The Kolloseaum: Team Gil's Conscience (DM: Iron Sky, Judge: Luinnar)

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[MENTION=24380]Neurotic[/MENTION], I believe you counted -10hp from spawn 1 when instead it was spawn 3 that was attacked and that CaBaNa hit. (23 looks like 28 on the map) so the beast still has 10 hp. Sorry.

Cyr moves away from the great worm moving a bit aside to put some distance between himself and the melee. The then turns, raises his hands and invokes the powers of Astral Sea.

"From the sands of time, I call mighty oaks from their slumber."
At his words, the sand trembles for a moment and the great tree made of light comes out between two burrower spawn spreading it's branches over them and over his allies. The leaves fall, covering them all, burning the enemies and remaining stuck to his allies threatening more harm should they remain close.

Interrupt: Cyr uses Miraculous Fortune to reduce crit damage by 5, Joy gets +1 power bonus to her attack. I can slide one ally. Call it if you need it - not sure where everyone is right now.

Healed: 27 hp (wow)
Take 5 from being adjacent, take 5 from ongoing

Move: H28 (via L24 to avoid OA)
Standard: Falling Leaves vs Ref (Spawn 1; Spawn 2); radiant damage (1d20+12+1=29, 1d20+12+1=30, 2d8+7=23) - heh! :) - center in M27; if the target ends it's next turn adjacent to an ally it takes 5 radiant damage

Save vs Fire (1d20=13)

[sblock=Cyr Stats]
Deva Invoker Scholar 6
STATUS: none
* Interrupt: Miraculous Fortune (damage reduced by 5, one ally get +1 power bonus to attack) - trigger: surprise attack by non-necrotic attack or critical hit
* Reaction: Preserver's rebuke - when hits bloodied ally Cyr get +3 to hit for one attack TENT against that opponent

Initiative +10; Senses Passive Insight 23, Passive Perception 24
HP 22/42, Bloodied 21, Surge Value 10+1, Surges 6/7
AC 22; Fortitude 16, Reflex 20, Will 22
* Battle Intuition - +2 to initiative, use Wisdom modifier instead of Dexterity
* Superior Implement
* Coordinated Explosion - +1 to hit with blast and burst attacks if ally is in the area
* Superior Will - roll save vs daze and stun at the start of the round even if the condition is not save ends.

1 AP
Saving Throws:
Resist 8 radiant; Resist 8 necrotic
Speed 5

Vanguard's Lightning
Hand of Radiance
Rebuke Undead
Preserver's Rebuke

Blades of Astral Fires
Second Wind
Memory of Thousand Lifetimes
Miraculous Fortune
Falling Leaves
Demand Justice
Use Vulnerability

Silent Malediction
Searing Orb

Staff of the warmage (daily free enlarge spell)
Clearsense powder x 2 (consumable minor)
Iron Skin Belt (daily minor): gain DR 5 TENT

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*As chaos erupts into the battlefield from the sands beneath there feet. Dust and dirt flying every which way possible. Kauldron raises his shield to attempt to defend but it is too late as searing hot flames tear into his flesh from super heating his own armor. He grunts his pain and spits out his now charred cigar onto the arena's floor.*

I wasn't done smoking that, yee bloody worm.

*He quickly maneuvers around the one burrower into a better position for himself. With a quick flash of his blade, he attacks both nearby worms. Mistiming the first he misses. Though the second gets slashed across it's mid-section. The close proximity to the two worms still has kauldron's armor super heated, as it goes with heat.*

[sblock=Actions]Pre-turn: Heal Surge 14 + 16 = 30

Start of Turn: Take Ongoing 5 FIRE reduced to 2 (Superior Fortitude: Resist 3 Ongoing damage)

Move: Shift to L27

Free: Student of the Sword
-Effect: Kauldron gains a +1 bonus to his next attack roll. Whether the attack hits or misses, Kauldron marks the target until the end of his next turn. (Burrower Spawn 2 is Marked by Kauldron until the end of his next turn)

Standard: Strength from Valor
-Target: Close Burst 1 (Burrower Spawn 2 (M26)/Burrower Spawn 1 (M28))
-Attack: +12 vs. Fort/+13 vs. Fort (Burrower Spawn 2; Miss; 13 (Natural 1)/Burrower Spawn 1; Hit; 19)
-Damage: 1d8+7 damage. (12 damage)
-On a Hit: Kauldron gains 5 temporary hit points for each target hit by the attack. (Kauldron gains 5 temp hp)

Minor: Divine Challenge
-Target: Burrower Spawn 1 (M28)
-Effect: Target is subject to Kauldron's Divine Sanction until the end of his next turn.
-Divine Sanction: Creatures are Marked taking a -2 penalty to attack rolls if they target another character other then Kauldron. As well as take 7 RADIANT damage if they target another character other then Kauldron.

End of Turn: Save vs. Ongoing 5 FIRE damage. (Fail: 8)[/sblock]

[sblock=Kauldron]Kauldron- Male Goblin Paladin 6
Passive Perception: 13, Passive Insight: 13

AC: 28, Fort: 19, Ref: 20, Will: 20
While not bloodied: +1 item bonus to AC.

Initiative: +5
Speed: 5

HP: 48/59, Temp HP: 5
Bloodied: 29, Surge Value: 14, Surges left: 11/12

Divine Challenge
Enfeebling Strike
Goblin Tactics
Virtuous Strike

Action Point [ ]
Call to Challenge [ ]
Channel Divinity [ ]
Javelin [ ] [ ]
Pure Devotion [ ]
Second Wind [ ]
Strength from Valor [X]
Student of the Sword [X]
Valorous Smite [ ]

Hallowed Circle [ ]
Lay on Hands [ ]
Majestic Halo [ ]
Potion of Healing [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Symbol of Brawn [ ]
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OOC: Still no answer on movement question- I'll guess for now to avoid further delay ; also if someone bloodied or dropped a critter, take 3 temp HP- first come, first served)

When the intail chaos of fiery explosions and responding magics sorted itself out, Joy had to shake her head to clear it- even for her, this was a dizzying rush. With the worm distracted, she made a rush she wouldn't have tried otherwise, squeezing past Martelai and the worm's hot shell to a bit of clear space. She gave Lerrick a cheerful wave, and called "Good job there, you likely saved us all"- the cheerful compliment was backed with emotional energy, enough to give Lerrick a massive boost of confidence.
Then Joy turned back to work...

She raised her blade overhead and swirled it through the air- and there was a crackling boom of thunder, audible and palpable even to those in the stands. The burrower's massive bulk absorbed th blast, but one of the smaller worms was not so lucky, and it was hurled backwards. Then Joy began to sing, an eerie wordless keening that was the distilled essence of a thousand years of battlefield screams- whatever these worms might be, they still had some semblance of minds, and they could not help but respond; they threw themselves forward, even as the uncanny magic of the battlesong stole their strength and energy...

[sblock= OOC]
>From Healers Mercy, surge +16= +27 HP= 33
>Take 5 fire at start of turn= 28 HP
>Move: to Q24, with pass through Martelai's space, and squeeze past worm (wouldn't have tried if it were capable of OAs)
>Minor: Majestic Word for Lerrick, spend a surge for surge +6 HP and slide 1 (your choice of where)
>Standard: Shout of triumph (N/O/P, 23/24/25), vs. FORT, 1d20+10 vs. Burrower= 18 (miss); 1d20+9 vs. Spawn 4 (P25)= 23 (hit for 7 thunder and pushed 2, to N27) ; rolls Roll Lookup
>AP: Standard: Invitation to defeat, close burst 5, targets burrower and all 4 spawn (I think all are in range, but I might have missed a move- I'll roll for all, and if one of them isn't in range just don't use the roll); !d20+12 vs. Will=25, 31, 14, 26, 18 (hits all but spawn 2- those effected are pulled 5- no change for burrower, Spawn 1 to Q25, Spawn 3 to P24, Spawn 4 to P25; all enemies that are pulled adjacent are weakened- save ends; that part just effects the spawn, but see below); all enemies which are adjacent to Joy are weakened (that does include the burrower), and the first time each turn that each adjacent enemy takes damage, it takes an extra 5 psychic damage) this effect lasts until end of Joy's next turn, but has Sustain Minor) ; rolls Roll Lookup
>Finally: Free action, daily power from Dwarven Armor- regain surge +1 for +12 HP= 40 HP
>And a huge chunk of resource expenditure...

[sblock= “Joy”]
Human (Elan), Hybrid- Ardent|Bard, MC- Warlord
Initiative +4/Passive Perception 18/Passive Insight 12;
HP 40 (46)/Bloodied 23/Surge value 11/Per day= 9(1 used)
AC 20/FORT 16/REF 17/WILL 20
Speed 5/Size medium/Saves normal
STR 13 (+1)/DEX 14 (+2)/WIS 8 (-1)
CON 14 (+2)/INT 12 (+1)/CHA 20 (+5)
Melee basic: Falchion +1, +8 (AC), 2d4+4 damage

Skills: Arcana +8; Athletics +8; Bluff +12; Endurance +10; Perception +8; Streetwise +12
Racial and class abilities: Telepathy 5, Origin= Immortal; Bardic virtue (Valor, +3 tHP once/turn); Skill versatility; Ardent mantle (elation; +2 Diplomacy and Intimidate, +2 damage dealt with OAs for allies with aura 5); Psionic augmentation (+2 pp)

At-will Powers: Demoralizing strike, Energizing strike, Misdirected mark
Encounter powers: Shout of triumph (used), Ardent surge (x1), Majestic word (x1)(used), Elan resilience
Daily powers: Slayer’s song, Invitation to defeat (used- active), Inspiring word, Inspiring fortitude
Item powers: Harsh songblade (daily), Dwarven armor (daily)(used)
>Action points: 0 left (of 1)
>Second wind: not used

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Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
Match One: The Sandy Arena, Round 2

As the group scrambles to get away from the burrowers they respond chaotically... instinctively. One, heavily injured, burrows into the ground and doesn't immediately return. Another grabs Ootah with its hooked limbs, then bites him with a maw full of toxic heat, dropping the ranger again.

A third burrows into the ground then rises up again, burning Artemis but fortunately doing little to Ootah's body, still clutched in its fellow's hooks.

The last burrows after Brenwar, slamming into the paladin's redoubtable defenses.

The big burrower arches itself and dives into the ground, an unstable tide of earth knocking Brenwar about. Massive pincers blast up out of the earth again a short distance away, the burning hot shifting sands slamming Brenwar, Artemis, and Martelai around. So long is its body that its midsection still arches out of the sand nearby, radiating heat. To be caught between both exposed parts is like being trapped in an oven...

GM: @FourMonos , Artemis still took 5 fire damage for starting next to the Burrower as its Aura isn't an OA.

@dimsdale , I shifted Lerrick to O26 since O25 would have required a shift 2.

@Rapida , Brenwar is up 2 more hp than you had (you applied 3 damage per start-of-turn fire effect instead of 2).

@pathfinderq1 , if you want to be sure I see what you have to say, @ mention me - if everyone hasn't gone yet, I usually just skim the rounds to see if anyone did mention me. Spawn 3 was 6 away from Joy, so Inevitable Defeat didn't target it. Spawn 1 couldn't be pulled to Q25 since that would violate the rules of pulling. Pulled it to P25 instead... which meant Spawn 4 couldn't be pulled adjacent to Joy (again, because every square of pull must move the monster closer and that's not possible as they were positioned).

I applied Joy's 3 THP on bloodied/killed to Artemis since he bloodied worm 3.

I slid Lerrick to P26 so Joy could push worm 4 where she wanted.

Note that the Burrower is considered to occupy all the squares of its body for all purposes with the following exceptions: its midsection does NOT provoke OAs. Anywhere its auras overlap, the difficult terrain does NOT stack, but the fire damage DOES.

[sblock=Enemy Actions]Burrower Spawn 1: Stand up. Burrow into ground. Stealth 32, Lerrick's OA: 1d20+5=12 vs Spawn's 21 AC, miss.

Burrower Spawn 2: Claw Hooks(-2 marked, +2 CA): 29 vs Ootah's AC 23(+2 SW), hit, 14 damage and is grabbed. Burning Bite(vs grabbed target, -2 marked, +2 CA): 25 vs Ootah's 23 AC(+2 SW), hit, 14 fire and poison damage.

Burrower Spawn 3: Burrow to K24, Stealth 31. Burning Core(close burst 1): 27 vs Artemis Ref 17, hit, Nat1 vs Ootah. Artemis takes 9 fire damage and 5 ongoing fire(save ends).

Burrower Spawn 4: Shift to O25. Charge to N23 via Burrow, Stealth 18, Lerrick's OA: 1d20+5=23 vs Spawn's 21 AC, hit, 1d10=5/2=2 damage, 5 fire damage from Burrower's Aura reduced to 0 damage by fire resist. Claw Hooks(+2 CA, +1 charge)=18 vs Brenwar's 26 AC, miss. Saves: 11 vs weakened, saved.

Burrower: Burrow Up: Burrow Down(Close Burst 1 Attack): 23 vs Brenwar's 19 Fort, hit, 12 vs Joy's 16 Fort, miss. Brenwar takes 8/2=4 reduced to 1 damage and is slid 2. Burrower midsection replaces head. Burrow to K20-M22, Stealth 34, Burrow Up(Close Burst 1 Attack, +2 CA): 24 vs Martelai's 17 Fort, hit, 20 vs Brenwar's 19 Fort, hit, 15 vs Artemis' 15 Fort, hit, all take 13 damage (Brenwar's reduced to 10 damage) and slid 2. Bite(+2 CA): 24 vs Brenwar's 26 AC, miss, 21/2=10 fire and poison damage. AP(-2 mark): Take 9 radiant damage from Brenwar's Divine Sanction, 15 vs Artemis AC 21, miss, 12/2=6 fire and poison damage.[/sblock]

[sblock=Terrain]The walls out of the arena are 30 feet tall sheer stone Athletics (Climb) DC 25 if you want to try to escape into the stands for some reason. The pillars in the center are the same DC and can provide cover.

The stairs are all difficult terrain. The northern podium area is one square above the rest of the arena.[/sblock]

Ootah: L25, 0/46hp, unconscious, dying, prone, 5 ongoing fire damage
Joy: Q24, 40/46hp, Inevitable Defeat
Cyr: H28, 22/42hp
Gil: H24, 36/36hp, 1/2 damage to Burrower Spawn
Kauldron: M27, 5+48/59hp, 5 ongoing fire damage
Artemis: M23, 4/37hp, 5 fire damage if start turn adjacent to Burrower, 5 ongoing fire damage
Martelai: N21, 30/54hp, concealment, 10 fire damage if start turn adjacent to Burrower, 5 ongoing fire damage
Lerrick: P26, 31/47hp, weakened
: N22, 43/65hp, DR3, 10 fire damage if start turn adjacent to Burrower

Burrower Spawn 1
: ???, 12/57hp, 5 radiant damage if ends turn adjacent to an ally, Divine Challenge(Kauldron)
Burrower Spawn 2: M26, 34/57hp, 5 radiant damage if ends turn adjacent to an ally, Marked(Kauldron), Quarry(Ootah)
Burrower Spawn 3: K24, 10/57hp, can't take OAs, Cursed(Martelai)
Burrower Spawn 4: P25, 48/57hp, Divine Sanction(Brenwar), 10 fire damage if start turn adjacent to Burrower
Burrower Spawn: 57hp, AC 21, Fort 19, Ref 19, Wil 18. Resist 5 fire. MBA: +12 vs AC, 1d10+5 damage and the target is grabbed. Fire Sense(Immediate Reaction, when targeted by a fire attack): The Burrower Spawn may not be targeted by the attack. Burrower Surprise: The Burrower does +1d6 damage when it has CA.

Burrower: K20-M22, 257/285hp, can't take OAs, Divine Sanction(Brenwar)
Burrower: 285hp, AC 23, Fort 25, Ref 20, Will 19. MBA: +13 vs AC, 3d6+5 fire and poison damage and 5 ongoing fire and poison damage(save ends), Miss: 1/2 damage and no ongoing. Burning Sands(Aura 1): The zone is difficult terrain and any creature that enters or starts its turn in the aura takes 5 fire damage. The damage from the auras stacks. Burrower Surprise: The burrower does +1d8 damage when it has CA.

Effect Key: location, hp/max hp, damage related, TenT or TsnT, conditional, save ends, encounter[/sblock]

[sblock=Terrain]Walls: The walls out of the arena are 30 feet tall sheer stone Athletics (Climb) DC 25 if you want to try to escape into the stands for some reason.
Pillars: The pillars in the center are the same DC and can provide cover.

Stairs: The stairs are all difficult terrain. The northern podium area is one square above the rest of the arena. [/sblock]

[sblock=Appease the Crowd]*As a minor action, a PC may make a skill check to wow the crowd. If they succeed at the check, they gain +2 to their next d20 roll if they beat the DC, plus +2 per 5 by which they beat the DC. If the check is failed, the PC takes a -2 penalty to their next d20 roll, -2 more per 5 by which they miss the DC.

I.E, if the DC is 15, 1-5 would be -6, 6-10 would be -4, 11-14 would be -2, 15-19 would be +2, etc.

*All skill DCs will start at 15 and each individual skill's DC goes up by 2 per time the skill is used as the crowd gets more jaded. The DCs go up at the end of the round in which they are used. The DCs do not drop between arena rounds.

*Any skill can be used, as long as the player can provide relevant character action to back up the roll.

Current Skill DCs:
All: 17[/sblock]


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[sblock="Joy actions?"][MENTION=60965]Iron Sky[/MENTION], [MENTION=48394]pathfinderq1[/MENTION], Joy could've moved to P24 and do all she did before, couldn't she? Even if not by her own move, MetaVoid provided shift 1 to adjust her position. It would be nice to let her revoke the action as it is mostly canceled by your adjustments...but of course it requires some retconing.[/sblock]

Martelai quickly moves out of the fiery aura and blasts the wounded spawn. As it falls, it glows for merest of moments before small shards of ice fly toward all enemies.

"Haddar, come and sate your hunger, here are souls for you. Take your pick!"
The warlock concentrates and great maw made of darkness comes from above covering the arena, the stands everything.

For a moment, everything is dark and then it clears out with audible sigh of relief from the stands. Only worms are affected, some of the existing wounds pucker, but the great worm is covered in shadows that writhe over it for a few moments.

He then moves quickly away toward the second column. Except he's still in place. It looks like he split in two, both halves semi-transparent and wreathed in cold flames which quickly extinguish burrower's fires!

OOC: Can I slide them? Not sure about the order in which things happen: I get my pact boon, rod of corruption triggers and spreads the curse and then rod of avernus triggers and slides cursed enemies. If this is the case, I would slide them toward the big worm for area attack setup.

Take 10 from aura, 5 from ongoing
Move: I15, gain concealment
Standard: Eldritch blast vs Spawn 3 Ref 19 = 19 HIT; damage 15 KILL - all enemies are within 5, all are cursed via rod of corruption
AP: Cursebite vs Fort in order: Burrower (25) CRIT, Spawn 1, 2 and 4 (19) 24 (HIT), 29 (ignore d4 that somehow got in there)(HIT), 16 (MISS) - Fireheart tattoo grants 5thp on AP

Damage: Burrower 17+3 (crit) +3 (curse) = 23; others hit take only 6 :( all damage is necrotic

Minor: Mirror Darkly in I 10

[sblock=Martelai Stats]
CURSED: Spawn 3, Burrower, Spawn 2, Spawn 4
STATUS: concealement, ongoing 5 fire damage, +1 AC and Ref (Rod Expertise)
NOTE: +2 all defenses vs cursed enemies
AC: 20 Fort: 17 Reflex: 19 Will: 19
HP: 15/54 Surges: 8/9 Surge Value: 13+1

Level 1: Sacrifice to Caiphon
Level 2: Improved Fate of the Void
Level 4: Superior Implement(Accurate Rod)
Level 5: Rod Experise
Level 6: Bloodied Boon

Eldritch Blast
Dire Radiance

Knack for Success
Ethereal Stride
Delban's Deadly Attention
Mirror Darkly
Cast Fortune

Blackleaf Gloves Teleport

Decree of Khirad
Flames of the Smoking Crown

Elixir of Will
Armor of Dark Majesty (daily, minor): place your curse on any enemy you can see instead of only closest one
Talon Amulet (daily, minor): until the end of the encounter any creature that hits Martelai in melee takes 1d6 damage
Rod of Avernus: (daily, minor): until the end of the encounter any enemy that ends it's turn adjacent to Martelai takes 5 psychic damage

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First Post
Over the din of battle Brenwar yells to his allies, "Get a bit nearer and I shall request the protection of Palladys for the group."
If everyone can get within 5 squares of Brenwar this turn I'll try to give some temporary hitpoints. Also, I can heal Artemis ([MENTION=88601]FourMonos[/MENTION]) with a Lay on Hands so don't start your turn and go unconscious on me.
People who would need to be closer: [MENTION=87106]MetaVoid[/MENTION] @Somebody (You just need to wake up, not move :p) [MENTION=82643]CaBaNa[/MENTION]
It is only 8 temporary hit points pending me connecting with my attack so prioritize it as you will.

[MENTION=53947]Iron[/MENTION]Sky is the fire damage aura 2 auras that do 5 each or 1 super aura that does 10? My DR would love to know.
EDIT: I screwed up a couple of notifications and can't fix them. oh, well.
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[MENTION=60965]Iron Sky[/MENTION], what is the meaning of little numbers on the tokens? Numbers on burrowers don't match their locations so I'm confused. Also, make +13 attack if the burrower that dissapeared is within the area as it makes no difference if I can see it or not (like if I'm blinded, right?)

Cyr moves just a step closer, his hands still in the air from invoking the leaves.
"Guardian Angels, watchers over mortals, defenders of souls, come to our aid! Protect the champion of faith!"

Bright angel appears over burrower spawn and cuts into it with it's blade. It swoops down toward the great burrower and on hit explodes into hundreds of little blades that continue to whirl around Brenwar and Artemis, parrying physical attacks as they come.

Minor: Religion (1d20+14=23) appease the crowd, choosing symbology heavy with meaning for Daunton (I personally don't know what would fit best so I choose the oak :) ) - gain +4 to my next d20, why did IC collapse after 1 roll?!

Standard: Blades of Astral Fire vs Burrower (twice?) and Spawn in N23, burst 1 centered in N23, Slide Artemis to L24. Artemis and Brenwar gain +5 power bonus to AC TENT

HIT: Burrower and Spawn, miss the body (if it can be targeted)
DAMAGE: radiant 9
Move: I27
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OOC: [MENTION=60965]Iron Sky[/MENTION] Do the spawns also cause 5 damage starting next to them? If yes, then no worries. If no, then Artemis wouldn't have taken the five damage as he only started next to a burrower spawn on his turn. It's only 5 HP, but that is 13.5% of my life :).


First Post
Joy stepped forward, still singing in that eerie high keening wail. Moving into the blazing heat rolling off the burrower, she swung at one of the smaller worms. "Lerrick, help the archer!" Despite her encouraging shout, the high singing seemed to continue uninterrupted...

[sblock= OOC]
>Remember, in case it matters- any allies with her aura 5 get +2 damage with OAs.
>Also: have Virtue of Valor; 3 temp HP to ally who bloodies or drops a foe- If you want it, call it

>Move: to O23, adjacent to both burrower and one spawn
>Standard: Demoralizing Strike on Spawn at N23; 1d20 +12 vs. AC= 16, miss; rolls Roll Lookup
>Minor: Sustain Invitation to defeat; all enemies are weakened while adjacent to Joy, and the first time each turn that an adjacent enemy takes damage, it takes an extra 5 psychic damage; effect lasts until end of Joy's next turn/sustain minor

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[MENTION=48394]pathfinderq1[/MENTION] don't use your Ardent Surge on Artemis and sustain your power. I can heal Artemis with a Lay on Hands.


@Somebody (You just need to wake up, not move :p)

OOC: Now that I think on it, if I receive healing I can only get up and hope to have a good roll to escape the worm, ending 1 square away from it. It can simply shift 1 square and drop me again. That'd mean a wasted surge and a wasted healing ability. If I stay quiet perhaps the sob will just move away, or if it chews me some more I'll be fine as long I don't drop below 23 HP


OOC: Well, EnWorld's dice roller has a twisted sense of humor. Can I refuse to waste the healing surge and remain in the sweet embrace of unconsciousness?

Edit: Apparently not

As through a fog, Ootah watches the worm holding him in his jaws.

"Ah, it's you again."

start of turn: Take 5 ongoing damage (dropping to -5 HP)
end of turn: Save against ongoing damage, death save is a 20, which forces Ootah to spend a healing surge. Now at 11 HP.[/sblock]

[sblock=mini-stats] Ootah Half-Orc Ranger 5
Status: Prone, grabbed
Initiative: +7, Passive perception: 22, Passive Insight: 15
Defenses: AC: 21, For: 16, Ref: 19, Will: 16
HP: 11/46, Bloodied: 23, Surge value: 11, Surges/day:5/8 Speed: 6 squares
Languages: Common, Giant
AP: 0
Twin Strike, Clever Shot
Two Fanged Strike, Disruptive Strike, Invigorating Stride, Furious Assault, Surprise Strike
Skirmish Stance, Flying Steel[/sblock]
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Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
GM: [MENTION=24380]Neurotic[/MENTION], you can slide the little ones, though the big one is immune to forced movement. Retconning would be a hastle - I already screwed up the monsters turn twice and had to redo most of it and STILL did worms 2 and 3 in the wrong order. Alot going on here.

[MENTION=30079]Rapida[/MENTION], it counts as two strength 5 auras, so yes, your DR would reduce both.

[MENTION=87106]MetaVoid[/MENTION], the little numbers are the number of status effects the creature has on it. The Burrower's Burrow Up power does not provoke OAs. Think of the body as a gargantuan creature with a strange grid footprint. It occupies 13 squares - 9 for its head, 4 for its body. All can be targeted normally, but you don't get more damage for including more of a Large+ monster in an AoE.

[MENTION=88601]FourMonos[/MENTION], the little ones don't have auras. The monster statblocks in the Combatants section reveal most of the important information about them (I forgot to jot down the biggun's forced movement immunity) and it says next to your character what conditions are affecting you. On the map, the damaging auras are the big red areas.

[MENTION=5656]Someone[/MENTION], I don't think you can resist healing.


First Post
J "Lerrick, help the archer!"

Okay! The cleric turns to Ootah and mumbles a prayer. The ranger begins to feel a surge of vigor and power flow through his veins. She then moves her attention to the large beast in front of her. Closing her eyes, she attacks the beast's mind, but cannot penetrate the foe's defenses.

minor: healing word on Ootah: HS + 2d6+9=15
movement: none:
attack: bane: 1d20+9 vs big worm will = mss


Lerrick: Half-Elf Cleric Lvl 5
Advantageous Conditions:
Adverse Conditions:
Initiative: +2 Passive Insight: 22 Passive Perception: 17
Senses: Normal
AC: 16 Fort 16 Ref 15 Will 21
HP 34/47
Bloodied 23
Surge Value 11; Surges Per-Day 8
Action Point: 1
Second Wind: 1
At will:
Astral Seal
Sacred Flame
Divine Fortune
Knack for Success
Healer's Mercy USED
Healing Word 2 ONE USED
Hymm of Resurgence:
Daily Standard:
Life Transference
Beacon of Hope
Halo of Consequence
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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
OOC: It can simply shift 1 square and drop me again.

This assumes it survives the round, not get dazed and deciding to target you. And you can always 'waste' your AP to move away or second wind (which would put you high enough not to get dropped I think.

Spawn 1 - 1 square to the left and down (if I can slide the beast I don't see) example: M28 -> N27

Spawn 2 - M26 -> N25
Spawn 4 - P25 ->N24


Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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