The Mourning After (Horror) (IC)


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Maladiel is now fully intrigued, and he tries not to appear too eager.

"Of course," he says without thinking, eyeing the coins on the table. "You protect your house, just like we protect the identity of our employer. Neither of us wants a diplomatic incident, and I am grateful for your cooperation."

Then his suspicions come up.

"Why are you paying us for the information you are giving?"

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"Just to make it want us to resolve the missing beasts and NOT report to our own employer? Is that right? You too, as a House, don't know what's going on? Can you give us what you know?" Malix asks


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"Completely ignoring your employer may be too hard of an ask, I'm not familiar with your circumstances." Eixek muses. "What I am asking for is certain bits of information to be excluded from your report. Generally speaking, anything regarding the details of our experiential projects."

He takes a moment to adjust his chair. "But also, things could imply liability on behalf of my House. A few of our animals have gone missing as well, I have reason to believe there is a connection between these events. Though my House has done nothing wrong, certain interest groups could exploit this link to drive a wedge between us and the halfling communities."

"Are you willing to work with us?"


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Maladiel smiles. Coins for silence, yes, that is something he is familiar with.

"Of course," he answers Eixek, leaving the platinum on the table to be collected by one of the others. "We are most grateful for any relevant information, and in return we will attempt to help find the animals that have gone missing from your ranch, as well."

He frowns, then places his hand amiably on the half-elf's arm.

"Please tell us what you can, and what interest groups you suspect may be involved. I promise not to reveal too much to our employer, only what is absolutely neccessary."


Possibly a Idiot.
"A few of our prized breeding animals have gone missing as of late, along side tools and sensitive documents. Some of them were salvaged from Cyre before The Morning." Eixek says with a tinge of sadness as he bars the door. "Somehow, they were removed from our magebreeding facilities. Which would imply an organized effort."

He sits back down. "At first I though it was Druids: A few groups have been known to object to my House and what we do. Back in the Reaches, the Ashbound and Children of Winter often oppose us, sometimes violently. But then we found out about the clawfeet, and Druids aren't likely to target them."

"The next likely suspects would be the Valenar. They also have bad blood with my House, and are known for their unprovoked raids throughout all of Galifar. But unless they are planning a total invasion, the whole mess seems a little too subtle for their grandstanding ways."
Stroking his beard, he continues. "Maybe what we need is a fresh set of eyes on the mess. I can get you into the labs, where the animals were stolen from. Do you need to gather anything for an investigation?"

"We're here to investigate disappearances. The fact that you lost some animals doesn't exonerate your House, just you specifically. But yes, I am willing to help you. The investigation progresses."
Ozzar puts in
"When did it start? Together with Clawfeet or them first or what? Also, you'll need to specify what's secret and what's not, I couldn't tell animal secrets from plant secrets from House secrets if my life depended on it."


Possibly a Idiot.
"We noticed the missing animals first, then heard of the missing Clawfeet the following week." Eixek notes grimly.

"As for the confidential information, we have been hard at work breeding a new mount for combat. Divulging any information regarding what we are breeding, how we are doing it, and who it is for, could cause massive problems. As I am sure you understand."

"If there are no objections, I can take you to the labs now?"


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Maladiel nods silently in response to Eixek's comments, then smiles when offered to visit the labs.

"Yes, please," he says, moving up to him, ready to follow.


"I can understand the Valenar could be suspected of raiding Vadalis ranches but see no reason for them to go after clawfeet. It is an intriguing mystery. Is it possible that House Cannith is involved? They are rumored to perform morally questionable experiments with magic. Some believe they were responsible for the Mourning. Could they be conducting their own mage bred experiments? It would provide a reason for the missing animals." Xian suggested.

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