sblock]

Ootah: L25, 37/46hp, prone, 5 fire damage if start turn adjacent to Burrower
Joy: O23, 35/46hp, Inevitable Defeat
Cyr: L27, 22/42hp
Gil: B24, 36/36hp
-Phantasmal Henchman: M19
-Twilight Falls: L21-N23
Kauldron: O25, 38/59hp, grabbed(Spawn 4), 5 fire damage if start turn adjacent to Burrower
Artemis: N24, 3+25/37hp, +5 AC
Martelai: L15, 5+15/54hp, concealment, insubstantial
-Shade: I10
Lerrick: P27, 13/47hp, 5 fire damage if start turn adjacent to Burrower
: N22, 22/65hp, DR3, +5 AC, 2x5 fire damage if start turn adjacent to Burrower

Burrower Spawn 1
: L26, 12/57hp
Burrower Spawn 4: N25, 25/57hp, Divine Sanction(Kauldron), 5 fire damage if start turn adjacent to Burrower, Quarry(Ootah), Curse(Martelai)
Burrower Spawn: 57hp, AC 21, Fort 19, Ref 19, Wil 18. Resist 5 fire. MBA: +12 vs AC, 1d10+5 damage and the target is grabbed. Fire Sense(Immediate Reaction, when targeted by a fire attack): The Burrower Spawn may not be targeted by the attack. Burrower Surprise: The Burrower does +1d6 damage when it has CA.
Burrower Spawn killed: 2

Burrower: Head(M26-O28)-Mid(L20-M21)-Tail(O21), 196/285hp, Divine Sanction(Kauldron), Dazed, Curse(Martelai)
Burrower: 285hp, AC 23, Fort 25, Ref 20, Will 19. MBA: +13 vs AC, 3d6+5 fire and poison damage and 5 ongoing fire and poison damage(save ends), Miss: 1/2 damage and no ongoing. Burning Sands(Aura 1): The zone is difficult terrain and any creature that enters or starts its turn in the aura takes 5 fire damage. The damage from the auras stacks. Burrower Surprise: The burrower does +1d8 damage when it has CA. Half-burrowed: The burrower is immune to forced movement.

Effect Key: location, hp/max hp, damage related, TenT or TsnT, conditional, save ends, encounter[/sblock]

[sblock=Terrain]Walls: The walls out of the arena are 30 feet tall sheer stone Athletics (Climb) DC 25 if you want to try to escape into the stands for some reason.
Pillars: The pillars in the center are the same DC and can provide cover.

Stairs: The stairs are all difficult terrain. The northern podium area is one square above the rest of the arena. [/sblock]

[sblock=Appease the Crowd]*As a minor action, a PC may make a skill check to wow the crowd. If they succeed at the check, they gain +2 to their next d20 roll if they beat the DC, plus +2 per 5 by which they beat the DC. If the check is failed, the PC takes a -2 penalty to their next d20 roll, -2 more per 5 by which they miss the DC.

I.E, if the DC is 15, 1-5 would be -6, 6-10 would be -4, 11-14 would be -2, 15-19 would be +2, etc.

*All skill DCs will start at 15 and each individual skill's DC goes up by 2 per time the skill is used as the crowd gets more jaded. The DCs go up at the end of the round in which they are used. The DCs do not drop between arena rounds.

*Any skill can be used, as long as the player can provide relevant character action to back up the roll.

Current Skill DCs:
All: 17[/sblock]


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Ootah flips and rolls to get away from the worm. The spectators are not impressed and boo him as he retreats behind one of the pillars.

start of turn: Take 5 damage (aura)
Move action: Stand up
Standard->move: Move to I-20. Since the burrower is Dazed, it can't make OAs.
Minor: Appease the crowd using Acrobatics, fail, -2 to next d20 roll[/sblock]

[sblock=mini-stats] Ootah Half-Orc Ranger 5
Status: Hated by the crowd (-2 to next D20 roll)
Initiative: +7, Passive perception: 22, Passive Insight: 15
Defenses: AC: 21, For: 16, Ref: 19, Will: 16
HP: 32/46, Bloodied: 23, Surge value: 11, Surges/day:4/8 Speed: 6 squares
Languages: Common, Giant
AP: 0
Twin Strike, Clever Shot
Two Fanged Strike, Disruptive Strike, Invigorating Stride, Furious Assault, Surprise Strike
Skirmish Stance, Flying Steel[/sblock]
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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Martelai rod flashes again as the burrower spawn dies. Again it explodes in cold looking motes, which fly into all spawn and back to the warlock. He moves forward, targeting the spawn which threatens the invoker, but fails to destroy it. It seems Caiphon is not happy that his power is used in this manner, to entertain lower life forms.

Free (Rod of Avernus): slide Spawn 4 to M25, Martelai gains +2 from his pact boon
Move: G21, gain concealment
Minor: Curse Spawn 1
Standard: Eldritch Blast vs Spawn 1 Ref; Damage; Curse (1d20+10+2=30, 1d10+5=6, 1d6=3) - I'm getting good rolls to hit, but minor damage :),
gain +1 AC & Ref from Rod Expertise

[sblock=Martelai stats]
CURSED: Spawn 3, Burrower, Spawn 1, Spawn 2, Spawn 4
STATUS: concealement, +1 AC and Ref (Rod Expertise)
NOTE: +2 all defenses vs cursed enemies
AC: 20 Fort: 17 Reflex: 19 Will: 19
HP: 15/54 Surges: 8/9 Surge Value: 13+1

Level 1: Sacrifice to Caiphon
Level 2: Improved Fate of the Void
Level 4: Superior Implement(Accurate Rod)
Level 5: Rod Experise
Level 6: Bloodied Boon

Eldritch Blast
Dire Radiance

Knack for Success
Ethereal Stride
Delban's Deadly Attention
Mirror Darkly
Cast Fortune

Blackleaf Gloves Teleport

Decree of Khirad
Flames of the Smoking Crown

Elixir of Will
Armor of Dark Majesty (daily, minor): place your curse on any enemy you can see instead of only closest one
Talon Amulet (daily, minor): until the end of the encounter any creature that hits Martelai in melee takes 1d6 damage
Rod of Avernus: (daily, minor): until the end of the encounter any enemy that ends it's turn adjacent to Martelai takes 5 psychic damage

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[sblock=Iron Sky][MENTION=60965]Iron Sky[/MENTION], you have two identical TErrain blocks in stats. Also, in enemy actions you have Spawn 2 and in Combatants Spawn 4 (in P25 which should be N25 I think)[/sblock]

The sound of Kauldron armor being hit amplifies until it is true promise of thunder somewhere in the distance.

Cyr smiles as his god marks the target.

Deva decides to target all of the remaining enemies. His cleched hand shines, rays of holy light escaping through. When he opens it, thin beam of holy light strikes all remaining opponents, killing the one closest to him and burning the rest.

He then tries to recall some useful info from Mireva's library and to spot any hidden burrowers, but between flashes of magic and his own blinding fist he doesn't manage either.

Immediate Reaction: On Kauldron being hit, Preserver's Rebuke, Cyr gets +3 to hit that enemy

Standard: Hand of Radiance vs Ref(Spawn 1; Spawn 4 or 2?; Burrower); radiant damage (1d20+12=25, 1d20+12+3=34, 1d20+12+2=27, 1d4+7=10)

Minor: Arcana check against Burrower (1d20+12=14) - fail

Minor: Perception, looking for more hidden monsters (1d20+14=20)

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
I think you have my HP value from last round instead of this round in the combat stats.

GM: Gotta run, will try to check it out later tonight or sometime tomorrow when I have more time.

[MENTION=87106]MetaVoid[/MENTION], fixed those errors, thanks for catching them!

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