D&D 5E The state of 5e Cosmology and the Upcoming Planescape Slipcase

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Before I suspected Vecna caused a lot of troubles when that time in Sigil, but now I am wondering if the D&D multiverse suffered a reboot and this even is link with Gord the rogue, a character created by Gary Gygax and than in the last novel....

And not eve the WotC can be really safe about the canon because later in the future Hasbro could ask some changes to allow some...."collabs and crossovers". It would be really funny to find the crashed fortnite bus as a piece of artrezzo in the VTT in April's Fool.
ha ha, Im one of those who read that book.

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March of the Machine wrecked MtG's settings, I hope that they acknowledge D&D Theros, Ravnica, and Strixhaven as seperate from their MtG versions.
Not sure why they'd do that in a book about Planescape - that's like an Eberron book going out of its way to reassure people that they've cleaned up Toril after the Spellplague.


Replace 7th dimesion with far realms.
I'd be more inclined to use Limbo, but either would work I guess.

EDIT: Plus each one could have its own version of the Far Realms them. So it would allow you to use say Sandy Peterson's Cthulhu mythos book as core for one universe, and say another cosmology you like for another, all joined through Limbo.

So you could have standard DnD, MtG, and others, all together, but also apart.

If you had a structure akin to King's Dark Tower, sitting outside of them all, but allowing travel to each one?
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