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D&D (2024) The rapier problem


I've always admired 13th Age's damage by class, but have never implemented it.

It would allow you to do the same damage no matter what weapon type you are using...light melee, two handed, ect. Everything else is just flavor. Your swashbucker could be using a rapier, scimitar, cutlass, kopesh...it doesn't matter. They are equally good with any number of similar weapons.

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Sample of a table that we are trying for melee weapons.
Not perfect, but it gives weight to every weapon trait.
Every trait reduces weapon base damage.
Boost to STR based weapons.

Weapon traitsSimple weapon damageexampleMartial weapon damageexample
1Handed, Versatiled8(d10)maced10(d12)longsword
1Handed, Thrownd6javelind8trident
1Handed, finessed6long knifed8rapier
1Handed, lightd6clubd8arming sword
1Handed, reach, Versatiled6 (d8)speard8(d10)partisan
1Handed, finesse, lightd4daggerd6shorsword
1Handed, finesse, reachd4whipd6dagger whip
1Handed, finesse, thrownd4dartd6throwing hammer
1Handed, light, thrownd4pillumd6throwing axe
1Handed, finesse, light, thrownd3throwing knifed4chakram
2Handed, heavy2d6warmace2d8greatsword
2Handed, heavy, reachd12pike2d6pole-ax
2Handed, reachd10longspeard12glaive
2Handed, finessed10bo staffd12elven courtblade
2Handed, finesse, reachd8elven speard10spiked chain


Is the rapier really a problem? Or is it just getting flak for being the go-to Dex melee weapon? 1d4 is the lowest damage, and that's daggers (finesse/thrown/conceal/dual weilding). Short swords are finesse/dual wielding 1d6. Rapier is just the finesse weapon with no bells or whistles - should it be on par with short swords or dagger damage without the extra functionality?

If 2 weapon fighting wasn't such a mess, that would probably be the go to option for Dex.

If thrown weapons weren't such a mess for Str ranged options, people wouldn't complain about Dex being overpowered as often.

If we had better feats than SS/xbow and PAM/GWM combos for massive damage....


The rapier is fine, it's finesse that's the problem. Have finesse only work for the attack roll, not damage, and most non-rogue dex builds disappear.
This is here to stay, and I have 0 problem with dex to damage.

the base damage die needs to be bigger for STR only weapons as they are not as versatile that they can be used by both stats.

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