The Mourning After (Horror) (IC)


"How?" Ozzar looks at the girl "We're a small group and just because we arrived together doesn't mean we're some kind of special forces. And why should we?"

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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"There is no exit. At least not anything we could find on our side. Expedition into The Mists result in lost expeditions. The survivors talk about being lost in the Mists and impossibility of healing within. How is that part inside the city? And it seems in our version of the world that warforged are less affected - probably because of their construct nature." Malix seems genuinely interested in that last part, after all, he is a healer. It would be great to know about the conditions inside.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Maladiel's hand freezes when the grue on his spoon is called out to be unknown in nature, but after a moment he continues to eat. It is not tasty, but the half-elf intends to fill his stomach somewhat while he can.

"So what's the plan?" he asks after a while. "As Malix says, there is no exit that we know of, and Ozzar already told you we're no special forces, despite our great capabilities. Where do we even start? Kidnapping the Queen?"

He snorts derisively. "Even if that were possible, how would that help?"



Xian was initially hopeful that his cousin may be alive but upon hearing about the conditions within the mist and the experiments by both house Cannith and Vadalis, it seemed less likely. Even if she was still alive, she might not be the same as he remembered.

"How long have the experiments been going on? Are they recent or have they been conducted since the tragedy? Is there any other information the survivors of the mist provided?"


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Vesile sobers up a bit upon hearing the questions. "You might not know the location exactly, but the fact that you are here, means a connection exists. And if it exists, there are people who can find it. Our people." She emphasizes the last point. "At any rate, you are now wanted by the Crown, even if you don't want to help or can't directly do so, your own safety must be of some value."

"That's no way to bargain, Vesile, as true as it may be." Len interjects. "First, they have some questions, information for information is standard fee."

The hobgoblin scowls at the man, then rapid fires some answers. "Healing magics do work here, thankfully. The experiments were rumored to exist before the siege, human magebreeding, body modification, anything that could make for a better soldier. But only after the siege did proof show up. Lazharis is one of the survivors of the Mist Expeditions, he can fill you in better than I."

"As for the plan, right now we need to survive the night and get out of this ward. Southshore has active cells we can corroborate with, but we have to get there first. Land and sea routes aren't going to work. The no-mans-land is filled with Karnnathi Undead, and the bay itself filled with flesh-eating Vadalis Fish. We are going to have to sneak across the bridge, but we can't do that until the heat from the jailbreak dies down, tomorrow at the earliest."


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Maladiel listens to Vesile and Len, speechless for the moment. He takes it all in, trying to memorize the little details of what is said and, more importantly, what is not.

He looks at Lazharis again, sizing up the strange elf with a new curiosity.

"Surviving the night seems like a good first step," the half-elf finally agrees, a hint of smile back on his face. A not-so-subtle wink to the hobgoblin woman, and Maladiel finds himself leaning towards her.

"Do you have any beds available?" he whispers, kicking himself internally for his compulsive flirting.



"This prison we were in, do you know how far from the border it is located? Or is there any other significant structure close to the border that would be across from Gatherhold? It is possible there are secret tunnels connecting Gatherhold with a building over in this side. I can think of no other method of transporting us where no one would see."


"I'm afraid that our only way to Southshore requires that we cross the land bridge." said Lazharis with a sigh. "It is guarded by a Shepherd checkpoint, which will be looking for us. But Vesile and I know a guard in the morning rotation. His price is likely to be high, but he will get us across."

It was risky, but Lazharis preferred it that way.


Possibly a Idiot.
Release the Hounds, Round 1, start.

“Gatherhold was, er, is, all the way up the River Melandor and on the other side of Lake Cyre.” Vesile ponders. “Too far for a normal tunnel. Maybe there is a path through Khyber, couldn’t call it safe, but nothing outside the walls is. Even The Lycaeum on the other side of the river is swarming with undead.”

Outside the building, you hear an echoing howl. Len drops the dishes he was holding. “They found us…”

Out a window, you can see four menacing hounds circling the house, an unnatural intelligence peering out behind their glowing eyes.

Vesile draws a dagger. "We have to get rid of those dogs, and get away from here!"

GM: Over the course of this “meal” you have had enough time to take a short rest, you can spend a HD retroactively.

I’m going to try a drop-in initiative for this combat, mostly to see if it flows better for this game. First come, first serve.

Perception DC 10: The hound masters are nowhere in sight, but surely that howl must have tipped them off.

Investigation DC 5 : The kitchen area has a typical assortment of utensils, some of which can be used as weapons.

Arcana DC 5: You find the Material Components for a single spell you can cast(player choice)


Hounds round 1.png

H: Vadalis Tracking Hound

V: Vesile
P: Len

M: Malix
E: Maladiel
O: Ozzar
L: Lasharis
X: Xian

Vadalis Tracking Hound x4
Armor Class 13, HP 11/11, Passive Perception 13

Vesile: AC 14, HP ??, Passive Perception: 13,
Len: AC 12, HP ??, Passive Perception 12

Lazharis. AC: 14, HP: 3/9, Passive Perception: 14, (bloody)
Maladiel. AC: 12, HP: 5/7, Passive Perception: 14, Spells: 2/2. FBTG: 1/1.
Malix. AC: 17, HP: 8/10, Passive Perception: 15,
Xian. AC: 13, HP: 7/9, Passive Perception: 13, Spells: 1/2 + D, BI: 3/3
Ozzar. AC 16: HP: 11/13, Passive Perception: 13, SW: 1/1.
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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"Why not just go behind through back alleys?"
Malix is looking for a good place to ambush one coming through the door, but he would prefer not to be here when the fighting starts
"We need to be on the move. And the dogs can be confused."



If there is a rear exit, I highly suggest we make use of it. If someone has a way of delaying or distracting the hounds, now would be a good time to do so."


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"Why can't I just sit at a table and have a drink or some food without being attacked?," Maladiel laments sarcastically. The half-elf rubs the flimsy tablecloth and two solid wooden planks appear on the outside of the door, for all appearances holding it closed firmly.

Only very close inspection reveals the planks to have a similar pattern in their structure as the tablecloth, but it's the best Mal can do without his wands or proper spell components.

OOC: Casting the Minor Illusion cantrip to create the look of a barricaded door. The spell description calls for a material component of 'a bit of fleece', so I figured this could work. :p

Using that HD for the short rest: 1D6+1 = [1]+1 = 2
Well, at least that means I'm back to full health. 7/7 hp

Perception: 1D20+4 = [17]+4 = 21 (success)
Investigation: 1D20+1 = [11]+1 = 12 (success)
Arcana: 1D20+1 = [2]+1 = 3 (fail)


"That's just the hounds," said Lazharis with no sound of worry in spite of the dire warning, "But their masters won't be far behind."

OOC: IIRC I found and returned Ozzar's stuff, but not my own, right? If we've had a short rest, I've probably already stolen a knife and anything that can be used as thieves' tools in a pinch (hairpins, nails, wood, any carpentry tools).

Rest: HD: 1D8+1 = [5]+1 = 6 Full HP.
Arcana Check: 1D20+2 = [3]+2 = 5
Investigation: 1D20+5 = [15]+5 = 20
Perception: 1D20+6 = [7]+6 = 13


"Whatever we do, we should do NOW!" Ozzar is ready for the combat.

OOC: passive perception and investigations are higher than needed and he wouldn't attempt arcana check

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