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D&D 5E The state of 5e Cosmology and the Upcoming Planescape Slipcase

Okay Spelljammer thru a spanner into the works of the 5e cosmology and changed a lot of things.

1. It broke the Astral Plane into Wildspace & the Astral Sea.

2. It broke the Material Plane into pieces, each Wildpace is it's own usually small universe, and each of these are broken into Wildspace and individual worlds (including atmospheres) that aren't overlapping the Astral Plane.

3. The reintroduction of Astral Dominions, which are first I wasn't sure if it was a new to 5e thing or the same thing as Outer Planes, but after rereading it and reading comments on the net, I most conclude are seperate things, more Akin to Domains of Dread and Delight in the Shadowfell and Feywild respectively, but they are ruled by Gods (and possibly other Divine Beings) instead of Dark Lords or Archfey, and likely don't have mists usually.

4. Astral Domains mostly follow the rules for the Astral Sea, but most likely are Divinely Morphic like simular After lives in previous editions.

5. Gods whose lore is heavily tied to the Planes, like The Norse, Greek, and Elven Pantheons are likely still primarily reside on Outer Planes, although they might have Outer Plane versions of Astral Dominions.

6. Some Gods might have both.

7. Most, but all 4e Astral Dominions would likely stay ADs, like the Towers of Night, but with exceptions like Hell, but some 3.5e Planes like Heiropolis, Zigguraxus, House of Knowledge, and Brightwater from FRs World Tree cosmology fit well as Astral Dominions.

8. Astral Domions, Wildspace, and Astral Sea seem like one of the last key pieces to merging the Great Wheel and World Axis cosmologies for 5e/One D&D, it remains to be seen if they add in or connect the Blind Eternities as well,but that seems likely.

So I think it's no accident that they are releasing Planescape next year. I think Planescape's job is two fold 1) Explore Sigil, 2) update and restructure the 5e Cosmology to account for Spelljammers changes in relation to the broader cosmology as well as possible merging of 5e's cosmology with the Blind Eternities in the March of the Machine MtG set (which in turn I believe is possibly setting the stage for One D&D's Cosmology, which in turn sets the stage for the D&D/MtG cinematic universe long term).

This of course makes the 5e/One D&D cosmology the biggest (some might suggest the most bloated, but I prefer expensive and flexible).

Also I suspect that the structure of Planescape will be simular to Spelljammer, with Sigil taking the place of the Rock of Bral, but perhaps with more details, and maybe Factions taking some of the space that in Spelljammer went to Spelljammers. And one of the books an adventure, but perhaps higher level. And a Beastiary of course, hopefully with more celestials like Guardinals, Archons, and replacements of Celestial Eldarin.But hopefully with more content as content was sparce for Spelljammer.


Does anyone think I'm off base or wrong about anything?

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8. Astral Domions, Wildspace, and Astral Sea seem like one of the last key pieces to merging the Great Wheel and World Axis cosmologies for 5e/One D&D, it remains to be seen if they add in or connect the Blind Eternities as well,but that seems likely.

You had me to this point. I dont have Spelljammer, but I pray to any God, I'll pick Erythnul today, that Wizard's wont force a combination of D&D with the Blind Eternities. Just....no please.

You had me to this point. I dont have Spelljammer, but I pray to any God, I'll pick Erythnul today, that Wizard's wont force a combination of D&D with the Blind Eternities. Just....no please.

Don't kill the messenger, but they've been building towards this moment for years now, from mements of Theros being in the material plane, to mentions of MtG planes in Fizban's, to the Forgotten Realms crossover adventure with Ravnica released for free with AFR, to the very fact that they said they were keeping the door open to merging them if they thought they could get away with it and had a great way to do so (March of the Machine fits that bill, it's a major cosmological restructuring of the Blind Eternities and it's planes).

Link the multiverses in a major MtG event for MtG's 30th anniversary, setting things up for a minor edition change the next year for D&D's 50th anniversary, so this time it includes MtG settings from the beginning.

This all goes towards a movie/TV empire like the MCU. MtG needs to merge with D&D because the MtG settings have so little cultural penetration outside of the Vorthos community, that WotC can't milk them for TV and movies. Even most attempts at MtG video games fail, FR has at least 2 MMOs, MtG could get even 1 to be popular enough to survive it's Beta. I mean only 25% of MtG players know what a Planeswalker even is, that'd be like if only 25% of D&D players knowing what a Dragon or Beholder or Mindflayer is, which would be crazy.

So D&D serves as a bridge to the broader culture for TV & Movies.


For 40 years I've had a much simpler system and it works exceedingly well. My Known Universe has evolved with the introduction of some new concepts over the years, but it began with: There is a Prime Material Plane, an Astral Plane, a Positive Energy Plane, a Negative Energy Plane, one Elemental Plane, one Heaven, and one Hell. The Astral Plane was the conduit of travel between the planes for those without Plane Shift or similar magics.

Everything they introduced beyond those in the books, should I have decided to use them, became a region or pocket dimension accessible from one of the above. Most of them are pocket dimensions that you can access easily from the Astral Plane.

As the years advanced I introduced into the mythology that the Far Realms collided with these planes long ago. When it did, it fractured the planes so that transitive planes developed between the Positive and Prime (Feywild), Negative and Prime (Shadowfell) and Far Realms and Prime (Ethereal). By that time I had added hundreds of pocket dimensions and specific regions, including establishing the '9 Planes of Hell' of the Devils existed at the center of Hell and were surrounded by the unlimited regions of the chaotic Abyss. Demons are Devils that were corrupted when the planes collided, and the Blood War is their effort to fight their way to the center of Hell where they can rip open the portal to the Far Realms and see it consume all of the Known Universe.

Spelljammers are used to navigate between planets on the prime, through the skies of the main prime world (or through the Dyson Sphere like interior Underdark), and (most importantly) through the vast Astral Sea. My equivalent of Sigil is found within the Astral Plane and consists of countless portals that were pulled together and lead to various places across the realms, allowing beings to do trade - somewhat safely - across the universes (something highly prized by the dwarven legions that mine the Elemental Planes for resources).

It is far simpler than the exceedingly detailed Greet Wheel or MtG settings. It makes so many storylines easier (the Blood War makes a heck of a lot more sense in my setting), and I have never, for one second, found it to have been problematic in any fashion.
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Before I suspected Vecna caused a lot of troubles when that time in Sigil, but now I am wondering if the D&D multiverse suffered a reboot and this even is link with Gord the rogue, a character created by Gary Gygax and than in the last novel....

And not eve the WotC can be really safe about the canon because later in the future Hasbro could ask some changes to allow some...."collabs and crossovers". It would be really funny to find the crashed fortnite bus as a piece of artrezzo in the VTT in April's Fool.

The cosmological maps of the DnD multiverse have canonically been conceptual models based on scholarly theories, not actual physical maps like one would use for a continent on a planet.

It's also worth noting though that WotC's stance on different editions is that each is its own canon.

I have been trying to unify the lore across the editions for a cohesive planar lore in the deity lore pamphlets on my DMsGuild channel. The 4e take on the Nine Hells in particular was a real pain in the [REDACTED] to work with and bridge with the lore of other editions, due to a more "planet-like" approach to Baator. I think I managed a reasonable mesh for the Afterlife section of the Asmodeus pamphlet I released earlier this year, reconciling the lore with the usage of "surface vs. subterranean", upping the scale so that it can be interpreted that the departures in lore are the result of some travelers only seeing parts of the Nine Hells and taking guesses as to what the rest of the layers look like.

If WotC wants to change up the lore again for Planescape, or for the era of 6e/OneDnD, I can say from experience that it IS possible to consolidate the lore of past editions for a "One DnD lore to rule them all".

Let's rebember when Planescape was unlocked in DMGuild we could find lots of awesome new ideas, and someones added later to the official cosmology.

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