The Wedding


First Post
The actual wedding took an entire session. The ceremony itself was a skill challenge, then a Kesh Sharaat hero and his stalwart friends kidnapped the bride and tried to kill the wedding party from the ceremony.
Tuktuk's insertion of heretical nonsense into the wedding ritual influenced the entire Grikka clan, along with the Lhesh Haruuc and his advisers. Varis kept taking actions out of the combat to keep the choir singing the heretical nonsense wedding songs, even as the battle raged down the streets of Rhukaan Draal.
Kyuzo rushed after his bride and more or less singlehanded defeated the kidnapper/rescuer in the streets, then fought off his giant lizardman companion with the help of Varis.
Meanwhile, the rest of the wedding party fought off the warforged hirelings that stormed the warehouse rooftop where the ceremony took place. The warforged were repeatedly tossed off the roof, only to fight their way back on.
Eventually Kyuzo dragged his bride back to the ceremony, the rituals were completed, and the Grikka's alliance with the Lhesh Haruuc was cemented.
This marked the end of the first phase of the game. Kyuzo, Grunnok, Varis, and Nukk'Gek were retired. Jin, Zek and Tuktuk led a new cast of characters - Skuurj, Akariel, Travock and Zoul - to Sharn to open a new safe house for the Grikka.

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