The Mourning After (Horror) (IC)


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The woman steps into the alley. Appropriately cautious, but willing to take a risk. "Eyrena Niadh." She greets you with bow and a flourish.

GM: DC 15 History: Eyrena Niadh was the name of the senior editor for the Metrol Messenger, the newspaper of Cyre. While not as popular as The Korranberg Chronicle, House Sivis would sometimes sell it in their newsstands. Partly to keep up "fair representation" and partly because their reporting on social galas and the arts was considered to be top notch.

"As the saying goes, 'A friend in need is a friend indeed.' From what I gather, those hounds, and those guards, are after you." Eyrena gestures towards the bridge. "And if you are the kind of people wanted by them, then you are the kind of people I need some help from."

After taking a pause to see your reactions, the woman steels herself. "I have a proposal, I can shelter you for the night. But in return, I ask you take my sister with you, across to Southshore, where she can fall under the protection of the Unbroken."

GM: DC 10 Insight: This does not appear to be a threat, and her offer to help seems sincere.
DC 15 Insight: She is holding something back, there is a bit more to that request than she is letting on.

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Malix waits for others to speak, deciding to join the group if no one comments on the hidden agenda. But they do need to hide.

"And the sister...she is just a human. No special things we should know? No...stories for the adventurers? No hidden items we should be aware of?"
Malix passes the ball to Vesile.
"You know local people and underground. Can we do better on the streets?"



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Maladiel smiles as he realizes Eyrena is sincere in her offer, but is not quite putting all her cards on the table.

"Dear lady Niadh, I will be honest and admit that, yes, those hounds and guards are after us. I don't suppose a lot of prisoners manage to escape, so your help is very much appreciated."

He touches her arm lightly, drawing her in before continuing, "But if we are to trust you, I want you to be completely honest. There's something else, isn't there?"



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"I would hardly be asking for help if the situation wasn't more involved than a simple Sul day walk." Eyrena conceded. "My sister has a condition, nothing contagious mind you, but that would draw the ire of the Queens Watch."

"That's why I have to get her to Southshore, to the Unbroken."
The woman pauses to catch her breath and composure. "The deal is the deal—shelter for the night, a place to rest—and you get my sister across and to the Unbroken. Take it or leave it."

GM: What say you all?


"Hmmm." pondered Lazharis for a moment before saying, "We might as well. We will make it across or we will fail. One more will not make a difference. Shelter for the night, on the other hand, could make a very big difference."


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Maladiel raises one eyebrow, not convinced there is nothing more. He does remain silent, however, and not once drops his smile.

"The offer sounds very good," he says, turning to his companions.

"The elf is right. Are we all agreed, then?"


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"We are." Malix rejoins the group, dropping from somewhere under the roofs.
"I am a healer, lady, maybe I can help with the condition?"


Xian is unsure of the woman's motives. She may be telling the truth but he also felt like there was much she wasn't telling. Still, a place to sleep for the evening would be useful. If she led them into an ambush in the morning then there was always a chance to escape again.

"Very well. We will accept your offer of hospitality for the evening."


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3rd of Zarantyr, 998 YK. Dusk.
Eyrna Niadh's house, Northshore, Metrol, Cyre

The party agrees to the deal, and Eyrena leads them to her home. There they meet the "sister" in question.

The woman is (was?) a Half-Elf, but large portions of her body are missing; replaced with the parts of what appear to be multiple different Warforged.
"This is Ping, my 'sister'." Eyrna says solemnly. "I owe her my life. She shielded me during a nasty Karnathi attack a year ago, her entire unit was routed, and she was almost killed too."

"Ever since that day, I have been harboring her while she healed."
Eyrna firmly grasps Ping's hand. "But that only worked for her flesh, and the other parts of her, well they need more specialized care."

"I apologize for the bit of misdirection on my part, but you can clearly see what I meant by her condition drawing attention."

The human woman turns to you all and continues. "If House Cannith gets their hands on her again, they will just tear her apart and recycle what's useful. I couldn't bear the thought, not after saving my life, and living together."

GM: Lazharis: This woman is a Reconstructed. Metrol lacks a proper creation forge, so when the Warforged soldiers of the Iron Tide fell, House Cannith did the next best thing: Chopping up the dead and critically wounded Warforged, and stitching them back together with the dead and critically wounded humanoids on hand. The macabre process created these poor souls, who are treated as property and a new crop of disposable soldier, in this eternal siege.
History DC 5: Warforged were emancipated by the Treaty of Thronehold and gained their rights in 996 YK, two years after the Mourning. Metrol would have no knowledge of this treaty, and likely would not recognize the rights of any warforged.
Xian: This woman, you know her, or at least you knew her once. She is your cousin, Yelisha d'Medani, in the flesh, or what's left of it.


Xian stared at the woman, his mind trying hard not to register what his eyes gazed upon.

"By the Gods! What have they done to her?" He asked, his voice cracking.
Xian fought to hold back tears. He was filled with a mix of sorrow and rage. His training taught him to hold his emotions at bay but it was difficult in this situation. Here was what was left of his cousin. Part flesh and part Warforged. There could only be one responsible party.

"I will make them pay for what they've done to her!" he announced loudly and with great anger.

Glancing around at the others, Xian explained "She is my cousin. I know her as Yelisha d'Medani. I don't know what name she was using here."

Turning to the woman, Xian asked "Is this the fate of all those prisoners or are they being subject to some other horrific experiment?"


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Malix, as warforged, knows all about the struggles of his people. Even now, he goes as a dwarf. But that doesn't mean he is not aware of the risk.

"They don't know about The Treaty. It never happened here. The Warforged are just tools to them. And the warforged may see themselves as such even as they resent their own sentience. The desperation must be high if this is the level they are stooping down to. And the experiments in our own world are adding to the misery of this one."

He looks at their host.
"What do you want us to do with her? When you said she needed help, it was assumed she was capable of moving on her own. This...killing her would be a mercy. I can do it painlessly."

History: 1D20+2 = [20]+2 = 22


"What happened in the Treaty that..." started Ozzar and then the understanding dawned on him.
"Yes, yes, of course." turning to Eyrna
"Missus, how did you plan moving her? Do we get a cart? A disguise? Or we're just expected to carry her?"


Xian wished they were back at one of the family compounds. If they had the resources of the house, perhaps his cousin could have her body regenerated. He didn't know enough about magic to know for certain but there was always hope.

"We'll take care of her. I swear she will get the help she needs." Xian said solemnly.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"Careful, Xian, with promises. They carry weight and you don't know enough about the situation here yet. If we're not killing her, what are our options?" Malix looks at the girls and attempts to ease her pain or make her existence easier, but she is such weird amalgamation of living and unliving, he is not sure he's doing the best for her. It. Whatever.

neurotic: D20#malixmedicine → 12+5 (17)#Malix medicine
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Maladiel is, for the moment, speechless. His eyes move over the amagalmation of woman and apparatus, at times wincing from what he sees.

Finally he approaches the woman, and starts talking to her softly. There is only the tiniest of smiles on his face, not one of charm but of uneasy comfort he is trying to bring her.

"I see you," he whispers. "I see what you were, what you are now, and what I hope you will become. Punishing those responsible will not undo what they have done, though it may give you some satisfaction and hopefully we can dole out some of that punishment. For now, we will take you to where hopefully you can emerge from this metamorphosis a beautiful butterfly; scarred, perhaps, but beautiful again."

Looking back at Xian, he motions the elf to come closer; to not just talk about his cousin, but to her.

OOC: Is she responding?

Edit: Minor Illusion can disguise her at least a bit, which helps with getting her somewhere.


Xian moved closer to the woman who was, no, is his cousin.

"Yelisha." He said softly. " I...we, will do everything we can to help you. Perhaps....if we can get you back to Sharn, someone there can cure you of this affliction. As always, I pledge my loyalty to the house and to you. Think about the good times. Think about happy times with friends and family. They will help ease your pain."


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"I.. don't remember my life before this very well." Yelisha stutters with a composite voice. "Or maybe, lives. There are so many memories... Sometimes I am tall and strong, other times I am deceptive and quiet. A few times, the same memory plays out from different places at the same time."

She reaches out, and messes Xian's hair with a shaky and stitched-together hand. "The memories collide and mix, but I do remember your face." The woman then stands up. "I can walk, but I can't fight right now. As for the others like me, I pray they find help, but I also pray they do not find us."

Eyrna speaks up to diffuse the tension. "Well it's good to hear you will live up to your end of the bargain, who is up for some Ragout?"

GM: Malix: her humanoid parts seem functional enough, but the construct bits cannot be fixed with doctoring alone. You will need to find a magewright to fix them.

So, everyone down to rest up for the night?


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Hearing Yelisha's voice, or rather, voices, both disturbs and comforts Maladiel. He is glad she is able to speak and move, although what she says in different voices implies a lot of darkness in her creation.

"Were you there when--" He stops himself, unable to ask what he was about to. Instead, he smiles at Eyrna gratefully.

"Ragout sounds delightful, m'lady," he answers, not really hungry but hoping to get some food in his system to have enough energy in the morning.

OOC: Ready for a rest!

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