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D&D 5E The Short Rest Adventuring Party


Space Jam Confirmed
Another thread got me thinking about this.

With the short rest mechanic seemingly being phased out for the 2024 rules, I am wondering if anybody has had the experience of playing or DMing with a party where all the characters were short-rest focused (or were running things like the Champion fighter or one of the rogue sub-classes where there is almost no resource management besides hit points)?

I guess it's possible a group like that would run into healing issues, but I think if you had a Celestial warlock and/or Way of Mercy monk you'd do okay.

I think a Battlemaster fighter, Swashbuckler or Mastermind rogue, Way of Mercy monk, and Celestial warlock would be a decent party along those lines.

Ideally with a couple of them playing races that get an attack cantrip as a racial ability for when you positively must do magical damage.

Would mitigate some of the "We need a LONG REST/But you CAN'T HAVE ONE" 5E player/DM dynamic that isn't particularly fun for anybody but is pretty necessary to keep combat challenging.

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I do it with homebrew that functionally makes every class short rest. I hate the way the system as written requires attrition. I want the flexibility to use one encounter a month or five in one day depending on the story without the pacing screwing with interclass performance.


The High Aldwin
We did an all monk party, with a Way of Mercy monk, and it worked well.

But honestly, with HD, healer feat, and healing potions, even without a dedicated "hearler", healing likely isn't usually an issue in 5E.

Art Waring

Our games use our own spell point variant for all spellcasters, giving them a few spell points to recover with a short rest, not much, but now it gives everyone to take short rests and be on the same page.

Shorts rests in our games are 10 minutes. Honestly, they work just fine this way.

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