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Our border collies actually love their showers and brushing/combing...with reservations.

Our younger one gets nippy sometimes when too much time is spent near the tail & nether regions. This is because Mom had a very bad habit of trying to comb her knots & mats out instead of clipping them off, and those in THAT region were both more plentiful and problematic. That meant more painful.

(Their vet was appalled.)

I’ve largely taken over the grooming duties because of that, but every once in a while, C. Merle flashes back on Mom’s practices and I have to pin her head down. Usually, she calms down pretty quickly and I can do a quick snip as needed.

Other days? Well...sometimes, I only get a couple of knots off of her before it’s just time to quit,

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Usually, she calms down pretty quickly and I can do a quick snip as needed.


You're not using scissors to clear tangles or mats from fur, are you? Please... don't?

Everyone thinks they're awesome at it, and they are... until they aren't that one time and then the animal will need stitches, because their skin is really pretty fragile.

Get yourself some pet clippers. They're like a beard trimmer, and much, much less likely to cut skin.


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And here we have a dog you'd not expect...

Wow! Dem' teeth! And a superb performance.

We're thinking of having our Tintin try agility this summer. She needs to find outlets for her energy, and this seems like a fun way of doing thing.



Writer for CY_BORG, Forbidden Lands and Dragonbane
But, do you think that the owners of every pet who comes in needing stitches don't say that same thing?

Urgh, first time I trimmed Tintin's fur I cut her with scissors. Blood ran and I called the vet, crying on the phone, feeling like the worst person in the world.

It was a clean cut, so I washed it properly until it just healed, which was surprisingly quick. Still feel the fear when I need to trim her fur.



We tried trimming my dog with a set of those electric clippers, but the sound freaked her out and had her lunging at the clippers trying to run off with them. So... careful scissors-trimming it is. She's pretty calm about it and we haven't had any problems. Usually we can cut the outer edge of a clump far from her skin and tease it loose from there.

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