D&D General The Resurrection of Mike Mearls Games.


I crit!
Mike has had Mike Mearls Games since at least 2017 but recently has started a patreon and updated his facebook group for the company. I'm interested in what he has in store.

Eventually we'll have a logo, but for now my head IS the logo. Kind of like Jerry West and the NBA, except a lot chunkier and unshaven.
My name is Mike Mearls, and you probably know me as the guy who led the creation of D&D 5th edition. I've been a tabletop RPG designer for over 25 years. I love playing, running, and creating content for TTRPGs. They've been part of my life for over 40 years.

I love that the person running a TTRPG needs full transparency into what the rules do and why they do it that way. In many ways, a TTRPG is more of a game design kit than an actual game. It's up to you to assemble the pieces into something you can actually play.

I love pulling back the curtain on TTRPG design, sharing what I know, and helping designers and DMs of all experience levels get more out of their games. I'll use this space to publish some of my own design work along with commentary on I how approach things. If you're looking to understand how the 5e system works and want to sharpen your skills in working with it, you've come to the right place.


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