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Well, that was fun
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After much work and frustration training them in the house, we’ve officially gotten the grrrls into the CX-9 2 days in a row, using the pet ramp. The younger dog grasped the task immediately. The older dog was still not happy with the process, trying to go off the side, etc. But with guidance and a firm grip on her harness, we got her in.

Getting them OUT was a bit more challenging. The older dog was trying to squeeze out the gap in the door before I even had the ramp back in place. And the younger one was practically stampeding over her housemate once the ramp was properly deployed.
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Border Collies in Bluebonnets








Today, we took our 14yo red merle and our 9yo blue merle for a little photo session amongst the state’s official flower. I was the dog wrangler, Mom took most of the photos.

Also noteworthy: we’ve gotten to the point where both dogs are fairly comfortable using the ramp to get in & out of the SUV. The 9yo goes without prompting, but the 14yo still needs a close escort so she doesn’t misstep and fall. But even she clearly understands ramp = ride!


My son took the dog to the beach for the week. As soon as he got home, he was super excited and the neighbor's dog (his best friend) came running over and Lucky immediately mounted. It's obvious why he was so excited to come home, and it wasn't because he missed me...

(they are both fixed)



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This is my family's dog: Annie. She's just over 5 years old, and is a Bichon-Frise, Shih-Tzu mix.

She's a really sweet dog, but we think the breeder we got her from mistreated her. She has extreme anxiety and freaks out at beeping noises, us setting down plates or picking up sticks, and doesn't play any games or know any tricks. We're working with the vet to treat this, but there hasn't been any progress so far.



This is Buddy. He's 15 years old and I think he's a mix of Terrier and Schnauzer. It's tough to be sure because I came home nearly 15 years ago and found him under the house barking. My wife swore we'd never have a dog in the house but we couldn't bear the thought of taking him to a shelter and we couldn't find anyone else to take him in. He's the best dog I've ever had and my wife spoils the hell out of him.

While I've been working home since 2020, Buddy has really stepped up as my administrative assistant. Picture above is Buddy enjoying the company perk of sunning himself during lunch.


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I had to euthanize our older grrrl this morning. She couldn’t walk on her own until she’d been at the vet for a while. She had been struggling with arthritis for years, and the vet thought she might have had a stroke last night.

She was one of the sweetest dogs we’ve ever had.


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Just over a month after euthanizing our older dog because of her stroke, we almost lost our second dog. Our most accomplished thief, she opened Mom’s purse to steal an unopened box of dark chocolate raisinets, and ate them box and all. She had stolen and eaten a box of dark chocolate before with no ill effects, and she didn’t seem to be having any problems with her most recent theft. But then we realized how much worse raisins were after I called the ASPCA Pet Poisoning hotline ($75). Potential blockages from the packaging aside, that box was probably within the lethal dose range for a dog her size. As they told us, don’t wait for the onset of symptoms with grapes & raisins- it could be too late if you do.

Fortunately, we got her to the 24 hour vet relatively quickly. We don’t know exactly when she got the candy, but because we had been in and out of the room near the purse, we were relatively sure that she was being seen less than 2 hours after ingestion. So she’s getting a $2100, 48 hour stay at the vet as they give her meds via IV. The updates have all been positive and they expect to send her home mid-day Monday.


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Doggie health update:

Our border collie has been on a health roller coaster ride the past 2 years. She had a bad bout of pancreatitis in 2020, and in 2021, she ingested a potentially lethal dose of dark chocolate Raisinettes, box and all. In that time, her weight has fluctuated from lows near 30lbs to highs near 60 lbs. She was always one of the stockier border collies we’ve ever owned, but she was definitely a paunchy pooch at that weight…especially now that she’s on the cusp of her 10th birthday.

So we put her on a tightly controlled diet. Not so much the content- though that was involved- but on the portion control. Everything gets measured.

After a couple months of this, she just weighed in at a nice 42.2lbs! Probably her best weight ever as a healthy adult. Not only that, she surprised me by making a jump into the SUV she couldn’t manage earlier this year. I think the vet is going to be happy.

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