The Witcher Season 3 (Spoilers)


Online speculation is nothing more than wishcasting to an audience that gives you clicks.

Anyway, I finished the season last night. It was fine. Perfectly cromulent. It had some good points, but ... eh. I wasn't overly fond of it. As others have noted, the whole traveling/time thing started to seem weird. I had no idea why the mages stopped using portals (except the baddies, apparently). I was disappointed that for Cavill's last two episodes, one of them basically didn't have him at all and instead featured a lot of landscape shots of a desert, and the other was him occasionally grunting in bed.

I'm increasingly unclear on how magic works. At one point, a group of mages could hold off an army (despite the use of magic against them) and the use of fire magic destroyed, well, everything. But at the battle of Aretuza (which admittedly was cool!), you had both the bestest ever spell cast (something something lightning) AND one of the most powerful mages using forbidden fire magic ... and you still had a fair number of survivors ... and that was after a small armed force killed off almost all of the magick-y people in the entire world. Okay?

For that matter ... why did Yen and Friends take the time to unbundle the dead girls ... only to leave (by walking, because no portals or something) ... and then AFTER leaving think, "Hey, maybe we should bury them?" You know, after they already left?

I know, I know, nitpicks. It's not like Season 1 was perfect- but I was thinking about all of this while the show was going on ... well, I was looking at my phone a lot during the desert episode, but still ... and when everything is humming along there is that whole "suspension of disbelief" that normally keeps you from thinking about this.

So I am not particularly optimistic about Season 4, although I did like the Rats that Ciri is with now, and I like the archer girl that joined up with Geralt and, um, the class-that-shall-not-be-named.
It was OK, but to me it felt remarkably like < insert Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq. song here >. Vaguely in the vein of Raymond Burr saying, "Walk around set? Screw that! I've no more effs to give so put my character in a wheelchair and push me around everywhere."

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It was okay. I have only read The Last Wish and played the games so perhaps it is less grating than it would be otherwise. I suppose I will give Liam Hemsworth a chance but I expect the series to go downhill from here, which sucks 'cause I want to see the rest of the story.

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