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The Play By Post FAQ: Last Updated 11/16/03

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First Post
Formatting, especially customized spoiler blocks

Sure, I have a question. Looking at other's posts I often see fancy customized spoiler blocks. There's aren't on the BBC Code list and I can't find any more advanced help on how to format a post

OOC: This isn't it


Question I did not see an answer to: When creating a thread it gives an option for a campaign page where all your stuff is but I do not see anywhere to actually do it or any info as to how.

Thanks in advance.


I have a question regarding copyrighted material. I am interested to start an ALIEN RPG play-by-post, which unlike prior games I've run is a brand new game system. (Thanks for the Podcast review btw Morrus, good stuff)

Normally if this were a live game, we'd just pass the books around the table and share em that way. However, being that it's play-by-post, sharing the books requires digital access to .pdf copies. Besides that, any images in the books that would be useful to post as 'visual aids' such as maps, portraits, drawings of places, installations, vehicles etc. would be very helpful for the players.

Seems like the use of the material in this way to play the game is exactly what it's intended for, but I just wanted to ask to be sure. Play-by-post games are somewhat unique in the way they are run and given how involved ENWorld is with Kickstarters and advertising for new game material in general, I didn't want to set a precedent that would disrespect the wishes of this site or the publisher.

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